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BOOTED: Mall security ends protest over bus stop

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GREENDALE (WITI) -- The Bus User Safety at Southridge Coalition held an Easter Promenade outside of Southridge Mall on Saturday, April 19th to protest the relocation of a bus stop.

Mall management made the decision to move a bus stop that was once at a mall entrance to a bus stop 1,000 feet from the doors, which is a much further distance for disabled and elderly people.

The new location makes people navigate through a parking lot and deal with traffic, and some bus riders feel it's an unjust decision.

"There are many passengers who will no longer be able to safely negotiate their way from where bus stop has been displaced to any of the entrances here at Southridge," said Tracy Harrington, director of Para Transit Milwaukee County.

Protesters walked around the mall wearing bonnets and holding signs to show their disapproval of the new bus stop location.

"It's very simple to put the stop where it was before, because it's certainly no safer for passengers," said Harrington.

The general manager of the mall made a statement saying the mall remains committed to the safety of all shoppers and employees, but declined to talk on camera.


  • concerned viewer

    While I did not partake in the protest, I did observe it. From beginning to end. I can honestly say the security at the mall did NOT end the protest. People arrived and left at their own accord. To me, their security stayed on their own property, while the protest was conducted on public grounds, instead of the private property of Simon. I even saw some of the security officers stop traffic on their property for some of the elderly protesters to cross the road to their vehicles without having to worry about getting hit by cars.

    Maybe Jonathon Gregg is overstating what actually happened………Mainly because I witnessed security talking to him a few times while on mall property, and not public land.

  • boyzmom1

    The media spins everything. One needs to read/watch/listen to the news knowing that TRUE journalism, and REAL Journalists with integrity, are extinct. These days, they’re nothing but glorified bloggers with press passes.

  • james

    really elderly and handicapped have a Transit Plus they would drop them off right at the door as for people with kids i have two you hold there hands .. the road around the mall is mall property still so really they are keeping the stops on mall property . should they tell mcts to put it on the street.

  • Scott

    There are other malls in the Milwaukee area. Spend your money at one of them. When they start finding it hard to pay the rent for these stores they will tell the mall management to reconsider. Tell South Ridge to change their attitudes or South Ridge will look like North Ridge. Empty and broke.

  • Rosie

    This was really not a decision made with all patrons taken into equal consideration. @ comments about elderly and disabled taking the transit plus, that is not as simple as that. This option costs the standard fare & half $3.50 each way. You have to schedule no less then 1 day no more then 2 weeks and most individuals that would require this option are on a fixed income already. Which is probably why they choose Southridge over other malls that cater to high end retailers. It’s a shame that the mall management freely shows such disregard for these shoppers. I personally turned around and picked up an elderly women that I watched struggle to push her walker up the inclined walkway that was covered in sleet!

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