Beloved Kenosha reverend loses life in freak accident at McDonald’s

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- Georgette Wonders, a beloved reverend from Kenosha lost her life last week in a freak accident at a McDonald's restaurant. The loss has left members of her church with an immense sadness, and sense of shock. But those who knew her say the good she did in life continues even after her death.

"To hear that she is gone -- I can`t wrap my mind around it," Albert McCain, a member of Bradford Community Church in Kenosha, told FOX6 News.

Georgette Wonders

Georgette Wonders

Sunday, April 13th marked the first Sunday service without 61-year-old Reverend Georgette Wonders.

"She was all about 'kindness is contagious.' It was such a beautiful thing because in the world today, you don`t find that with anyone," McCain said.

On Tuesday, April 8th, just a few miles from the Bradford Community Church, Wonders made a quick stop at McDonald's. In the drive-thru, Kenosha police say Wonders dropped her debit card.

She apparently opened the car door to grab it -- and took her foot off the brake.

The vehicle inched forward toward the restaurant -- pinning Wonders between the door and her car.

"I broke down and cried," McCain said.

Wonders was in critical condition until she passed away on Friday, April 11th.

Wonders was part of the Unitarian Universalist church since 2002. She leaves behind a son and her loving wife, Hope.

Wonders had a reputation for going above and beyond to help others.

"Just walking down the street -- if you see a homeless man, you guarantee Rev. Wonders helped him at one point in time," McCain said.

In death, Wonders' mission to help others continues.

"She donated her organs, so she truly lives on in others," Marge Krupp, a former president of the church said.

The sadness is tremendous -- something church members feel is an indication of Wonders' impact.

"You only grieve what you love, and don`t stop loving. Love and grief will be part of it," Krupp said.

A memorial service is planned in Wonders' honor on Monday evening, April 14th at St. Mary's Lutheran Church on 80th Street in Kenosha. It is being held there rather than Bradford Community Church because organizers are expecting a huge turnout.

CLICK HERE to view Georgette Wonders' obituary and learn more about her life.


  • jvieau

    Similar thing happened in Cudahy McDonalds ~ 25 years ago..He had dropped some change… I’ll bet it happens nationwide more than we hear about. Sad incident.

  • Westosa

    Thank goodness not all churches are so closed-minded. One’s sexual orientation is none of our business anyway.It sounds like Rev Wonders was very loved and appreciated by her community and will be missed greatly.*That* is the focus of this article, let’s try and keep it that way.

  • Rosie

    It is so sad that so many people have so much time and energy to exhaust on being hurtful to anyone that is outside the box to which they live. Reverend Wonders, seems to have left a beautiful legacy behind! To all of those that feel it’s necessary to pass such hateful insensitive remarks ask yourself, what will you leave behind. How many people will truly morn your passing? Is it that hard to leave the story instead of taking any attempt to spread hate. The Reverend’s family and Community are dealing with a substantial loss that should not be tarnished with bigotry.

  • Deborah Call

    Reverend Wonders was the only clergyman we could find who would preside over my nephew’s funeral after his suicide. She gave our family compassion and understanding which we were much in need of. We are not surprised to hear how loved she was.

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