Two-year-old boy shot, injured while inside his home watching TV

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say a two-year-old boy was the victim of a shooting incident that occurred on Wednesday night, April 9th near 4th and Keefe Ave.

Police say the boy was shot around 9:30 p.m. while inside his home watching television. A bullet went through the boy's back and out of his stomach. He was taken to the hospital with critical injuries -- but he is expected to survive.

Police say 12 shots were fired into the boy's home from an alley nearby.

Police believe this could be a case of misidentification.

Police say late last month, they arrested seven people inside the home with guns. Police say the new family living inside the home may have gotten bullets intended for someone else.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett hosted a news conference at the scene on Thursday afternoon. They say on Friday, they intend to ask Gov. Scott Walker to help make laws tougher -- to prevent felons from getting guns, and to prevent habitual criminals from being able to get a gun permit.

"In this state, no matter how many times you are illegally arrested carrying a firearm, it is a misdemeanor," Chief Flynn said on Thursday.

Annie Christian lives next door to the home where the boy was shot on Wednesday night. She has a two-year-old herself.

"It was out here in the front. My son upstairs told me they was shooting out the front," Christian said.

Christian says she remembers a time when neighbors went door-to-door to visit, instead of police officers going door-to-door looking for gunmen.

Police have no suspects in custody in connection with this shooting incident. 

Chief Flynn says homicides are down and gun seizures are up -- but he says there are still way too many criminals with guns -- something that will be brought up with Gov. Walker.


  • bderk.

    sad and Crazy, but yet when someone threaten your family’s life you report to the the police, they tell you they are unable to do anything cause it was a threat and no action was taken.

    Praying this child recovers. We really need to get this violence under control in Milwaukee.

    • Opinion8d

      Wake up and smell the coffee. Yesterday you commented to Hooptie about how the violence is all over (ie, Fort Hood, Suburbs, etc) and fail realize his comment was accurate about Milwaukee. There’s a real problem -and you can read it about it almost everyday. However, by today’s post and your ‘cops’ comment, I see your simply oblivious to the facts and will never admit to the real problems. You and others like you, allow the problems to perpetuate. It time to face reality and take responsibility!

  • tea tea

    lets all try to see the bigger picture, we are destroying ourselves with the black on black incidents that are occurring. Parents need to step up and children need to step back and be children, not grown folks. Love your families, keep them, pray together and stay together. Sit down sometimes and talk to the Lord and tell him all about your troubles. God is good and we need to look to him right now because man is not getting it. Stay strong my brother and sisters its ours only if we want it.

  • Sheila Moyet

    7 shooting in only 4 days. As long as the black community embraces this ghetto/thug mentality they will never rise above this. The Mayor is afraid to act on the epidemic of violence and crime because he is too concerned with being called racist.

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