Citations against students dropped after “Nerf wars,” so what’s the punishment?

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Nerf Wars

WAUSAU (AP) — A school official says police citations for six Wausau West students involved in a Nerf gun fight have been dropped.

Wausau police were criticized by some for ticketing the students after officers received a report from a concerned citizen about the group of young people pointing guns at each other.

The caller thought the guns were real.

The students were actually playing Senior Shoot Out, a tradition at Wausau West, and using foam Nerf bullets.

Principal Jeb Steckbauer says the students who were originally issued $240 disorderly conduct citations will not be suspended from any school activities.

Steckbauer says without the citations, there’s no violation of the school’s code of conduct.

The students will instead help police create a PSA about the dangers of the “nerf wars” game.

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