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“Armed and dangerous:” Deputies seek suspect in domestic violence incident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OZAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- Ozaukee County Sheriff's officials say a suspect is in custody in connection with a shots fired/domestic violence incident that led to a search in and around the Town of Grafton on Monday, April 21st. Law enforcement officials are currently seeking a second suspect.

Joseph Torres

Ozaukee County Sheriff's officials say shots were fired at a home on Lakefield Road in the Town of Grafton on Monday -- in what Sheriff's officials are calling a domestic incident.

Officials continue to search for a second suspect in this case -- whom they have identified as 16-year-old Joseph Torres.

Ozaukee County Sheriff's officials say Torres should be considered armed and dangerous.

"Witnesses said that it was a handgun. That's as much as we know about the weapon that was used. We did not find that on scene, so we're suspecting that he still has it with him," Ozaukee County Sheriff's Lt. Christy Knowles said.

Anyone who sees this individual or may have information as to his whereabouts is asked to contact law enforcement.

"Friends, family -- we're hoping that they get in contact with him and speak with him and have him come forward and go from there," Lt. Knowles said.

FOX6 News has learned schools within the Cedarburg School District were locked down on Monday from about noon until the end of the school day as this investigation unfolded.

This was done for the safety of the more than 3,000 students in the district.

"They did suggest that we go into a lockdown. Really nobody in, nobody out during that time frame. We were in communication with police. They provided us with as much information as they could," Joel Koch, Director of Pupil Services at Cedarburg High School said.

Even with the search ongoing, students in Cedarburg were given the all-clear.

"They indicated that the incident moved more towards the Grafton area and they did not feel that it was a threat for the Cedarburg schools," Koch said.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this story.


  • Sam k

    Joesph Torres is not a threat to anyone in the community and he was doing what anybody else would do in his own house protecting his sister… THE guy broke into their house what else could he do he’s a 16 year old against an adult think about it… Tell me you wouldn’t do that if your family member is in danger… Making him seem like a terrible person for this… You are all crazy for believing the news!

  • Hooptie Pete

    Seems like a really nice kid… I mean all nice kids are fugitives that are considered armed and dangerous… Thugs have invaded Grafton.

  • Reginald Maplethorp

    Wonderful, just what Cedarburg needs, a degenerate thug running through MY streets with a gun.

    We need guns to be banned so things like this don’t happen.

    I shouldn’t have to worry about being shot while in my own backyard.

    • Reginald Maplethorp

      Interesting how you’re advocating your son to kill people. That almost seems like it’s child abuse how you support your son using a gun, for any reason.

      The cultural marxism you’re spouting in these comments is appalling.

      Grow up.

      • jeri b.

        Advocating my son to shoot or kill for any reason….please… read my whole comment… I said if someone broke into my house and assaulted my daughter I would absolutely hope he shoots that pos. You need to “grow up” Reggie. Child abuse? I happen to think it is child abuse if they don’t know how to defend themselves. I am really sad we are neighbors….people like you scare me more than guns.

    • Sam k

      Thank you! Nobody understands the circumstances or anything about his they just think he wants to be a “thug” but really he was just protecting his family and the kid is a great kid, sure he has ups and downs but how do we know what his family life is like? We don’t know anything but what the news tells us…. Joey shot at him for a reason… He wouldn’t shoot at someone for no reason…. It just doesn’t make sense… He doesn’t deserve to be looked at like this…. Anybody would shoot at someone who broke into their house and beat their sister

  • Nick S

    Not a criminal? Ha! If I’m not mistaken, that there is a mugshot photo. Hopefully when they find him, he gives the police a reason if ya know what I mean.

  • Jason H

    For everyone saying he is not a criminal a 16 year old in possession of a handgun is a criminal. Allowing a 16 year old access to a handgun makes whoever gun it actually is a criminal. It’s understandable that he was trying to defend his sister but recklessly discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood and then fleeing the scene of the crime whether it’s justified or not definitely makes you a criminal no matter how nice you are.

  • Reginald Maplethorp

    “Good kids” don’t go around shooting up neighborhoods and running from the cops. Degenerate thugs do though!
    Kids like these who are “gangsters” and shoot guns in neighborhoods with children in them shouldn’t be allowed in our community.

