Sober driver arrested for OWI when deputy crashes into her car

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy rolls through a stop sign and causes a violent crash. So why was the victim placed under arrest?

A FOX6 Investigation finds that a deputy's changing story may have changed one woman's life forever.

Tanya Weyker was hurt so badly, she couldn't blow into a breath-testing device or perform field sobriety tests.  But a Sheriff's deputy arrested her for drunk driving anyway.  And the County hung those charges over her head for nearly a year, even long after blood tests proved she was perfectly sober.

Tanya Weyker remembers it clearly. Not just the crash that broke her neck in four places, but the false accusations that followed.

"My reputation is everything to me," she said.


Deputy Joseph Quiles, staff photo. Source: Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office

At the age of 25, Weyker's criminal history is as flawless as her posture. She was diagnosed with cancer at age three, and the prolonged radiation treatments literally curved her spine. So doctors inserted metal rods to keep her back straight.  The lifelong medical complications have not stopped her from pursuing a college degree. Or from driving a car. In fact, Weyker had never gotten so much as a speeding ticket until the night she crossed paths with Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Quiles.

It was February 20th, 2013, and Deputy Quiles was working the night shift on patrol at General Mitchell International Airport.

As he pulled out onto Howell Avenue to make his rounds, he T-boned a passing car and sent it spinning into a tree.

"Very scary," Weyker recalls.

Her spine was already fused with steel. Now, she had a fractured neck to go with it.

"It was a miracle I wasn't paralyzed," she said.

As rescue workers tended to Weyker, police and Sheriff's deputies started asking questions.

"One asked if I had anything to drink that night," she said. "And I told them a few sips from a friend's drink."

A deputy noted a light odor of alcohol on her breath. He said her speech was slurred. And her eyes looked red and glassy.

"I explained to him my eyes were red and glassy because I was crying," she said.


Tanya Weyker suffered a broken neck in the crash, but was arrested for drunk driving.

When asked about her use of prescription drugs, Weyker says she told the truth.

"I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out, so they gave me Vicodin for that. I told them it was little over a week since I took the Vicodin," Weyker said.

Her injuries were too severe to allow for any field sobriety tests. She couldn't even give a breath sample. But another deputy, who also worked in the airport bureau, arrested Weyker anyway, on five separate charges including drunk driving causing injury.

"They made me into this criminal," she said.

Weyker's mom raced to the hospital to find deputies standing guard.

"She was in traction and just sitting there. She was crying and said they accused her, they arrested her and accused her of something she didn't do," Grace Weyker said.

Her lawyer, Todd Korb, says the arrest is surprising, since there was virtually no evidence that she was drunk.

"I can't say it is necessarily a cover up, but it is suspicious," Korb said.

Drunk driving defense expert Andrew Mishlove says it's questionable if deputies had cause to arrest her at all.

"She was the suspect right from the start," he said.

If deputies had cause to arrest her, he says, it's only because of the statements made by the deputy involved in the crash.

X-ray of Weyker's neck after the crash and surgery.

X-ray of Weyker's neck after the crash and surgery.

"If Deputy Quiles hadn't essentially blamed the accident on her," Mishlove argues," they never would've drawn her blood. They never would've arrested her."

In his official report, Deputy Quiles wrote that he stopped at the stop sign and looked both ways before pulling out.  He told a Milwaukee police officer that he never saw any headlights, even though Weyker's Camry had lights that come on automatically.

"I knew I was innocent this whole time," Weyker declared.

The truth might never have surfaced were it not for video from a nearby airport surveillance camera. It shows what investigators say is Deputy Quiles' squad car traveling west on Hutsteiner Avenue, then continuing onto Howell without making a complete stop, as Quiles claimed in his report. The Sheriff's Office knew about the video just two days after the crash.  But no one told Weyker.

Instead, the County sent letters blaming her for the crash and threatening legal action if she didn't pay for the damage.

Of course, if Weyker was drunk, it would have been easy to pin the blame on her. But less than a month after the crash, test results showed she had no alcohol in her system. And by July, her drug test came back negative too. Five months after the crash, it was clear Weyker had been stone cold sober.

But still the case didn't go away.

"I don't think it is fair at all," Weyker said.

Five more months passed before a prosecutor finally looked at the case and declined to file charges. But even then, Weyker says, she was left in the dark.

"No one called me."

"She had to live with this hanging over her head for way too long," Mishlove said.

It wasn't until ten months after the crash that internal investigators at the Sheriff's Office interviewed Deputy Quiles. In an audio recording provided to FOX 6 News by Weyker's attorney, an investigator asks Quiles what happened.

"I've been told I rolled the stop sign at Howell and Hutsteiner," Quiles said.

Quiles said he hadn't seen the video himself, but was told that a video existed. He then acknowledged that his earlier statement was wrong.

Internal Investigator "You believe that you probably did roll?"

Voice of Deputy Quiles  "Yes. Yes, I do."
Internal Investigator "And because of that, you believe you were at fault for this accident."
Voice of Deputy Quiles "That's correct."

In March, Deputy Quiles was still listed as active in the airport division of the Sheriff's

Deputy Quiles did not return calls for comment and only answered a couple of questions at his home before driving away.

Deputy Quiles did not return calls for comment and only answered a couple of questions at his home before driving away.

Office. But he told the judge in his child support case that he's been on medical leave ever since the crash. He was officially suspended for nine days for violating traffic laws and damaging County equipment. He was never disciplined for the inaccurate report that caused Weyker so much trouble, despite a previous history of discipline for filing reports written by someone else.

"I think he was trying to protect himself and his department, to be honest," Weyker said.

At 95 pounds, Tanya Weyker may look like a pushover, but don't be fooled. After all, her spine is made of steel.

"A lot of people are too afraid to stick up for themselves against someone in such high power," Weyker said.

The DA declined to file charges against Weyker, and Deputy Quiles has admitted he was at fault, but Weyker is still waiting for the County to pay her medical bills. Korb says those bills could top a million dollars, but state law puts a cap of $250,000 on claims against government agencies.

Meanwhile, Weyker has filed a separate complaint against the deputy who arrested her. It could be the precursor to a civil rights lawsuit against the County, for which there is not cap on damages.

