NOT GUILTY: Alleged “fake dentist” in Waukesha will stand trial

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Noemi Aguilera

WAUKESHA (WITI) — A Waukesha woman accused of acting as a dentist pleaded not guilty on Thursday morning, May 1st.

Noemi Aguilera will stand trial on charges of practicing dentistry without a license, and felony child abuse.

Prosecutors say Aguilera was doing dental work on her living room couch — seeing up to 10 patients a day.

One of those was a 13-year-old who suffered pain and bleeding after getting braces from Aguilera.


  • El gato

    How can these idiots plead not guilty? If an obviously guilty person pleads not guilty and costs the taxpayers money for trial, then the penalty should be doubled.

    • perhaps

      It’s just the way our legal system works now. Her lawyers told her to plead not guilty. They will set a pre trial date for waayyy in the future, and in that time they will try and get a better plea deal.

      None of the lawyers want to go to trial, and they will end up pleading guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence, or maybe drop the felony charge altogether. It’s a silly game of chess they play with people’s lives.

      These people who were getting discount on-the-couch dentistry, including the 13 year old’s parents, knew what they were getting themselves into.

  • NiniGB

    the parents should be charged as well. I hope with all my being…this woman gets jail time and doesn’t just get a slap on the wrist.

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