Love seafood? Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm begins sales soon

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WESTBY (AP) — America's Dairyland might seem an unlikely place for growing some of the country's favorite seafood.

Wisconsin's first indoor shrimp farm is located in the heart of Wisconsin's Kickapoo Valley where the organic food industry is booming. The family-owned Dairyland Shrimp raises Pacific White shrimp year-round in large red building near downtown Westby. The heaters, fans and water pumps hum loudly and keep the room which houses four saltwater tanks at a balmy 93 degrees.

Wisconsin Public Radio says Forbes Adams isn't the first farmer to try shrimping, but he's the first to do it indoors. Beyond high energy costs, Adam considers his operation to be environmentally sustainable. He recycles water in the tanks. Shrimp live off of feed and biofloc, a bacteria that consumes the shrimp's waste.

Dairyland Shrimp begins sales in June.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Dairyland Shrimp.


  • Mary Finelli

    Does anyone find that photo or this to be appetizing? “Shrimp live off of feed and biofloc, a bacteria that consumes the shrimp’s waste.” Why would anyone want to eat them?

  • mindy

    Fox6 you are slow with news…My Dad opened the first Shrimp Farm in Racine, Wisconsin in January. Also our tanks don’t look that brown. I don’t know why his look like that? We’re also going to begin growing greens above our tanks in the next 2 months.

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