Deputy Quiles has not worked in more than a year since the crash. He has exhausted his injury pay and has now filed for permanent duty disability for injuries he suffered in the crash he caused. His application is still pending before the County's Employee Retirement System.

All of this is happening, despite the fact that reports written at the time of the crash indicate Deputy Quiles suffered only minor injuries and was "treated and released" at Froedtert Hospital.

The FOX6 Investigators have provided you access to the following documents associated with this story:

  1. Hygiene lab results showing no alcohol or drugs
  2. Arresting officer’s report (Deputy Scott Griffin)
  3. Report of deputy involved in crash (Deputy Joseph Quiles)
  4. Statement of Probable Cause
  5. Weyker Complaint against arresting officer
  6. Internal Affairs records


    • Charlene

      Trash, plain & simple. The part that got me wasn’t even about the accident though. He tried to get his child support reduced saying he was out of work! To serve & protect his own butt…..

      • Bobo1

        I heard he hasn’t paid child support for quit some time. He told the Child support court he hasn’t been working. Yes he is a liar and he should be punished to the fullest. Jail time maybe? I read he earned 59000.00 last year and yet he can’t support his kids? What a low life. His wife is also guilty of writing his reports for him. She should also be fired! He should NOT get disability because this person is a known liar. I hope someone follows up and pushes for a felony count. As for calling racial names, that isn’t called for. It shows how intelligent you people really are. Use your brains people. This person has children, so let’s be a little more considerate for the kids sake. This guy was born here not in Mexico.

    • Patrick San Nicolas Quenga

      I couldn’t agree more Randy.

      1. He was the cause of the accident and tried to cover it up.

      2. He’s trying to get over on the system by claiming disability.

      This girl needs to be taken care of and this guy needs to be released and go away. No severance…nothing.

      They screwed her trying to cover up all that went on. This guy is a disgrace to the uniform he wears, no honor, no integrity. I hope she takes them all to court and gets what’s coming to her, and everyone up the chain is reprimanded.

      I’m in the Army, 23 years now, any one of our troops, or my troops (I’m an officer) f*cks up, we all pay for it, up the entire chain of command. Leadership is always responsible.

      • jim

        It’s a simple hi and low defense for the police, They did the same thing to me
        back in 1984 in Kenosha Wis, I had to settle for a rekeless to avoid a $30000 court fight.

      • James VanDyne

        Gotta say Pat, as a 12 year Navy vet with an Army and a Marine brother, I don’t know where you’re getting this “We take care of” thing. I got discharged with no bennies, then rated 50% VA, one bro had his wife raped as a part of serial rapes on Fort Carson and they told her they had a DNA match but they thought it was consensual to get her man back from Iraq (Never mind the 12 other victims), the other Bro has knees that DISLOCATE and got 10%. This cop is status quo…

    • dwayne

      Incidents like this give all the more reason for private citizens to keep and bear whatever arms they feel necessary to protect themselves, their family, and their property against these kinds of ganster cops. However, don’t move to Oklahoma and expect the right to bear arms to stand for long, they make laws prohibiting the restoration of constitutional 2nd ammendment rights when you get a full pardon. View a YouTube video by someone this is happening to now:

    • pam

      the beloit pd is like this to i got pull over and got a dwi i dont drink at all they tested me i was at 0 the blood test was o but the courts did not see it that way so i pay for it thats was so wrong so they can give tickets out and the police was right i was wrong i was told that so i had to pay the fine and sit it was jest b.s.

    • Bobg

      Agreed. And now this dirt bag wants the tax payers to pay for him to sit on has the rest of his life. Since he caused his own injuries (which have been proven to not be true) then why should anyone – tax payers, insurance companies, etc pay for his negligence.
      He should have bee fired many times but the PD there decided to cover for their own. That says a great deal of those who work for that PD.

  • jack

    Sheriff David Clarke, for the sake of honor and justice, I implore you to fire this so called deputy of yours. There is no honor or integrity in what he did.

    • Linda

      Sheriff Clarke needs to take action here. Another thug asking for medical disability, my lord. Probably because he could NEVER get another good kob

      • rcwriter

        I think he’s trying to get disability so he doesn’t have to pay child support. Of course I know nothing of this case, but this article I read above, but that’s my first impression.

      • selinnosnora

        The citizens of Milwaukee need to take action. March to the sheriffs, demanding that he be fired, demand that he be charged for his criminal actions, and demand that the real victim be properly compensated. If the people of Milwaukee took to the streets instead of the internet justice could be served. I would even petition (if possible) to remove the sheriff from office if he did not take immediate and proper action.

    • hangman

      There is no honor nor integrity in the whole department, and that includes the prosecuters, also. They are a disgrace to the name, Justice.

      • Valerie

        I know what that lady is going thru! I had a accident lasr Friday a week ago. Yhis man ran a red light. I had pre existing injuries so I had to be taken to the hospital. Well needless to say he told the cops I ran tbe rex light. And to ttop it all off the cop lied and said he seen me run it. There were no cops in sight when I left to gp to hospital and the ambulance took 45 minutes to get there! People are so dishonest anymore. Now I have a ti ket and have to prove I didn’t run tbe light!


    Get a NEW LAWYER ASAP!!! TODD didn’t for much for me an I will never use that law firm again…

  • lynn

    just goes to show how they think the badge will protect them good thing for the camera’s . don’t trust milwaukee cops for nothing

  • Garrett Baublit

    The least they could do is cover the medical bills she has as a result of this obviously dirty deputy.

  • apstore12

    What a dirtbag this guy is. Lets put the facts all in a row.
    1. He has child support issues.
    2. He has a record of lying on police reports and still hasnt been fired.
    3. He has a complete disregard for the public oath he took.
    4. He is willing to ruin this poor girls life (whom HE almost killed) to protect himself. So he is basically a narcissist, a great attribute for an officer of the law.
    5. He would have continued to lie and ruin this girls life if he hadnt been filmed.
    6. He is still lying about his injuries so he doesnt have to work.
    7. He is going to continue to be a burden on the taxpayers without contributing to society by using his lies to scam more money.

    So, I am really curious as to what his breathalyzer and blood test said from that night. I know all firefighters that get in accidents in gov property are tested immediately after getting into an accident. Why arent police held to the same standard? The officers I know arent dumb enough to make claims of no headlights on a car that has automatic headlights and roll through stop signs blind. I have a feeling this guy was impaired and thats where all this lying comes from.
    Either way, the only way he should be a burden to taxpayers anymore is if he is an inmate!

