HEARTBREAK: Car goes airborne & strikes utility pole, parents of 5 killed

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RICHFIELD (WITI) -- Two people were killed in a violent wreck on Highway 164 in Richfield early Friday, April 25th. The victims are a 37-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman. FOX6 News has learned they are the parents to five children; the oldest is 13, the youngest just one year old.

The wreck happened just after 2:30 a.m. on Highway 164 just north of County Q.

Officials say the couple was in a vehicle traveling northbound on Hwy. 164 when the vehicle crossed left of center for unknown reasons and entered the southbound ditch -- where it struck a culvert, went airborne and struck a utility pole before coming to rest upside down in the ditch.

Officials say the man was ejected from the vehicle while the woman remained pinned inside. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene by the Washington County Medical Examiner.

Terry Margherita lives along Highway 164. The speed limit there is 55 miles per hour, something Margherita says is not safe.

"You never know what's going to happen next or if you're going to be the next person to get hit," said Margherita. "We've had fatal accidents here before."

At this time, it is unknown which victim was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the accident.

Possible factors contributing to the accident remain under investigation.

The Germantown School District, where the children of the victims attend class, tells FOX6 News that administrators, teachers and parents have been notified of this tragedy. Counselors will be made available on Monday, April 28th, when students return from spring break.


  • Denice

    My prayers go out for the children of this couple. They now have to grow up without parents. What a shame. Thoughts are with the family.

    • lori

      The saddest thing about this is the Mother of those 5 children lost her parents in her teen years from a auto accident as well.

  • Jamie

    I actually know the oldest daughter and its so sad what she has to go through. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if that happened to my parents.

  • crystal

    This is tragic for the children but my grandparents live right in the area and yes the speed limit is 55 mph except as your approaching the round about thru the round about and shortly past where this accident took place. They sh should of only been traveling 15 mph as posted for round about but nobody does maybe the community will learn from this. It is also likely due to the timing that they left the bar at bar close right around the corner! Where this bar has already been scrutinized for over serving if this is the case with this tragic accident it will be three fatal accidents in 12 months from people being over served at that bar!

    • Melissa.


      While I do agree that over-serving combined with careless driving is a major issue in Wisconsin, I think today should be about focusing on LOVE and not guessing games or pointing out lessons. The story has not been fully shared, and I worry about false information getting in the way of fact.

      In the end, reasons don’t matter when hearts are broken. I send my love to two beautiful people who are no longer with us, as well as all of the beautiful people who are left behind to muddle through.

      • Liz

        Rabbits don’t make good parents and good parents don’t party. I feel sorry for the children, but the children’s parents were dolts. The bar shouldn’t have served, but the dolts should have been at home asleep.

    • Laura Shird-Burbie

      nowhere in this article does it say that these two people had been to a bar or that alcohol played any type of role in the accident. Shame on your for putting ideas into people head here. People all too eager to believe the worst, whether it is true or not. Now that you planted the seed, everyone is going to be saying “oh they shouldn’t have been drinking and driving” or other such things. Stick to the facts, not assumptions.

      • IrishinMKE

        Well, it now appears it was alcohol and they were way over the limit. Who stays out that late…after bar closing time. …when you have 5 kids under age 13 at home?!?

      • Debi Harper

        Laura, It does not say where they inhaled the alcohol, but it certainly does say they were past being too drunk to be driving. Where ever they came from I hope the family takes them to court. Because I don’t care who you are or what you can hold..you can tell when someone shouldn’t drive, if you care enough to pay attention. And yes it was more their job to stay safe and make it back home, but you don’t make good choices while drunk. And some people need reading lessons.

    • nikki

      if alcohol was involved, the parents are at fault, and shouldve known better, 1) ya dont drive drunk…2) ya dont ever get into a car with a drunk behind the wheel..obviously he was speeding as well, its not always the bars fault for “over serving”…parents/people need to take responsibility for their own selfish actions, my heart seriously breaks for these poor kiddos

    • Erica


      Like many people have stated, for you to make assumption about these two is wrong. Think of their children that are able to read. The news has never once stated they were drinking.