  • Alex

    He was protecting his family, and its not illegal to shoot someone trespassing on your property. Even more so if they kicked in your front door and hurt your sister. Hes just a kid whos never shot a gun in his life. Who was scared, he’s doing a better job protecting his family then the police.

  • Jason

    For whoever said to read the whole story before commenting, Where does this article/story say someone broke in and beat up his sister? It says it was a domestic violence incident. Second, 911 is available for anyone when something bad happens. How did he know exactly where the gun was? A 16 year old cannot legally own a handgun, nor have access to one. Third, running and hiding from the cops makes it a million times worse, especially if he took the gun with him. A few of you are making comments about this story as if you have personal connections with the family, or perhaps the suspect. Is one of you hiding him? Do you know where he is? I’m a gun rights supporter, but even i dont want some scared trigger happy 16 year old running around with a gun he has illegally. Hopefully he doesn’t pull it out around a law abiding gun owner or the cops, I’m certain they will be more than capable of returning fire. Hope he’s ready for that. You say he’s a good kid who’s just scared? Get him to turn himself in before he’s a good kid who becomes a victim of his stupidity.

  • Jason

    And by the way, Alex, it is illegal to shoot someone just for trespassing. Maybe you should research the laws about when you can actually shoot versus when you can’t before you attempt to say what’s legal and what’s not.

    • Melanie

      Actually it is not illegal. How about YOU research the laws…go ahead and check out the “Castle Doctrine” which was passed in 2011 in Wisconsin. If someone breaks into your home, armed or not, you have the right to shoot them if you feel like you or your family is in danger.

      • Shonnie

        You can shoot them if YOU have the right to possess a weapon. From reading this article I did not see anything about him having a gun license nor a CCW license so that would mean he didn’t not have the right to fire that weapon. Maybe if he lived in Flordia this kind of behavior would have been acceptable because they have stand your ground law but in Wisconsin that just does not fly. The smart thing would have been to dial “911” and/or try to diffuse the situation. There has to be more to the story.

      • Melanie

        Dial 911? Diffuse the situation? haha ok, when somebody breaks into your house you let me know how well “diffusing the situation” works out for you. And response time on 911? good luck, you’ll be dead.

      • jason

        Read my comment. It is illegal to shoot someone for just trespassing…which is what I was replying to. Go read the law.

  • Laura S.

    I DONT have a gun and do not believe anyone needs one for personal safety. BUT, if someone came banging down my door to hurt someone in my household you bet I would grab something, anything to stop that person from committing that act. What we fail to see here is that the young man was in his own home and defending himself and his family members. If it were a middle-aged white man we would all be applauding for his heroism. Look at the guy 2 years ago who shot someone because the young man was running from a party and was hiding on the guy’s porch…he was not even in the guy’s house…he just was a kid who hid from the police and was shot dead. Did that homeowner get any charges? Nope. Slap on the wrist. Why is there so much outrage against this kid and not against the person who broke down the door of his home to attack his sibling? What? Because he got scared and ran? How does he know if the guy who broke in does not have others after him? And everyone “thinks” they would know what to do in an emergency situation…but the reality is, you don’t. I do not care what anyone says…when something happens you kinda go into shock and do things that don’t make any sense. I just am so appalled that some people think they know everything and how to respond when someone is in a life-threatening situation. No one is 100% confident on that. And 911…good luck on that one. I am not a huge fan of Sheriff Clarke, but even he admits that the best defense is to protect yourself or the victim and then call 911. Not the reverse.

  • Laura S.

    Instead of concentrating on finding this “thug” (and I mean that as someone saying that there is no reason to call someone names) who may or may not be armed…shift the focus to the guy who broke into his home to beat his sister. That is where the real crime is. And no, that is NOT a mugshot. That is a school ID photo. Ironically, the cops are much better at taking photos than the people who do school IDs.

  • alex

    Alex, it funny cause the guy was not trespassing he kicked in their front door, and assaulted this 16 year old boys sister. If that’s not self defense I don’t know what is

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