    • KB613

      Amen to that. It sickens me that any law enforcement agency, whose officers are sworn to uphold the law and PROTECT citizens, would run someone else’s like for the sake of protecting their reputation (which in this case wasn’t favorable to begin with). He should’ve been fired a long time ago. Someone needs to be held accountable for that.

    • bon bon

      i agree with you, he is a piece of work and he should see the of a jail cell, does this guy still have driving privilages?

  • fred mertz

    Not siding with Quiles at all but the deputy that arrested her did his job. This was an injury crash that requires investigation. Weyker stated she drank alcohol from a friend’s drink prior to operating a motor vehicle. She also admitted she utilizes a prescription narcotic. Based on those statements alone, the investigating deputy was correct in this procedure to determine the levels of these substances in her system which both, by themselves, cause impairment. Mixed together, will definitely impair one’s ability to operate anything. As an officer, he cannot determine those levels until the results come back from the labs. Upon finding there was insufficient levels to cause impairment, the case should be found improbable to try and charges dropped. The reason for the delays falls on the DA’s office which is ridiculous in this county to begin with… Suing the deputy whom arrested her for doing his job as part of this investigation is even more ludicrous. F’n lawyers… Good luck Weyker, and with all your negativity toward law-enforcement, I hope you never really need them… I’m sure they will just come running to help you…

    • apstore12

      Actually Fred, if you step off your misguided ledge here and look at facts. Telling an officer you have had narcotics a week earlier added with the fact that a few sips off someones drink is not nearly enough to warrant an arrest. Now lets couple that with the fact she was driving straight down howell ave which has absolutely ZERO yield to the service road(which by the way has not only one, but two stop signs on it). So, after assessing those facts, any officer could conclude that this was in no way an arrest situation. ANY person could look at this scene and immediately conclude she should not be the one under investigation! The fact that you think officers shouldn’t be held responsible for their poor judgement is actually the ludicrous part.

      Under what system are we the people going to allow the people WE appoint to serve and protect us the ability to abuse us?

      And I really hope you are kidding about the “I hope you never need them” comment! Because if she needs the people that us citizens appoint, pay for, and make take an oath to US and they decide that their hurt feelings will affect their duty, we have a real big issue and at that point the system needs to change. Police dont get to choose how well they do their job because they are pouting. If they cant do it, we can hire new recruits that will.

      • Tim

        Thank you (apstore12)
        My thoughts exactly
        Fred’s first comments do have merit
        However. His latter do not (at best)
        What a dumbass
        He’s probably a dirty cop himself

      • willie

        i absolutely agree with you , i also was ticketed wroughfully for owi and had no alcohol in my system i blue 5 times and i still got ticketed for owi and i even gave them my blood all was nagitive

    • Greg

      Yes they were very helpful in assister her this time. I think she would be much better off without them totally. Did they inform her of her rights before asking her self incriminating questions? She was obviously impaired from the pain at that moment. The dumbs almost killed her. I doubt she spent anytime in jail over it since she was in the hospital. The cry and state should pay al her bills. As far a suing for wrongful arrest. Not sure what to say he tries to do his job but gets lied to by fell officer. I hope she fully recovers and gets 2 million and they toss the POS deputy in jail where he belongs. What would have happened if she died at the scene?
      Lawyers are what help keep bad cops and others in check.

    • willie

      dear fred u r as much of an idiot as the officer that hit her ! u obviously have no respect for diabled people as i run into idiots like u on a daliy basis , i all so was in a similar perdicament in racine i blow 5 times not one or two but 5 times and the officer still gave me a ticket for owi . i blow o.oo 5 times i’ve been there and ur an idiot . the badge doesnt make u above the law and like officer gomez got fired i hope this officer does as well

    • Jen Loomis Graves

      Really Fred Mertz?!? He crashed into her car and BROKE HER NECK! And you think she shouldn’t have any negativity towards police officers? So she got arrested and was subsequently proven innocent but it dragged on for a year…would YOU be happy about that? If you ever get hit by a police officer and are severely injured and arrested even though you are injured and completely sober, please be sure to share how wonderful your experience was.

    • jason

      ahh yes, good ole milwaukee cops. Saw a car last night crashed into a light pole, Milwaukee squad rolled right past it. No police on scene. Prob was in a hurry to go shoot some homeless people, flynn and clarke need to be fired. So, who wants to pay this deputy to be on disability for the rest of his dead beat life. I actually got to serve this dick, his non payment papers for child support. Love serving police with there court appointed papers.

    • Alison

      Fred-Really? 2-3 sips of beer combined with Vicodin that was taken a WEEK ago is grounds for arrest for DWI? You do know the Vicodin wouldn’t even be in her system after 2 days right? The officer should NOT have arrested her until toxicology came back-which I would think is in the procedure manual. There was no cause-red eyes, slurring words-due to crying and a possible concussion after the accident. Were I this woman the people being sued-1) arresting officer, 2) Quiles, 3) Sheriffs dept as a whole for not releasing the video to her within 5 days of the dept knowing about it, and then suing each for civil rights violations.

    • Ted in Maryland

      How do you justify saying drugs and alcohol were “mixed together” in her bloodstream?? She told the officer that she hadn’t taken ANY drugs in the past WEEK. And half a mixed drink wouldn’t get anybody intoxicated. Why do you feel the need to defend the arresting officer, “Fred Mertz”?

    • Kristin

      He LIED about causing the accident! It was his negligence that almost killed her. I’d be sour towards the police department too. A cop has a duty to be honest and to do the right thing. She was injured through no fault of her own and falsely accused and treated like a criminal on top of that. Shame on that cop and shame on you for blaming the victim.

    • PMT

      She said “a couple sips.” and hadn’t taken any meds in over a week. No, there was no probable cause. They took her condition as a result of the crash as evidence of impaired driving. (red eyes, slurred speech,) My god her neck was broken, she had been crying, scared, in shock, any thing she would have said would have been tossed out because of her condition from the wreck The investigating officer had no business trying to question her in that condition. That was poor judgment, if not incompetent, on the part of the investigating officer. He took his “brother in blue’s” lying word as true.