      Yes, bartenders should “cut off” people that are clearly drunk. But not everyone shows it, and it is very hard to tell in some people. The bar down the road has cut off many people over the past few years. Whether or not they were drinking, you shouldn’t blame it on a bar. People should be held responsible for their own actions.

      Now on to your next point “Where this bar has already been scrutinized for over serving if this is the case with this tragic accident it will be three fatal accidents in 12 months from people being over served at that bar!”

      Your statement is false. The bar has one accident in November 2013. If you knew the facts, the man that died in that accident was killed by HIS DRUNK FRIEND. The man that was killed was also sober, and let his friend drive.

      So next time you want to point the finger, know the facts so you don’t sound dumb.

    • Debi Harper

      You need to start looking up people online to report this too and get a petition started, it’s a wonderful idea and it could save someone elses life.

  • Doc

    Probably over served, and had the itch to open up the old Trans Am on the way home. Lots of fun, but only where appropriate and sober. How sad for the kids. Imagine what it would be like as an adult to drive past the spot on the road where mom and dad took their last breaths? Hope the family can find peace and closure in time.

  • Vids

    my heart goes out to all who share the pain of losing their loved ones, the children family members and friends. let us keep all in our prayers and pray for peace and comfort to those who mourn their loss.

  • RLOlson

    May the Angels comfort the families of the two lost and the children they left behind, God bless them and hold them forever in his care. Thoughts and prayers are with u all.

  • Tom wagner

    I actually know this couple and I do not know the circumstances of the accident but what I do know is they were great great parents and and will be sadly missed by their entire family and friends. I would also like to say that they tried one more time to have a son and they did. That was the youngest. It’s just sad, so please say a prayer for those kids. They are going to need it the most.

    • Debi Harper

      Prayers for you and the family and especially the children. Lots of people go for a night out. Nothing wrong with turning loose a while and since they had 5 kids, probably didn’t get to often. God Bless you all and if somehow you could turn it into the kids helping others think before driving drunk, it could help them deal better. Keep them busy with positive things. <3

  • Jodi

    Oh My, My heart breaks for these children!!! I wish there was something we could do! I do t know them but I pray the children stay together & that The Lord comforts them. This is a tragedy and so sad!!! Protect them Lord, comfort them and heal their broken hearts!!!

  • Rob

    If this car was heading north the speed limit should have had nothing to do with this accident. As Crystal mentioned, this is shortly after the roundabout and while yes the speed limit probably is 55 at the point the accident occurred under any “normal” driving a person would just be up to 55 by that point and there should be no reason even 55 should be unsafe there, especially at that time of night with little or no traffic.
    It is a tragedy for all involved but it would seem that it was either driver error or mechanical issues that led to this, not a product of the speed limit. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims.

  • Charlie

    My co-worker is an EMT who has been to many accident scenes in the past. We wil have to wait and see what the investigation turns up, but he said that almost 100% of the time, these accidents are caused by driving too fast while under the influence of alcohol. I hope that is not the case but I fear it is………

  • Hanna

    Ten dzień, w którym dowiedziałam się o śmierci Moniki i Josha, był dla mnie straszny .Poznałam ich , kiedy byłam dwukrotnie w USA , u córki, Evy. Wtedy mieli dwie śliczne córeczki.Mam wiele zdjęć z tego pobytu. Tak bardzo mi przykro, że ich już nie ma. To niesprawiedliwe, że oni nie żyją. Tak nie powinno być!!!
    Hanna Błajda z Polski

  • Penny Bailitz

    I have been following this a bit and so sorry for the sweet children and their parents. One never knows when you will be taken. Do not judge these parents as they are gone, may they rest in peace. Also, they are not rabbits, as a Liz, indicated, but loving parents and sad things happen. Prayers for these children and other members of the family. God Bless to a wonderful family.

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