VIDEO: Dolphins protect long-distance swimmer from shark

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NEW ZEALAND (WITI) — A long-distance swimmer was protected on his journey by a pod of dolphins.

Adam Walker was on a 16-mile swim in New Zealand’s Cook Strait as a part of the Oceans Seven mission when he spotted a great white shark, according to Yahoo! News.

At that time, a pod of dolphins surrounded Walker, and swam at his side for nearly an hour until the shark left. 




  • triplea

    The dolphins were not protecting this man, stories like this attempt to apply some form of divine intervention to get people feeling all mushy inside. If you have any experience swimming in salt water and a great white is in the area, your surface movement looks like a fish in distress to a great white, this swimmer was just lucky to be swimming in a parallel fashion to this pod of dolphins who were banned together to preserve themselves. They did not possess any obligatory or voluntary responsibility to the alien swimmer, had the shark attacked this story would have explained just that. He was just lucky and better remember it.

  • Kristy Hoffman

    Holy COW that looks EXHAUSTING!! lol and it looks like he was movin really slow too! I could Never do that! lol

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