    • Kathi

      “Innocent until proven guilty” is the pretty little lie we teach our children; the reality is you are assumed to be guilty until you prove yourself innocent!

    • Dino Marchesini

      Lilly, innocent until proven guilty like she was? The sheriffs Dept. Had her tried and convicted before she was removed from the car. He should be fired and arrested for fraud.

    • Ron Jackson

      No, Lilly. Actually it’s “considered innocent” until proven guilty. It’s the presumption of innocence that’s key. Please get it right.

  • Kenneth Schlueter

    Unacceptable. We citizens do not pay taxes to let creeps like this “deputy” run loose. And now he is getting filling for disability for an accident HE caused while on duty???? Out of the question.

    She should sue for the damage he has attempted to do to her reputation.

  • dave

    My wife was t-boned by Milwaukee cops years ago. They decided to run a red light. My wife was just entering the intersection when the cops put on their siren and lights just as they were running the red light. She didn’t have time to react and they collided. She got banged up pretty good. As blood was streaming down her face from a cut, they issued her a citation for failure to yield to a police vehicle.

    She fought the citation and sued for damages. As the case dragged on, she got harassing phone calls from the police. They were trying to scare her out the suit. She eventually won her case.

  • Jagdpanther

    Outrageous, MC Sheriff’s Dept. Public trust in you erodes even more.

    I hope Tanya is able to expose you all for the unethical frauds that you are.

  • Scott

    Was this deputy ever checked for intoxicants? Guess not. Protect you own huh? It’s a well know fact that people often accuse others of the things they themselves are guilty of. Seems to me that this deputy had help covering up his ineptness by his fellow deputies and they should be charged as well as him. I feel that the new law barring LEO from conducting their own investigation in to the deaths of Milwaukee citizens is imperative. How do they expect us as citizens to accept the findings of those police investigators when it involves a death when they can’t and won’t tell the truth about a automobile accident? We aren’t! We can’t! We shouldn’t!

  • zan

    There is only one word you should say in a situation like this with the cops: “lawyer”. That’s it. Say it over, and over, and OVER again. Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyer. That’s it. Don’t talk, it will only hurt you, it will never, EVER help. This poor girl.

  • Meg

    Average citizen files false police report=possible criminal charges
    Police officer files false police report=no big deal
    Police officer files false police report has victim arrested after he nearly kills her in an accident and don’t forget all the other documented issues of this officer=tax payers possibly paying his disability cause he’s not fit to work. News flash buddy you weren’t fit to work as a police officer in the first place.

  • Kim Schneblin

    As the trash bag commercial states:: He is definately the WIMPY WIMPY WIMPY! side, minor injuries and cant work, she has steel and metal in her back, and doesnt use her medical as a crutch. And what is worse, cant work for minor inujuries to get out of child support ??? His stupidity has caused suffering for several innocent people, some even minor children.

    • Terry Roberts

      If he gets disability, his kids will get so much per kid, which will satisfy the mother because until the are 18 it comes in like clockwork.then he will have all day and night to play pool at the local bar and with the girlies.

      • yummy1

        Terry you don’t know what your talking about…The mother of the kids doesn’t receive any support for her children. He took her to court to have the support stopped because he told the court he wasn’t working. He was getting disability at that time.

  • Joe

    The deputy will get away with it and get his permanent disability. There is no punishment for those who do wrong in a position of authority!!

  • Cop needs a bullet

    One can only hope this trash is left beside the road with bunches of bullet wounds. WHITE SLUG TRASH COP!

  • Colonel Klink

    Anybody else notice that “Hupy & Abraham” isn’t mentioned in the article but it is listed as one of the topic tags? What’s up with that?

  • kyle

    This is another example of egregious and revolting conduct by the sheriff’s department. This story is so reprehensible that David Clarke should be fired just for being in charge of these idiots and letting Quiles sit home on medical leave for “minor injuries”. We can only hope that we will see the girl on one of those “David Gruber got me 3 million dollars” commercials!

  • Darlene Smith


  • Tim

    Tanya is indeed a fighter.
    I wish her total success in this endeavor.
    We all hear stories like this Way too often lately in the news.
    It is sickening. Some people just refuse to embrace responsibility and accountability into their lives. The rest of us , are determined to keep fighting the scourge of ignorance like this that plague our society. Whatever it takes !

    • Funkalicious


  • kcjoe

    Never, Never, Never make any statements to the police without the advice of an attorney. When they say any statements you make can and will be used against you… is true.

  • Jennifer

    This happened to me as well. A cop was speeding and hit ice and then me head on. Althought medication and alcohol were never brought into mine. The other troopers that came tried to accuse me of being on the other side of the road and being the reason for the accident. I never got anything from the state and he was never disciplined

  • Ryan B

    First off. This is awful that it happened at all but the statement the news is making that there was “no alcohol or drugs” is incorrect. The report shown is an ethanol analysis not a drug panel. From what I can see no drugs were tested for. Its very possible there were no drugs but based on the statement we are shown we can’t know that.



  • scott

    I got pulled over then hauled in after passing both field sobriety and field breath test. I got another breath test and gave urine at the station. I passed the breath test but the urine results hadn’t come in when I went to court. I had just worked on a sink in a bar as a plumber so I reeked of alcohol. Instead of throwing it out they gave my a 600.00 fine for excessive speed and an unsafe lane change lol. I was innocent of both of those too.

  • Chris

    Fortunate for the girl they had that video to prove her innocents! She could have been facing a long time in the system.

  • conspew

    So, Milwaukee, are you going to DEMAND that settlement $$’s come directly from the Deputy and his boss AND NOT taxpayer $$’s? Are you going to DEMAND the resignation of the Sherriff and anyone covering for him?? Well, ARE YOU??????

  • dawn

    I understand your heartache and pain. I experienced a situation leaving the state of pa. To return to my family in va. The dui was dropped. But other cjarges were threated with the rest of my life in jail. I took a plea bargin of mental health court for 18 months to reduce the charges. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • tunaMan

    Why hasn’t this Deputy been arrested for filing a False Report by the State Police & F.B.I. ?

