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Psychiatrist accused of smoking pot with patient, overprescribing ADD meds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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MEQUON (WITI) -- Even the best kids can be difficult teenagers. But Debra Wilcox doesn't blame puberty for her daughter's transformation.

rubin 3She blames something else.

"I think he thought he was God," Wilcox said.

Four years ago, her daughter got hooked on Adderall, a potent amphetamine prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder.

"I had a messed up daughter after this," Wilcox said.

She was prescribed 90 milligrams a day -- more than twice the maximum recommended dose for an adult.

And she was only 16.

"That is like unheard of," Wilcox said.

Her parents say they had no idea she was even seeing a doctor.

Dr. Ronald Rubin has been a local psychiatrist since 1995. Wilcox's daughter was his family's nanny.

And according to state records, he convinced her she needed medication.

"He would take my daughter's prescription and take pills out for his own use. He's the one who got my daughter hooked on pot," Wilcox said.

This order issued by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board says Dr. Rubin gave the 16-year-old girl psychiatric care without her parents' consent. He diagnosed her with ADD and depression. The two of them allegedly smoked marijuana together in his home office in Mequon.

"He's a nightmare," Wilcox said.

The report, issued by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, says Dr. Rubin overprescribed stimulants to at least 9 patients last year, many of them people he met at Wisconsin strip clubs. In some cases he prescribed six times the recommended maximum dose of amphetamines.

rubin 1"I was horrified," says Dr. Rubin's ex-wife Elana.

She says she saw many of those patients in their home.

"Essentially he had people travel from all over Wisconsin  to visit our home where my children sleep at."

Elena says she had no idea what was going on until details surfaced during their divorce.

"These kids were coming to his house, sometimes without their parents knowledge, they'd just come there because apparently that was the place they could get access to these types of dangerous medications," says Elana's divorce attorney Thomas Napierala.

State investigators say the pills weren't just for his patients. Sometimes, he took a cut for himself.

"The thing that was unusual or even scary was that a lot of these people appear to have barely spent any time with him. They'd simply go in and he'd prescribe them very high doses of certain medications," Napierala said.

Worried about public safety, the Medical Examining Board temporarily suspended his license in February, a move he is now appealing.

When we tried to catch him before the closed-door appeal hearing, he refused to comment.

Instead, he headed straight for the bathroom, and stayed there until his lawyer came to get him.

Rubin's own lawyer admits the allegations against him are striking.

"The medical board I think hearing what sounded like some pretty awful allegations I think acted appropriately and summarily suspended his license," said Hal Harlowe, one of Dr. Rubin's attorneys.

It's the first time he's had any formal action taken against him, even though he's been the subject of 11 complaints dating back to 1997.

"I think it's awful particularly because I did attempt to take his, get his license from him," says a former patient.

That former patient, Tammy, met Dr. Rubin in 1996, a year after he got his medical license. She was a former drug addict who sought his help for headaches and wanted to work through some childhood trauma.

But Tammy says Dr. Rubin took advantage of her.

"He said before I got my prescriptions, that we had to go to the bedroom."

rubin 2At one point, Dr. Rubin even wrote her this love letter, saying "seeing you made me melt," and "I desire you so much."

But Tammy says the relationship, at first, wasn't consensual.

In a malpractice lawsuit she filed against him in 1998, she claimed Dr. Rubin sexually exploited her. You can see the outcome of the case here.

Experts testified Dr. Rubin knew she had a cocaine addiction by the time he wrote the second or third set of prescriptions for her -- enough medications, on any one day for a "whole family."

"I feel like I was lured in kind of by him. And once I became re-dependent on the medication again, I kinda, then I felt like that was the only place I could get it so I had to tolerate the abuse in order to get my medication," Tammy says.

Tammy lost the case, but one fact was never disputed: the two of them did have a sexual relationship and he prescribed her loads of pills.

"So he was allowed to continue what he did to me to other people."

It's impossible to say what he's been accused of, because the state shreds complaints against doctors every 5 to 7 years.

From what little information is still available, it appears most cases involved allegations of professional misconduct.

The majority of complaints, though, weren't even investigated. Including Tammy's.

"I filled out the paperwork, the forms. And they just decided not to take any action," she said.records log

"Complaints are filed against many people and apparently the department never thought those complaints were worthy of any action," Harlowe said.

Which is exactly what Wilcox is worried about.

"He should not be allowed to wreck anymore lives because I have to deal with my daughter now. I don't know if she'll ever be the same, ever."

