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ROBBED OF A JOB: Speedway fires overnight clerk after he’s robbed at gunpoint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) -- Fired for being robbed? A Mount Pleasant Speedway gas station employee is out of a job after he was held up at gunpoint!

The Speedway at the corner of Washington and Emmersten in Mount Pleasant is usually pretty busy -- although at 4:30 in the morning, it tends to be a bit slower.

"When one of the gentleman came in, he was wearing a grey hoodie. As he was coming I greeted him like I do every guest," Bobby Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson was the overnight clerk on Tuesday night, April 29th, when the man approached.

"He told me to 'give me all of your money.' And I didn`t understand him at the time. And I was like 'huh?' Then he said it again. I looked down again, and he had this gun pointed at me," Wilkerson said.

A second man walked in -- serving as a lookout.

Wilkerson followed company protocol, and emptied his drawer.

In less than a minute, it was over.

What happened next, shocked Wilkerson.

"The other thing that was shocking is what Speedway did to me after that," Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson was asked to come back to the store on Wednesday morning.

"That`s when the manager told me they were letting me go," Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson is a single father of two. He was told he had too much money in the drawer at the time of the robbery.

"It wasn`t thousands. It wasn`t like they took that much. It was a low amount -- not worth losing your job over," Wilkerson said.

Speedway spokesperson Angelia Graves says she could not speak with FOX6 News about personnel matters but did say this:

"Our employees are required to follow company policy. The safety of our operations is our number one focus and that means maintaining the safety for our employees, but also our customers."

Wilkerson says he was robbed of a job after he says he risked his life for the company.

"It`s very unfair what speedway has done," Wilkerson said.


    • Richard Hartwig

      the till has a thing called a computer inside that records transactions….a little math and they can tell what was stolen….every company has a policy on how much money should be in the till at any given time….i take it his was too high which cost him his job….sure there will be a lawsuit in the coming weeks though….but the till keeps track of these thing…WOW

  • MIke Mc

    The same thing happened to my son. He worked at the Speedway in Glendale and was fired after being robbed for having too much money in the drawer (despite the fact that he recognized the robber and all of the money was recovered).

  • David French

    I frequent that Speedway often– not anymore! As a matter-of-fact I will not be patronizing ANY Speedway. This is outrageous!!!

    • Piggy

      These cashiers are fully trained and spoken to daily about what would happen if they keep their drawers too high. There are rules for a reason and no matter what happens they should be followed.

  • Lorea

    Actually, this decision might seem brutal in light of his recent trauma, but from a management perspective it makes sense. Companies often have a policy that requires staff to remove excessive cash from thwir drawer and deposit it in the safe. The point is to prevent potential thieves from obtaining a large amount of money…but it also disuades thieves from robbing at all. Why make all that effort if you can only get $200 from the drawer? The teuth is, if this man consistently did this every night, its possubke that the thieves may have noticed, then struck during his shift once a larger amount had accumulated. By breaking the policy, he may have attracted risk…and they have a right to terminate.

    • Richard

      Forgot to point out Lorea, he was working along, so if these subjects were watching and waiting as you suggested, they could have struck when he pulled the cash put of the register to place in the safe. Either way he was vulnerable. In fact, by him pulling the cash out of the register to place in the safe, greatly places him in danger. What they should install are safe drops under the register. This way he can simply drop the money through a slot right under the register. Speedway doesn’t have those. That would help reduce his risk by walking around with a fist full of money.

      • Lee

        The cash drop is behind the counter right by all registers. No one has to walk around with cash and the drop scans the bills so it takes almost no time.