    • Randy Schultz

      remember when they are hiring police that the best candidates are not chosen. This is a fact and the reason being is that the top candidates will move on to other more challenging professions. so when you deal with an officer your have to remember that he is at best a barely literate person. tickets are what they insure their pensions with . serve and protect HA. Yes i did need them once and they never found anything on the person who shot me. I have no need for them they are useless at best and criminals at worst.

      • Jason

        Its not a scam. Why would you say that. You never been inspired to help victims of crime before?

        My mother worked for children and youth services for many years and I have 3 adopted siblings all of whom entered foster care because they were victims of crime. I helped raise all of them plus assisted in fostering countless more.

        I also have campaigns for animal rescue & rehoming plus free education campaigns also featured on indiegogo. So don’t make false statements like that cop did when he ruined that girls life.

  • Johnny

    That deputy violated the trust placed in him. He injured an innocent person, then tried to use the power of the state to cover it up. The facts of this case warrant hard time in prison in a uniform that indicates that he was a cop.

  • vectorinterweb

    The only way to deal with police in a corrupt regime like the U.S. is to grab the perps covertly, when one has the advantage, get control over them, stick a greased cattle-prod up the rectum turned up high, then beat them into mince-meat with a metal ballbat. Thats just a start!

  • neta platt

    This officer and the other officer need to be fired and not given any disability. He was released from the hospital with no injuries and now he has some. He is a crook and so is he friend.

  • Robert.m

    The Sheriff is a Elected post. Hold him/her accountable for this huge miscarriage of justice. Don’t put me on his jury,, or his superiors
    The county taxpayer’s nor the insurer should be on the hook for this very un-American government oppression.

  • Daryl

    Not only should the Deputy be fired but so should the Sheriff himself. The Sheriff has compromised his integrity by covering up the Video Tape and can no longer perform his duties with Integrity need, especially to testify in a Court case. And I wonder what else he has lied about?

  • Henry van Cleaf

    let’s see–false arrest, wrongful imprisonment, witness intimidation, conspiracy (for all the above), false statement for probable cause (perjury?), malicious prosecution (attorney misconduct) need is ay more. if she were a person of color–she would be in the slammer. by the way–what about being in posession of firearms while in conission of a crime(s)?

  • Mike P

    Were going through a bunch of false accusations in Waukesha right now. Police officers are total pieces of $hit. They are so crooked…

  • Robert

    It goes beyond just the deputy…lets not forget the Sheriff’s Dept also knew of the video and obviously its contents, just after the accident and kept it quiet (cover up for the deputy?)…both the deputy and the dept are faulted here…This deputy needs to be charged with a crime (or more than one) and all involved that failed, by not admitting the video existed, not taking decisive action from the very beginning to do what is right and necessary under law, hiding facts, details, etc., etc., all need to be charged with a crime, fired, or whatever the punishment is for their involvement that would be required….

  • Bear

    It is nice to know that she was able to shed light in this situation and thank GOD for that CCTV camera, This is a very difficult case specially when an officer of the law is involved trying to cover the truth, it tends to be messy…

  • Jen

    Quiles needs to be fired. That woman should be released. Big lawsuits coming up. Hope you get him in jail. Hes a jerk. He is a worse police officer ever.

  • retta519

    Glad I don’t live there. It’s a shame that you can’t trust your local police department to do the right thing. They should have owned up to what they discovered, when they discovered it. People make mistakes…it’s that simple. It takes real character to own up.

    • Phil Slartibartfast

      You think it’s just Milwaukee? I’m not trying to say you live in paradise where you are, but these types of ego self-righteous so called law officials are everywhere you look. Know your rights when you speak to any law officer and say only what is needed, not what they want to hear. This is why the innocent was oppressed in this situation.

  • freedubay

    Maybe Sheriff Clarke should be voted out of office for his role of letting this incompetence run in his department.

  • Marc

    Kudos to Fox 6 for lifting up the rock on this travesty of justice. The police involved in this scam should be ashamed of themselves, but clearly they lack the courage or moral integrity necessary.

  • Dean Peters (@deanpeters)

    A couple of take-aways here.

    First, while I understand the young lady was telling the truth, what they did with the truth reminds us we have a right not to answer questions such as “have you been drinking” or “are you on any prescription drugs.”

    Second, dashboard cams installed in every police car. This protects everyone’s rights and safety, including law enforcement officers.

    Third, when things like this go down, there should be some method in which a Sheriff can held to a recall vote/election. This would help insure deputies, such as the one in this story, are held accountable.

  • john

    not all law enforcement officers are like this one. one bad apple ruind it for all this deputy should be fired and tried for what he did. retired leo

    • bon bon

      maybe all officers are ., not like this one, some are worse. it is so many rotten apples in the barrel of law enforcement. the statement should read throw all them bad apples out before the ruin the good ones

  • Mark

    Not all officers are like this however this sort of thing seems to happen often with the Milwaukee police force. One relative got sideswiped by a cop car and the cops said it was her fault even though she was sitting still waiting to turn. She got the same threatening letters to pay for damages. Unfortunately there was no video at the scene that day. I’m interested to know about others this has happened to.

  • Phil butts

    The feds need to clean house at this wanna be sheriffs dept. What a joke. I have lost all faith in law enforcement.

    • barfomatic

      the feds??? are you serious??? who – eric holder??? DOJ??? ATF??? the IRS??? they are all more corrupt than the MCSD!!!

  • Ben Dover

    lets not forget she was SPEEDING to get a HOUSE OF CORRECTIONS INMATE (her passenger) on HUBER back to the facility who was LATE IN RETURNING.

    • harvester of sorrow

      is that true? do you have a link to a source? i would definitely like to read that. if true that’s a significant omission.

    • Ron Jackson

      She had a CORRECTIONS INMATE in her car? You mean, she actually KNOWS someone in the house of corrections?? GASP!! Why, that’s a crime in and of itself!! That means she is automatically GUILTY of everything!! What a revelation, Ben! You’ve solved the case! Idiot. That has no bearing on anything. And she’s already admitted she was driving 3-5 mph over the speed limit. That doesn’t make her at fault in this accident. Where do you people come from?!

  • Phil Slartibartfast

    Let us not forget that the officer, duly noted on his official report, said he looked both ways and saw nothing. (Which was a lie.) Now, in lieu of a lie of DUI you want to give her a speeding citation? You’re an idiot. The cop lied!

