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19-year-old gets a ticket for crossing police tape during salvage fire

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 19-year-old Hadi Abulughod was fined for checking on his disabled mother when his neighborhood was blocked off from the Auto Salvage fire on Friday, April 24th.
"The smoke was the worst part," said Abulughod.

Abulughod says he saw the smoke from miles away as he left class at MATC-Oak Creek.

"They blocked off by the bridge and I told the officer, 'I need to go!'," said Abulughod.

The neighborhood surrounding the fire was off-limits and Abulughod lives directly across the street with his mother.

"I tried explaining to him that I needed to go home, I need to see my mom, but they wouldn't let me go through regardless what the situation was," said Abulughod.

According to Abulughod, the situation is that his mother has complications from back surgery, can't drive, and needs help walking.

Abulughod was warned against going past the police tape, but he decided to go ahead.

"I kind of went under the lines,"said Abulughod.

After crossing the police tape to check on his mother, an officer wrote him an $88 dollar ticket for failing to obey a traffic officer.

"I got it, I knew I was going to get something but I was more worried about my mom. I had a sigh of relief knowing she was okay," said Abulughod.

Abulughod says he'll contest the ticket but understands how he ended up with it.

On the other side of the street Roz Auto Salvage was back open on Saturday, April 25th.

Milwaukee Fire is still investigating how the fire started.


  • Colonel Klink

    >>>Abulughod says he’ll contest the ticket but understands how he ended up with it.

    That’s a good kid right there. I hope they drop it for him.

  • Jim

    There are quite a few immigrants in that neighborhood. They need to understand that in America, no means NO. On the other hand, there MAY have been a first responder (or second or third), that could have probably gone and done a welfare check with him, or for him.

  • Hooptie Pete

    Dummy probably doesn’t realize that because they had to deal with him, their attention was pulled away from the situation at hand. Also the apartment building wasn’t on fire and his mother was in no danger. He even says he knew what he was doing was wrong. Good luck fighting the ticket dummy with a published confession, dummy. Another example of immigrants ignoring the laws.

    • Bill

      Right… Because U.S. citizens always obey the law?? To your logic there are only immigrants serving prison sentences, correct? And were does it say in the article that he’s an immigrant??? Dare I say he MAY have been born in the U.S.???? Only “dummy” I see is you sir spewing a bunch of hate speech. “” Dummy”

  • John

    Failure to obey a lawful order. Unfortunately if the police let him go inside the lines for any reason and something happens to him…..then they are liable. Abulughod may have earned the ticket by being a jag but the admission he did what a police officer told him not to is good enough. Too many people have no respect for the law and none for police officers….these same people complain when they get a speeding ticket they earned BUT expect the police to hot foot it over to their house to take a complaint about their neighbor’s barking dog…..bottom line…if the police let one guy through (no matter his ethnicity) the rest of the people see that and they all want to approach and get through….police had to maintain order and they lawfully did. Were they supposed to look the other way because this guy was an “immigrant”? No.

  • Roger James

    His mother lives in the apartment and was not evacuated. Everyone inside the tape should have been evacuated or the police should have taped off the area differently and allowed access to the apartment. Seems like a double standard.

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