      • Richard

        Well there you have it Lee, just that simple. Guess he deserved to lose his job then. I mean hey, its not like he may have been doing other duties and didn’t get to the drop yet. Or maybe he just forgot. I hope you don’t ever make a “policy” mistake and lose your job. It’s not like you are human or anything, or that a corporation could adjust their position per situation. But hey, a policy is a policy and money was lost. Although, they will get it back from their insurance and reserves. Now for this termed employee and his kids, well, to bad. Guess he’ll have to find another way to feed them. Welcome to the new American society folks, the “zero” tolerance society! To me it seems he almost would have been better shot huh!?! Then he could have sued them for his pay and medical for the rest of his life. Given the amount of armed robberies they have experienced over the last year alone, what security measures did they take outside of some “till limit” policy? Why didn’t they install medal detectors or better yet, an auto lock system that requires people to utilize a slot window for purchases after say, dark. What’s that, inconvenient for you when you go there? Or will cost the company too much money?! Yeah, that’s it. Sure he could have been on top of that policy. Or he could be dead. But better yet, the leaders he worked for could have half a brain and some reasoning, rather then simply firing someone when in the end, they didn’t choose to rob the place. It’s a retaliation firing, because the executives need to place their anger on someone and the criminal clearly got away. Well Speedway, I myself use to fill my fleet and personal car at the one down the street from where I work. I just looked at my corporate fleet statement and due to my weekly travel, I fuel up over $300 a week in my fleet and an additional $120 with my fiancee POV. I religiously went to Speedway due to convenance. Well, now I will find a new gas station. I hope Speedway, that eventually the only “customers” you will have walk through your doors, are the criminals! Better “up” those insurance premiums! Good luck!

    • Ron W.

      I really like what you have said and I think you missed your calling you my friend should have been a lawyer.

    • Amanda

      Speedway gets away with WAY TOO MUCH!!! They use. “Scare tactics” so u won’t complain because they know I need your job !! They have perps work 10-13 hour shifts but do NOT give you your undisturbed breaks in fact they don’t give u your much needed lunch break at all !!! But they make u sign u took a lunch OR LISE YOUR JIB!! They get away with not following the law it’s almost as if they don’t care because some how they will get away with it!

  • Steve D.

    I find it hard to belive , they say safety is their number one concern . Look’s like Speedway just want their money in the safe . Corporate greed run amuck , what about the welfare of their employees . Seems to me another Big Company finding a backdoor to keep from helping their employees . What if this young man is traumarized and need medical help . Speedway off the hook for any medical bills , oh , he does’nt work for us anymore . Corporate America , what a Slimmy Business .

  • A-rod

    If a person was to Google robbery at speedway you would find pages upon pages of these same horror stories. The employee always gets fired, the money is not the issue but an excuse. It does not matter if money was involved or not the result is the same. In all these cases the employee loses their job. If speedway care about their employees they would do their best to seek professional help for the employee to get over this trauma instead of adding to it with more trauma and stress, but wait a minute that would cost the employer money. I think everyone who has lost their job at speedway due to a robbery should file a class action lawsuit.then maybe speedway would start to care about the dangers of working alone on 3rd shift. That would show then and only then that speedway puts employees safety first.

  • kandy

    Thats crazy. And stupid. They should have a manager
    there then. I hope all who were fired file a lawsuit. Its hard enoughTo find it is. What about the families. Im never going there ever. Its wrong about 45 billion times over.

  • Terry

    I will NEVER EVER do business with a SPEEDWAY again….thats BS!! decent white people trying to hold down a job getting robbed by mooks and threatened at gun point?? then fired???

  • Dani

    So its ok to have a hired speedway employee risk their life for a late night shift ..but if something goes bad like this robbery they are fired for doing so…….is that even legal.. after hearing this story and reading these comments I will no longer go to a place that values employes so little.

  • Julie Delong

    My 20 year old son was also fired 6 weeks ago for the same thing. He had 90 dollars too much in drawer. He was fired after finishing his shift 3 hours later. Manager never even thought of asking if he had someone to drive him home after having a gun to his head. He has trouble eating and sleeping. I do thank milw police dept for providing numbers for counseling.