    • barfomatic

      no doubt the officer is corrupt. but if she was speeding – the point isn’t that she should get a ticket but why was it left out of this story (if true)? 50 in a 35 is fairly significant and should also be mentioned in this story. doesn’t excuse what the cop did but it’s more relevant to the story than his child support issues.

  • Phil Slartibartfast

    If a law officer distorts, falsifies, lies once, well guess what? He’ll do it again. If his supervisor knows and does nothing, he is no better. If the DA stifles evidence of the defendant’s favor, that’s lower still. And when a judge does it, the system is broken.

  • greg drumond

    My lawyer gave me a card to give to police. It says my client wishes to remain silent and to please call him. Btw I have a clean record. Never never talk to police, even during a traffic stop. Just give your driver’s license and proof of insurance. anything u say can’t help you so shut up.

  • FthePO

    Leave it to the pigs, I hope she sues this POS for everything he’s got, along with every pig involved.

  • DirtyDoggg

    In Farmington, Connecticut I got sick of cops stopping me late at night for no reason, fishing for DUIs. It was always the same bogus reason: the cop supposedly saw me “weaving a little.” I bought a dash cam so now all my driving is recorded. The newly released Garmin DashCam 20 records not only the events, but also speed and coordinates in 1080. Liar cops beware.

  • Old Guy In Stanton

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

    This is Latin. It is a question asked by the Roman poet Juvenal. It means “Who will watch the watchers?” Though originally meant in a different context, it has come to mean: Who will police the police?

    “Police” here means any armed government agent. At all levels of government there are far too many agencies that have armed employees. (For example, one must ask why the federal Department of Education needs armed police.) There are many similar examples at the state and local levels. When I say “police” therefore, I refer to any of these.

    More important, however, are the changes in the perceived mission of our police. They have evolved from their original “Protect and Serve” stance to (in extreme cases) the mindset and behavior of an occupying army. This must end. It is time to retake our country. Knowledge is power, and it is time to peacefully remind our government, at all levels, that We The People are in charge.

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? The initials QCIC are easy to remember by thinking “Quality Control, Internal Control.” Quality Control: demanding professionalism and restraint from our police. And Internal Control: enforcing that demand.

    How to do this? Who watches the watchers? The collective of the watched. It is time that our police got used to the idea of being watched. Regardless of whom you are, of your politics, or of your station in life: WATCH THE WATCHERS.

    What can YOU do? This is easy. Every time you see a police/citizen interaction of any kind, stop and film it with your cell phone. Video is best, but pictures also work. It is not even necessary to get images. The acts of stopping, watching, and going through the motions of filming will be sufficient to re-train our police.

    The idea is to not so much gather evidence as to make sure the police understand that their job performance is being observed. The key here is numbers. The police must get used to the fact that large numbers of citizens are monitoring and judging them every time they interact with the public.

    Understand that this can be dangerous. Many police agents will object to being filmed. Therefore, for your own safety, obey the following 7 simple guidelines:

    (1) CLEAN/SOBER: Have nothing illegal with you; don’t be drunk/high.
    (2) POSITION: Stay well back from the scene of action.
    (3) POSTURE: Hands visible; move slowly; relaxed body language,
    (4) OBSERVE: Do nothing to physically interfere with the operation,
    (5) SILENCE: Do not start conversation with either police or suspect.
    (6) RESPONSE: If police talk to you, have a quiet & friendly attitude.
    (7) OBEY POLICE:
    …(a) If told to stop filming, do so immediately without comment.
    …(b) If told to leave the scene, do so immediately without comment.

    REMEMBER: it is NOT essential to get pictures or video. It is NOT essential to be a Hero and confront the police. The goal is to ADJUST the police to the idea that they are being watched and judged by many people. If a million people will do this at a million police actions every day then we will quickly gain back our nation without the need for armed confrontation and violence.

    Forward this manifesto to everyone you know and urge them to take peaceful action. We are The People. We control; government listens.

    ©2014, OGIS, permission granted to freely publish with attribution.

  • Tanya Weyker

    I NEVER said I was going 50 in a 35. Just one more lie in their very contradicting reports. The accident report filed by the MPD is what I REALLY said and that was 38-40 mph, which is not unreasonable nor imprudent according to another deputy I spoke to. Please get your facts straight before you falsely accuse me of something along with FOX 6 for their reporting.

    • Patrick San Nicolas Quenga


      I do hope this is all taken care of for you, and that responsible for what happened is charged. If leadership in that police force doesn’t make this right, then maybe it’s time for new leadership.

      I’ve been a public servant for 23 years now (US Army) and it’s individuals like this, and commands (the police force leadership there) like this, that are destroying the fabric of America.

      If you mess up, take responsibility, learn from it, and move on. This cop was clearly in the wrong, and didn’t “fess up” till they actually produced video footage of the entire incident. Amazing….

      I just hope you get taken care of is all.

      • Tanya Weyker

        Thank you so much, Patrick! I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I won’t stop fighting this until justice is served and can sleep at night knowing that this won’t happen to someone else. The most upsetting part was that I couldn’t see or talk to my own parents for comfort while in critical condition until they paid my bail. They should consider themselves very lucky that I survived through this and that my parents had the money to pay my bail about 16 hours later or that would’ve been a whole new ball game. And thank you even more for your service to our country!

  • Craig Mellor

    This deputy and any other law enforcement officials involved in this stupid and ignorant cover-up should have been arrested and hopefully spend some serious hard jail time. When law enforcement go after innocent citizens to cover up their faults and errors then law enforcement needs to be reeled in by citizens and held accountable. Why the Sheriff has not been a man and has not stood up and done the right thing, hold this and any other deputies accountable for their “crimes”. Now this deputy is wanting the tax payers to fund his disabilities……that is theft i would think?? The man needs to be in prison!

  • Eric

    Tanya, don’t start responding to posts on the internet. The trolls will goat you into saying or doing something that will ultimately be used against you either in a court of law or court of public opinion. Best to just let the LEO’s who troll internet message boards make themselves look like idiots and stay out of it entirely.

    Plenty of people have fallen into this type of trap and have irreparably hurt their cases or causes. Please take my advise to heart.

