Gov. Walker asks for your vote as he kicks off re-election campaign

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MADISON (WITI) -- Governor Scott Walker is running for re-election. Gov. Walker says he deserves a second term because he turned Wisconsin around by cutting taxes, making sure everyone in poverty has access to health insurance and improving the economy -- leading to the creation of 100,000 new jobs. Gov. Walker made his re-election campaign official on Tuesday, April 15th.

Gov. Walker held a series of rallies across the state on Tuesday.

This campaign is could be the focus of national attention -- given Walker's expected interest in running for president in 2016.

Gov. Walker's first stop on Tuesday was at Dane Manufacturing.

"Today I officially ask for your vote," Gov. Walker told a crowd of about 200.

In a speech to supporters, Gov. Walker touted his record of reform -- reminding folks that when he was first elected, Wisconsin had a $3.6 billion budget deficit.

"That deficit is now a surplus of nearly $1 billion -- and taxes? Taxes are going down," Gov. Walker said.

During his campaign, Gov. Walker says he'll outline his philosophy of small government.

"We want to reduce the dependency on government and increase the dependency on hard work and personal pride," Gov. Walker said.

Though Gov. Walker has name recognition and a record-setting fundraising operation, Democratic challenger Mary Burke says he is vulnerable on a key issue: jobs.

"His game plan is just not working. Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin is falling behind. We are 35th in the country in terms of job creation. We're 9th out of ten Midwestern states, and what's even worse, we're near the bottom of new business starts," Burke said.

"We've got an unemployment rate here in Wisconsin that's well below the national average and more than three points lower than it was in 2010. Things are heading in the right direction," Gov. Walker said.

Burke says Walker's failure to meet his original campaign promise of helping to create 250,000 new jobs means voters should treat the Governor like a coach who doesn't win enough games.

"We're in our fourth losing season under Governor Walker. It's time for new leadership, a new game plan," Burke said.

Tuesday's stop at Dane Manufacturing brings the campaign full circle. The factory was then governor-elect Walker's first stop after he was elected in 2010.


Gov. Walker ended his night at Wisconsin's State Fair Park in West Allis, where he got an enthusiastic welcome.

"With your help there is no doubt we can continue to move Wisconsin forward," Gov. Walker said.

It was his last stop on a statewide tour announcing his bid for re-election.

"It's not about a title. It's not about a position. It's not about whose name stands outside that door when you go into the Capitol office in the east wing. What it's really all about is the future. That's why tonight, I'm asking for your vote again," Gov. Walker said.

His message resonated with the crowd of supporters.

"He's done a lot of great things for Wisconsin and I'm looking for four more years," Bob Hilber said.

"He's a great governor and he's done wonderful things for the state," Randy Quantrell said.

Gov. Walker on Tuesday night again touted his record of reform and outlined a philosophy for small government.

Meanwhile, Democratic challenger Mary Burke says it's time for a change.

"Under Gov. Walker, Wisconsin is falling behind. It is time for new leadership, a new game plan and we want to make sure Wisconsin is leading, not lagging," Burke said.

"I know, with your help, we can do it," Gov. Walker told the crowd Tuesday night.


  • Duane Michalski

    Sorry Scott. I already voted for you twice. I just can’t do it again. Your idea of a tax cut is insulting, and I don’t need all the drama you created to get it done, either.

  • 2econd

    yea so Duane, so you actually think putting a lib in his place is gonna make things better??! you sir, are an idiot!

    • Robert James Friso

      2econd Waiker is a tea party crony who cant make decisions on his own, he needs consulting from outside sources, he is all about scott walker I hope people are smart enough to throw him out this election

  • Dennis Beej

    Screw Walker, his supporters and the people that put his strings . Putting a humun in his place will make things better. To put it in the words of other Republicans Walker is working for Walker not Wisconsin.I’m an Independent and 2econd you are the Idiot !

  • David Fuller

    Do people who hate Walker only go by the Liberal spin machine? Check the FACTS out for yourself on a non biased news site, do some serious research. If you do, you will find that you would have to retarded to believe he did anything BUT good for the state. Deficit to a surplus like no other. THINK for yourself people. Don’t let ANY news (left OR right) swing your vote for THEIR benefit.

  • Dennis Beej

    David ” Retarded” care to bet on an IQ test. Many states have shown surplus (Red and Blue) do to the slow recovery of the US economy. And these are projected surpluses. ther

  • Dennis Beej

    Must of hit enter by accident. Let me continue. Your “Retarded” comment and 2econd’s idiot comment show me who the real retards and “Idiots” are. You quote one thing Walker Didn’t really do , again many states went from deficit to surplus. Again I’m an independent and could go on and on why Walker should not be Governor ,but it would do no good. I still like what long time Republican Ellis said, Walker is out for Walker. “Check out the facts for yourself “, try learning some history , you will come to see Walker is not a good leader.

  • 2econd

    Dennis, arent ALL politions out for themselves? government as a whole is out of control in this country. They ALL do what they want. The democratic party has proven time and time again that they are not interested in what their constituants have to say about their ideas and have a total disregard for the constitution. oh and dennis, you are mistaken. walker has done many things to get that surplus in place, it DIDNT just appear on its own.

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