  • James Stroh

    I had just stopped at this Speedway probably an hour to 45 minutes before it was robbed. This young man was very courteous and at the time I came in was busy making sure the store was clean and refilling stock. Speedway should be ashamed of how they have treated this young man who is a single father of two little girls trying to make an honest living for himself and his little family. The amount of money that was stolen is covered I would assume by insurance and he obviously complied with the policies of the chain in not resisting when he was robbed. I understand they have policies of doing the hourly drops but he was by himself doing his other duties in keeping a rather large store clean and stocked. His safety and the fact that he was able to go home safely to his two little girls clearly doesn’t mean as much to Speedway as much as their monetary bottom line. Speedway, you have just lost a customer in me in how you treated this man and by reading some of the other comments it appears you have lost several others that will definitely hurt your monetary bottom line.

  • Stupid Flanders

    If he really values his job he would have taken a bullet for Speedway. The real victims here are the Speedway executives who were asleep in their mansions and unable to do anything to prevent this crime themselves. They did the right thing, those poor victimized millionaires.

  • Lorri

    I wonder if the robbers timed it right after the factory got out knowing he was so busy that the till would be full? Factory out at 4 robbery at 4:30? Other locations might want to watch their customer traffic patterns.

  • Lee

    My brother was just robbed at gunpoint at the speedway on 60 and coldspring. believe the guy that robbed him has hit 3 or 4 other speedway’s over the last few months. My brother is The only one who did not get fired because his drawers were under the maximum amount allowed. I know it would be terrible to lose your job after being robbed, but all employees know the procedures and they know how much money they are allowed to have on hand. The cashier was not fired for being robbed. Hes fired for not following company policy on cash handling.

  • Heather

    While it is a crappy thing to do, I understand the company policy. Most places you are required to do cash skims on your drawer. If a robber gets away with so much money then its clear that the employee was not doing their job correctly. Its about money. If his drawer was skimmed and less cash was taken from the company, he would still have a job I’m sure.

  • Laura

    I too will not step foot into a Speedway. Each situation is different and needs to be evaluated as such. I’m happy this man is safe. I’m very sad to hear that the people who decided to rob this man, also in the end had this man robbed of his job. Pitiful Speedway. Just pitiful!

  • Amy

    Well I used to work at speedway and I remember it was policy to drop 20’s in the safe once you started to get 7 to 8. So you should only have about 100 dollars in your drawer at a time just for when these things happen. I mean it was wrong for him to get fired, I think it should have been a write up for not dropping money but not loose his job.

  • Rick Mizell

    Almost all the bigger quick food stores have policies in place for the amounts of cash in the drawer at any given time. Dailey’s Shell here in Nashville is 60.00 dollars. So those that do not want to patronize a store with these type of policies I suggest you find a mom and pop store.

  • Kenneth Bressler

    My brother worked for Speedway years ago and was fired because he wasnt wearing the company supplied one fits all hard hat ( i know yhey adjust but cheap helmets) while putting the price changes on their board thats 20 feet up. He atttempted to wear it but every time he lifted the rod holding the # as he is looking straight up the helmet fell off. No write ups just terminated.

  • Kevin B

    I too was employed at a speedway store about a mileeast of this location back in 1988. I came in to work to begin my assistant manager training to be informed that I was being charged with theft! Apparently someone stole lottery tickets from the store and it was said to have accurred on my shift. An employee had to have done it because they needed a key to open the machine. This is the year Wisconsin started the scratch offs. The store you purchased your tickets you had to return if you won anything. That night I was not working alone and I had a visit from the manager’s boyfriend. He was asking if I had any connection to drugs. I was taken to court given a polygraphWhich I passed. I was fired and ordered to never return to that location. I have a pretty good idea who stole those tickets. It was the manager’s boyfriend who managed to get hands on her keys for the store .

  • ChuckJustice

    I worked for them in the 90s, Someone managed to swipe a wrapped bundle of scratch off lotto tix from me on my shift, I was fired the next day.