  • Correy Smith

    This man is not the only lowlife pig in any police department. They are all over. The Sheriff needs to be held accountable for what HIS officers do. Sadly, it appears that this isn’t the case. The Sheriff’s department as well as the county need to pay for ALL medical bills for this young lady whether past, current, or future stemming from this accident. IF possible, take it to the State level, but SEND A MESSAGE!!!! Too many people are afraid to stand up to the police but if it’s not done things like this will just increase and get so far out of hand that it can’t be fixed. The more people start fighting back the more it will be noticed. By setting an example of “What you pull here won’t be tolerated” will send a message to those other Agencies that, “We better watch it or we’ll be next.”

  • angdela56073

    This is not an isolated incident. Many cops believe that they above the law. About two years ago, in my hometown, a cop crashed into another vehicle. There is no evidence that his lights and siren were on though he says they were. One of the people in the car he hit died. The family sued the city, and got $570,000. The cop got in a bit of trouble but he is still on the force. Its scary to drive around knowing that if a cop hits you, they are probably going to try to blame the accident on you. I have several near misses with cops in this town, accidents that would have been completely thier fault. Here is a video of the accident where the cop killed someone, if anyone wants to see it

  • callinit

    Love how they are still whiet washing it. He “rolled” the stop sign. You don’t push a car into a tree b/c you “rolled” a stop sign. He obviously plowed through the stop sign. And of course no charges for filing a false police report or fraud for claiming disability when obviously the only disability he has is called sociopath.
    Typical low life cop. Everyone of you cops are filth like this.
    There is a saying. Once a cop or a preacher, never again a man.

  • Gwbear

    I was once hit by a motorcycle cop while at a traffic light. I have also seen cops hit other’s cars. In no case did I ever see the cop do something about it, apologize, or take any action. Sadly, none of the people did either, myself included, as we knew we would just have gotten in trouble, if not arrested for some “crime” or other.

    Cops – the ultimate bullies…

  • Linda

    When she said “it was so unfair”;……hell that is an understatement. What they did to her was CRIMINAL. The police department needs to pay for her car, her medical, lost wages, lost reputation, and anything else appropriate that a lawyer can get out of them.

    Our police departments are out to protect themselves, no one else. In my opinion, there are good ones, but we are seeing more and more cases of bullying, intimidation, and outright physical violence by the police. I I drive carefully and don’t break the laws; but they can stop you for no reason at all now,and I am scared to death I’ll get stopped some day, and get a really mean one. I’m an old lady, but I have seen them abuse old ones too. But what od you expect in a country where there is no respect at all for other people?

  • Holly Guinan

    I really like the links to the original documents at the end of the article. I get most of my news online, and haven’t seen other news outlets providing their source material. Bravo, Fox6 – nice touch!

  • Doge

    She should be taking this to the supreme court and file for punitive damages, character defamation, and any other forms of suffering this accident caused her. I generally am not one for obtaining compensation for stuff like this, but not only did they refuse to pay her medical expenses they charged her with a crime which tarnished her record at that time. On top of that they falsified a official government document knowingly. The officer should have been charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter, failure to come to a complete stop, failure to observe, perjury, and a few other offences I cannot think of off the top of my head. If the scenario had been reversed she would be in prison for a very long time, why is it he is looking for disability and still a free man. In summary she should be filing a class action suit and he should be behind bars.

  • Миша Литтлефиелд

    Please tell me what a great country america is, I keep forgetting. I’m ashamed to have fought ten years for this nation against the USSR only to see us with a worse police state than the Soviets ever dreamed of having.

  • Jake

    The sad thing is this happens all over the nation. Corrupt cops from the top down. This POS doesn’t look very smart, either.

  • Dave

    We have plenty of problems with bullies with badges, coverups and corruption here in Tennessee. Looks like same stuff up there in Milwaukee. Abuse of civil rights, false arrest, suppression of evidence, and falsification of police reports just to name a few. I hope that Ms. Weyker’s attorney aggressively advocates for his client’s restitution and for prosecution of the felonious perpetrators who have made a mockery of this sheriff’s department and justice system.

  • Dave

    Tanya PLEASE READ!!

    Do not post anything here without talking to your lawyer. You do not want to jeopardize your case by having the other side misrepresent anything you might post on a message board. I would be astonished if your attorney thinks that you posting here is a good idea. Matter of fact, If your attorney says that it is okay for you to post here then get another lawyer. You are fighting both the Sheriff’s office and DA’s office in this case and they will retaliate severely. You need the most experienced and toughest attorney you can get.

  • Kirk Patrick

    She pays this man and the County to protect her from villains like himself. Then when he makes a major mistake that caused her severe injury, instead of trying to help her to heal by owning up like a real man would, he caused her all of this additional stress by lying. Thank God she came out of it ok (and is still a beauty). She should sue for millions IMO, vs both the County and the Deputy personally, for pain and suffering along with the medical bills.

  • Ron Noname (@SEESTHROUGHIT)

    Piece of shhit.
    What a dirtbag this guy is.

    Lets put the facts all in a row:

    1. He has child support issues.

    2. He has a record of lying on police reports and still hasn’t been fired.

    3. He has a complete disregard for the public oath he took.

    4. He is willing to ruin this INNOCENT girl’s life (whom HE almost killed) to protect himself.
    So he is basically a narcissist, a great attribute for an officer of the law
    5. He would have continued to lie and ruin this girls life if he hadn’t been filmed.

    6. He is still lying about his injuries so he doesn’t have to work.

    7. He is going to continue to be a burden on the taxpayers without contributing to society by using his lies to scam more money.

    Not at all difficult to see who is the REAL criminal here and, this one is just one of many.

    Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Quiles represents YOUR typical badge holder at ALL levels.

  • Milwaukees always had dirty cops.

    Color me shocked. I left Milwaukee 20 years ago and never looked back. The cops were dirty then, and they are now.

    God I hate that town so much!

  • John Dohnson

    Get rid of this mother F*****! How does he still have a job? Once again, blatant display of police corruption and exploiting a system which is supposed to “protect” the citizens. Yea right.

  • Rosie

    Surprised he finally admitted fault – usually police/sheriff departments cover up all miss steps no matter how large or small.

