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Shutting down a road for… frogs? The unique effort in Waterford

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VILLAGE OF WATERFORD (WITI) -- Road closed for...frogs? It sounds a little strange, but it's a unique plan to help with a massive frog migration in the Village of Waterford.

Every year, thousands of frogs make their way to the river -- and for years, it has meant crossing a very busy road.

"It's a small town, but there's a lot of traffic on (North Jefferson Street)," Terry Alby of Waterford said.

The traffic on North Jefferson Street will soon come to a halt -- for just one night.

It's all in an effort to help the frogs.

When the moment is right, thousands of frogs will make a great journey from a small pond to a river.

"We're just going to shut the road off and enjoy the frogs," Alby said.

"They crawl or hop right over the road. They're from like, little gravel pee-wee size to large bullfrogs," Tom Cerny of Waterford said.

Every year, cars on North Jefferson Road halt hundreds of these frogs on their long trek.

"People are going by and there's frogs, hundreds of them at a time, jumping across the road. I have estimates of well over a thousand through a night and they're getting killed," Alby said.

This year, Alby and Cerny have asked the Village of Waterford to help the frogs along the way. Part of the road will be closed to make migration safe.

"I have the people in town prepared to bring out barricades and help us out with everything," Alby said.

"It should take like all night. Possibly 10 hours," Cerny said.

It's a small gesture to help with a big journey.

"They're great little creatures. I think a lot of people like frogs. They're harmless. They are very helpful. They eat mosquitoes. They are good for the environment in a lot of ways and they should be saved," Alby said.

The Village of Waterford is hoping to make this a sort of attraction. They are inviting people out to watch the migration. The only problem is -- no one knows the exact moment this will happen, so it takes a lot of patience.


  • Mike Ford

    I would love to come see this… is there a way that I could find out when the migration starts? I understand from the article that is not predictable. Maybe a facebook page/group that I could sign up for “notifications”?

  • Beth

    I would love to help out in a way if someone could let me know whats needed? I’m from the Waterford area and can’t wait to see this awesome experience.

  • Terry Ullrich

    Waiting for the froggies! Moved from Milwaukee 2 years ago – this is what life is all about!!!

  • Jerry DeBoer

    There are a number of different species of frogs involved in this migration, as noted. The vast majority of them will move at night during warm spring rains. So if anyone is aware of rain heading this way on a warm night (over 40 degrees), that would be the time to be there. They obviously will not wait for the roads to close. Massive road kill is pretty much the standard during spring migration in situations like this. It’s great to see Waterford trying to do something about it!

  • Nicole Carlson

    What an awesome way to help nature out. I will be checking the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page regularly for updates. This could be an amazing tool for teaching children about nature.

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