  • Shannon Sultan

    I was fired for being pregnant. I’m not joking. Up until then, I was #1 in the district and all of those other things they count. I could upwell like nothing. But I kept my pregnancy a secret because legally, I do not have to inform them of anything if I’m able to do my job. It’s not their concern at the time, and the law DOES protect you from indulging personal information. Look it up. When I hit the 20th week, I gave my manager a doctor’s note stating that I was pregnant but I had no restrictions. Up until this I was considered the perfect employee. The next day I was called in and fired because I didn’t “card correctly” for cigarettes. Everyone knew that was bs because I had previously worked for a pharmacy for 5 years and we sold cigs….and I never ever had a problem. I wasn’t the only one just at that store. 1 other woman was fired after revealing her pregnancy and that it was twins. Another one almost was but she was pushed to get an abortion because she had the heads up from the boss, who was a friend of her’s. I can’t believe she seriously chose the abortion.

  • mike

    yea and i dont like there policy of only having 1 employee work the overnight shift i dont care how slow it is you should always have 2 employees so nothing like this would happen.

  • Jennifer

    My question is, has every other employee who during their shift had “too much” money in their drawer and were not robbed have been fired?

  • viki

    WOW!So what did speedway want?Well to me it seems like it would not have mattered if this employee did not give there money and the robbers took this mans life?Im sure speedway has some type of insurance to get back the money stolen.I would of gave what they wanted!I would not put my life in danger for a company!

  • Cyndi

    If this employee had been shot and was currently still in the hospital, would Speedway be helping to fund monies to his daughters & for all the medical costs? Obviously NOT!!! I have read all the comments posted here & I feel bad for all of you. If I had known this about this company earlier I never would’ve stepped foot in another Speedway ever again! Sounds like Speedway is losing a lot of customers fast!!! I hope this young man recovers from his ordeal soon & finds himself a much better job that doesn’t require his life almost being taken from him & his daughters. Speedway & the management should be ashamed of themselves!!!!

  • Elita23

    How about we all petition Speedway to change it’s ways or start a class action lawsuit?

  • Bianca

    I worked for speedway and was told no matter how much you had in your drawer you will get fired. That is their policy.

  • Ron W.

    I am the father of Bobby Wilkerson and first of all I would like to thank all of you for your comments, stories, and your support. I also would like to thank Ben Handelman and the Fox 6 new team for bringing this story the the public eye.
    Bobby has been a hard worker all his life he was a manager of a restaurant for 11 years, he has dealt with a lot situations, serving over 300 customers at one time but has never been robbed.
    I would like to respond by saying I think Bobby did everything right to defuse the situation and save his life and the customer inside the store. When he was trained by Speedway he was never told how much money he was suppose have in he drawer nor dose it say anything in the employee handbook. All he was told was to make frequent drops and to drop all 50’s and 100’s. He however he was told to have plenty of ones, fives, and tens on hand for the 5 am rush. At that time in the morning people come in and get their coffee, drinks, and whatever, they are usually in a hurry and don’t have to wait for the safe to disperse change. What the robbers got were mainly ones so the robbers got away with a little over 3 hundred dollars. There is no reason or merit for a employee to be fired, he didn’t asked to be robbed. In the 7 months Bobby has worked for Speedway he was asked to work full time which he couldn’t, right there that tells me he was a good employee. Other people would call in on 3rd shift, the first thing Speedway would do was call Bobby to fill in and he did. He did not miss not 1 day, he got raises, he was the ideal employee. All Bobby wanted from Speedway was a 3rd shift part time job so that he would have as much time as possible to take care of his two daugthers. In my eyes and his girls eyes he is the best dad in the world hands down, he just needed some type of income to help out.
    The girls has lost so much in the last three years I don’t know what they would do if they would lose their daddy, hell I don’t know what I would do, Just think it could of happened over 3 hundred bucks. I think Speedway should have gave Bobby a metal. In my eyes and his girls eye Bobby Wilkerson is a True Hero.
    Speedway did nothing but fired Bobby they should have asked if he needed medical help or see if he needed anything. It for be wrong for me to say they didn’t give him anything because they did give him a black mark on his work record.
    After reading everyone comments it sounds like Speedway has their own policies that are not written or told to the employee before hiring. I work 2nd shift myself and sometimes I at Speedway and at Kwik Trip depending on which way I come home, I have notice that only Speedways have just one employee working.