"That drug does stuff to your brain. It changes you. "

Rubin's lawyers say they don't anticipate any criminal charges, though Drug Enforcement Agents raided Rubin's Mequon home earlier this year. His lawyers say he denies most of the allegations against him, including that he took pills back from his patients' filled prescriptions.

Dr. Rubin will present his case to the Board in June. No decision has been made yet concerning whether he will get his medical license back.


  • bderk.

    So the state and police should be looking at doctors as the new drug dealers! hope he services some time in prison!!!

    • Tom

      Doctors are drug dealers, an innocent man hides in the toilet these days because our news media twists everything around and makes it so you’re powerless to combat their accusations. This report is not even accurate and totally biased. (What’s new?)

      • Crunchwrap

        Oh you know as much as any of us. Go read the suspension order. Not much room for interpretation or slant there.

      • Donald Geiss

        “Rubin’s own lawyer admits the allegations against him are striking.
        “The medical board I think hearing what sounded like some pretty awful allegations I think acted appropriately and summarily suspended his license,” said Hal Harlowe, one of Dr. Rubin’s attorneys.”

        So I guess Dr. Rubin’s own attorney is in on your grand conspiracy? Sigh.ll some people.

      • Erica

        Who is this report biased to Tom? According to his suspension here:
        He was prescribing medications (strong amphetamines and Methamphetime) to strippers and bartenders. These much younger “patients” stood half naked, probably under the influence (Rubin included) while getting Psychiatric Care.

        Outrageous and predatory at the very least.

        Additionally, based on that, one would deduce that either every strip club server/stripper has Attention Deficit Disorder or Rubin was a exchanging pills for gain.

        Where is the bias Tom?

  • Snatchary

    why did Fox6 feel it was necessary to repeatedly use a racy picture of the alleged 16 year old girl in her underwear over and over?

  • patient D

    Dr. Robins ex wife is a drug seeker in my opinion and experience. Dr. Rubin yes prescribed me 6xs over the legal dosage without any clinical basis and very much impacted my life in many negative ways. Regardless he is clearly mentally ill and not of clear judgment. Does this excuse his behavior no but it should be within consideration when ever one starts pointing their finger. Am I angry yes, for the years I lost of my life, do I hate him no. I pray he receives the help he needs and doesn’t face the karma associated with his long term actions and detrimental, life altering behaviors. I have had to rebuild myself and my life again. But I will not waste my time pointing a finger rather using that energy to better my life each day. I am thankful to the DEA and their associated staff for reaching out to me, and in turn saving my life.

    • Donald Geiss

      It seems highly inappropriate for Dr, Rubin to be discussing his family issues with patients. Another reason this guy doesn’t deserve to practice.

      • patient D

        Although I do very much agree with this. It’s clearly moral in practice not to talk about your family. And I apologize if I led u to believe he did. But he did not speak about his personal life. It’s from my own personal observation and short lived experience done on my own accord.

      • Heidi

        Were you a dancer patient D? Did you go to his home or clinic?
        have you met Dr Rubin’s wife?
        He prescribed my ADD medications and mailed them to me.

  • Heidi

    I was a former patient and dancer. I knew Doc and his ex-wife, elena. I visited their house many times over the years. Elena was very nice but naive to what was going on.
    She worked and took care of their kids while he popped in the clubs and tipped us hefty $2 bills.
    He was easy money and medications.

    • patient D

      Heidi. No I was a patient and saw him in his office only. I never had an inappropriate relationship with Dr. Robin. I would also like to add that he never discussed inappropriate conversation. But out of everyone he saw in and out of office, however you would like to phrase this. I did receive the largest and deadliest amount of stimulants. I thought I trusted DR. Robin and was supposed to working with him to no longer have to take these meds any longer. I trusted Dr. Robin to have my best interest and mental stability at heart. Now being clear of any medications which it turns out I never needed, I can see his focus was not on mine or any patients care.

  • Nicole

    Dr. Rubin sounds like a sick individual! It’s the times we live in now that we can’t even trust our own doctors! Just sad! SMH..

    • Diane

      I once took my son to see Dr. Rubin at his office on Brown Deer. He came out of his office screaming and yelling at the employees about his computer or something. It was pretty terrifying. I took my son and got out of there. He did not seem like a stable individual who should be treating people! Now I’m really glad we left.

  • Sam Dennison

    I guess there really is no problem as there is no such diagnosis as ADD. It is ADHD and has been for the last 27 years.
    Plus, why did the pharmacies fill the prescription. They are supposed to protect the patients

  • Paul

    Look at him. Drugging up strippers is probably the only way he can et women to talk to him.

    • patient D

      I myself know a lot about his personal life after coming in contact with his exwife after the investigation had already begun months ago. She is the only reason I know anything other than my patient…doctor interactions.

