Prosecutor: School stabber used two “ordinary kitchen knives”

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PITTSBURGH (AP) — The district attorney says a 16-year-old charged with stabbing 21 other students and a security officer at his Pittsburgh-area high school used two “ordinary kitchen knives.”

Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck called the weapons “common items you’d find in a kitchen.”

However, he stopped short of saying that the suspect, Alex Hribal, took them from his home.

Peck says he doubts anyone other than Hribal will be held criminally responsible for bringing the knives to Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville on Wednesday.

The prosecutor says the knives weren’t designed to be weapons, and didn’t need to be stored in any particular way under the law.

Hribal is being held without bail in a juvenile detention center, though he’s charged as an adult with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.


  • Wil Masterson

    That does it for me! Time to start banning all large bladed kitchen knives, and start an owner registration program for steak knives and butcher knives. I think a 3 day waiting period for steak knives is appropriate…

    • Neal Korfhage (@NealKorfhage)

      I also propose all kitchen knives hence forth be made a more flexible material such as rubber so that even if one was tempted to stab someone very little harm would result. Of course this would render the cutting effectiveness of kitchen knives to near uselessness that’s not the point here. Anyone opposed to my proposal would be “pro-homicidal” and “rubber-phobic.”

  • cynic

    Mandatory drawer locks! Funny how nobody is blaming the knives yet. Because they would sure be blaming the gun if he had used one. Once again demonstrates the fallacy of banning certain “weapons.” Anything can be a weapon when used with ill intent. Could have just easily been running down the hall clubbing students with a baseball bat, or running them down with a car in the parking lot.

  • Moteshia Lacrecia Washington

    I bet they were “black handled” kitchen knives, you know the ones’ that look like the AR-15’s…….

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