    Thank You Again
    Ron Wilkerson

  • Kevin B

    Terry you sound more prejudice then anything else. With your mook comment and decent white people. Race played no part in the robbery.

  • Jennifer

    As a former employee of Speedway (worked from third shift up to a manager position), I will defend them.

    The cashier was fired for failing to follow their cash handling policies, not for being robbed. If you’re that slow on your shift there is absolutely no reason for that much money in the drawer. Three hundred in tens, fives and singles? Unacceptable.

    As for this gentleman not knowing this, still hard to believe. Unless his manager was a complete dolt, which is possible. But when I worked 3rds, I was warned over and over not to have over 200 dollars in my drawer (and we were a busier station). There were even stickers on the drawer itself (and inside) that said MAKE THAT DROP! For godsakes, there are even automatic safes that you push a button and feed the money into! You don’t even need to count the cash!

    Yes, 1st and 2nd shift are held accountable for having too much money in their drawers. At least in the district and stores I worked at you got verbal warnings and write ups if your drops were way to high.

    Follow the rules and you don’t get fired. Simple.

      • sktrjksn

        I don’t see why they would have removed it but it was written in there when I worked for Speedway 12 years ago. Every Speedway I’ve been to even has stickers on the till stating that extra money is dropped and that employees can’t open the safe.

  • anna

    Well it is unexceptable for a corporation to just jump to termination exceptionally when he could have been kiiled…there should be a process….hmmmmmm like re-training. I work management that is retained by the federal gov’t and that is unexceptable. There is a process especially when that man was doing his job. You have to evaluate the situation. Speedway obviously doesn’t care about there employees. Sad that this is the world we live in.

  • Jake

    Speedway has a very strict policy of not having more then 200 in your drawer at any time. Ever. When you’re hired you learn that, you know that while you work and if you get fired for it, its your fault. Plenty of people follow policy, are robbed, and keep their jobs.

  • ash

    Great..I have a family member working 3rd shift at a Speedway. I hope he doesn’t get robbed or lose his job. :(
    I worked for a restaurant last fall..not for long. The hiring manager/store manager had a history of crack addiction and other issues. Within my first few weeks,10 people were fired…almost all for “theft.” One night I was called in and fired for it too, and when I offered to let them or the police search me immediately, she refused. She refused to have the police involved. That same day, a woman who got fired for being pregnant, took them to court, and won had just started her job back there again.
    And let me tell you…you’re lucky to have 20 or 30 bucks tops in the tip jar there at any given time, so stealing a few bucks is so not worth an entire job.
    Managers need to be “managed” more than they are it seems.
    Nobody seems to care about the truth or about people anymore. Makes me really sad and worried for our futures…


    Speedway just bought out HESS in the Philadelphia area. Guess they will be going through a lot of employees here. Sounds like it is run by some real jerks. I bought a pack of smokes there yesterday and was told they are not allowed to give out matches because of fire hazard. Lighters are OK, no hazard of fire there. I think it is more how cheap can they be. Now after reading this story, I can’t support a jerks like this. I feel sorry for the HESS people that now have to work there. I am a Pennsylvanian, I will not support this jerky Ohio company. I will be buying my gas, coffee and smokes elsewhere.

  • Sam Mullins

    Speedway employees are not allowed to have more than $100 in their register at any time. Standard operating procedure. If either of these people had that much in the drawer they would still have their jobs.

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