  • Mary

    What no one knows is that his ex wife has no custody of their children and can only see them supervised. What he did is not right however the news has jaded this story because they do not know all of the details, especially with his ex wife.

    • Xander

      I find it highly suspect thst so many of these commenters seem to know so much about The doctor’s personal life. Regardless of his shills trying to divert attention away from the issue reported here, this is was not a report about Dr. Ruben’s personal life, and anything that has to do with his marriage or divorce is irrelevant.

      • Mary

        I actually know the ex wife, not Dr. Ruben. Regardless, if everything is true that he did it is very wrong. I am speachless though as to why that mom would show those pictures of her teenage daughter and the ex wife with no custody due to her own problems would even go on camara. This whole situation is quite sad.

    • Erica

      His disturbingly younger ex-wife (what 28?) is irrelevant to the story except to show he has a fetish for controlling females and abusing his power. He looks like a grandfather to those women and he knew his “carrot” was drugs. He preyed on vulnerable, troubled women.

      “Patient D”, how are you still alive at that dosage? did you seek Rubin for sexual and drugs too?

      Ron Rubin shows a classic and systematic pattern of victimizing and power abuse. What respected Mental Health professional hands out prescriptions inside a strip club?

      • Erica

        My apology Patient D. I see you answered above.

        Patient D, Why would you have contact with this man’s family or his ex-wife if you were simply a patient? Did you ever go to his house?
        Did you meet his children? That seems very unusual for a Psychiatrist to be prescribing you Methamphetamine and encouraging you to contact his ex-wife or invite you to see his kids.
        It just appears to be a strange disconnect or blurring of lines between PERSONAL life and professional.

        Why would you feel pity for a man that clearly harmed you medically?

  • Lynn

    I have known Dr Rubin for more than 10 years and I have had contact the Elena over many years. Elena is a train wreck and her friends are of a similar nature. Dr Rubin is a kind and considerate man who was grossly taken advantage of by a younger unstable woman. After a highly contested divorce, she lost custody of her children and did not get the huge settlement she was expecting. Then she systematically set about destroying his career. She had a friend hack his computer and erase patient files and other friends file fraudulent claims (ie. underwear girl). Now she has the medical board and the DEA after him. Their 3 children are well adjusted and excelling in school, extra circular activities, and musical talents. They do have difficulty having a heathy relationship with their mother because of mental instability and unreliability. Many of Dr Rubin’s patients have serious problems that include drug addiction. I’ve heard about patients he has discontinued treatment who abuse their prescriptions and/or mix them with illegal drugs. Needless to say, they scream loudly and and make outrageous claims because they didn’t get what they want. The DEA raid on his house did not substantiate any of the claims, inappropriate or illegal drugs.
    This is a case of the news media getting on the band wagon to crucify a doctor who’s ex wife set about to destroy. Let’s wait for the medical board before we prematurely condemn him.

    • Xander

      You have no idea what the DEA found. No one does, and no one will until either Dr. Rubin is arrested or he is cleared in his June hearing. Don’t talk stupid and shill for the doctor. Wisconsin the 46th worst star for punishing doctors. The fact that his license is gone is no one’s fault but his. The state does NOT pull licenses over stories made by exes.

    • Lil

      I also know Elana quite well. And her “big settlement”???? He doesn’t even pay it. She was forced into marrying him and if I were married to him, I would be a train wreck too. Honestly, she has her life pretty together, has an amazing boyfriend, and is extremely strong. I could never imagine going through what she went through,and i have not had an easy life by any means. He is disgusting inside and out and should be locked up.

    • Liz

      This is all true about his ex-wife. She goes out every night of the week & drinks, while the kids are alone at home. She wanted a divorce quickly to move on to numerous boyfriends. She complained for years, about everything in this video. She had access to everything – including his files & prescription pads.

      His ex-wife should be the one one trial. She is a former jeweler. She was selling $10,000 pearls by the strand. They were all fake. Look up the names Future Fashionista & Rubin Jewelers.

  • Anastasia

    He was my therapist at 16 did prescribe me adderal but not over doses and was a good therapist to me so I don’t know. I am 24 and can’t seem to find a therapist that listens to your problems I went online looking for him this is what I find. Hard for me to believe.

  • lisa wilson (lisa rubin)

    I am Ron Rubin sister. We’ve been estranged most of our adult lives. His actions don’t surprise me. You should find out why he was kicked out of Utah. I don’t know the story, but our mother told me it was because we are jewish. I do not believe this. Ron isn’t worthy of treating patients. He is greedy and narcissistic.

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