  • dwayne

    Incidents like this give all the more reason for private citizens to keep and bear whatever arms they feel necessary to protect themselves, their family, and their property against these kinds of ganster cops and other criminals. However, don’t move to Oklahoma and expect the right to bear arms to stand for long, they make laws prohibiting the restoration of constitutional 2nd ammendment rights when you get a full pardon. View a YouTube video by someone this is happening to now:

  • Mags

    Clearly all drivers need a dash cam that is recording all day all night. Most people in Russia do because of the amount of bull that goes on there. Clearly with our messed up system we need to do the same. I’ve never liked police. Some are fine people but most let their power go to their heads.. They don’t protect and serve anyone but themselves.

  • Mike

    The fault clearly lies right smack-dab in the middle of everyone’s favorite lawman’s lap…SHERIFF DAVID A CLARK. Yes, Sheriff the buck stops right in your office. Where has this champion of justice for the down-trodden been for the last year? Probably, too busy telling people to go out and buy guns. But who is protecting the citizens from the likes of Dep Quiles. Why haven’t they looked at his cell phone records? There is a good chance he was on the phone when he ran the stop sign. Why did the Sheriff’s Department sit on the video of the crash. And why did the DA drag this out and torment this poor women for months.Quiles needs to be fired for untruthfulness and thoroughly examined before he’s given the permanent disability that he is laying the ground work for.Quiles needs to be charged criminally. She needs to sue Quiles personally.

  • Tessa

    Good to know about this story. My heart goes out to this poor girl, another victim of the police :( It would have been nice to watch the video without the Ads interrupting every 30 seconds. >:(

  • rick shelton

    I will never understand why any one can think this is the very first time this GUY has done this to some one ,,Every citation he has writin needs to be reviewed and arrest he has made ,, The Dept needs to fire this guy and make it known being a cop doesn’t allow you to break the LAW

  • Jim

    O.K. It is now May 10, 2014,,, I just read this article and have to ask but this,,, 1) WHERE is the citation for ROLLING STOP? 2) WHERE is the charge for filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT??? 3) WHERE does this “WET BACK” get off saying “DISABILITY”??? HIS ONLY DISABILITY IS THE ABILITY TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!!! 4) WHERE is the charge of giving FALSE INFORMATION???? I could go on because, 10 years law enforcement (TRUTHFULLY ENFORCING THE LAW) and 17 years active military duty, I can see at least TEN OTHER INFRACTIONS OF THE LAW !!!!!! MR. STUPID deputy, MR. STUPIDER sheriff, AND the entire CROOKED LAW BREAKING ???enforcers??? of this community ALL need to bend over backwards and KISS THEIR @$$&$ LUCKY they still live in the land of the ???FREE??? NO, the land of the “SCREW OVER THE HONEST PERSON” !!!!!

  • PIGS

    never trust the police, there are too many bad apples to be able to tell apart from the good ones.

    treat them all like the lying scumbag pigs that these few are, since their co-workers dont want to do anything about them

    • George Hilbert

      All of what you say is so very, very true. Too bad our elected representatives and their appointed officers insist on hiring such bottom-of-the-barrel scrapings for police officers.

  • George Hilbert

    03:22 in the video, her lawyer states: “I can’t say necessarily that it was a cover-up…but certainly is suspicious.”

    Typical lawyer, officer of the court, minimizing police and prosecuting attorney culpability.


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  • rick shelton

    Why is this still a issue we all know the policemen is at fault for the wreak we know he lied to make it appear she was at fault we know he’s a liar and a dishonest policeman we know the young lady got hurt in a very bad way and the officer was the reason she got hurt .. Whats the problem here ,, why is it this guy isn’t arrested for making a false report and lying on the report .. this young lady needs help with this i hope a Lawyer could take the case and sue the paints off the cop and city

  • Concerned in NY

    Get the best lawyers you can find. It may take time, but you should get all the medical expenses covered and substantially more. The claim cap shouldn’t limit medical reimbursement. That would be like limiting the hospital to how much they can charge to fix your injuries. Best of luck.

  • Concerned in NY

    Get the best lawyer you can. Medical reimbursement should not be capped. That would be like capping how much the hospital can charge to treat your injuries.

  • Jeff in upstate NY

    Get the best lawyer you can. Medical reimbursement should not be capped. That would be like capping how much the hospital can charge to treat your injuries. It will take time, but you should get all the medical and substantially more.

  • Same ol Same ol

    I honestly hope Quiles dies, from whatever reason I really don’t care. He looks to be a fat, ignorant, lazy, inferior piece of lying s***, and again, I truly wish for him to die a slow agonizing death.

  • Ben Smith

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Police State U.S.A.! The police have absolutely NO OBLIGATION to protect ANYONE! NONE! You are responsible for your self. You and you alone. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled several times that the police have no duty or obligation to protect or help anyone. With that said we have to look at the police as a whole and realize the police community is one big gang of criminals for the most part and they do anything to protect their own no matter how big of a scumbag they are. Ever wonder where all the “Good cops” are? If there are good cops why oh why do they NEVER stop and arrest the bad cops? Answer: Because all the cops are bad! Never talk to the cops. NEVER. Protect yourself with a video camera mounted in your car. There are literally dozens of car mounted dash cams for sale on the Internet with some costing about the cost of two packs of cigarettes. There is no excuse for us non cops to not protect ourselves in this day and age with our own dash cams. Mine has a front and rear camera with built in GPS that records my route and speed at all times. Dirty cops beware: The public are sick and tired of you criminals treating us the way you do.

  • Mallory

    Ok so citizens get arrested for making false reports with the police, so shouldn’t cops get arrested for filing a false report??

  • Ben David

    There are way too many times that reports are altered, adjusted, or changed to protect a police officer or to find a way to get a conviction on someone when the facts don’t fit the original report. A false report should be terms for dismissal and arrest. Additionally, any officer who lies about anything in relation to work (on the stand, or during the course of an investigation) should be fired and arrested.

  • Mike

    This cop lied and then the department helped cover it up. This woman will win her civil suit and she deserves anything she gets. The taxpayers are the ones getting screwed as we end up paying for it. That cop should be thrown in jail as any cop who lies and gets someone innocent arrested. Cops should not stick together with their false stories as it makes the few good cops look bad.

  • Mike

    looks to me like the cops lied, his bosses covered up knowledge and evidence, and they should all face disciplinary actions from the cop to the DA..Guess Scott Walker is ok with this? Has he ordered a State police investigation?

  • SovereignMary

    As the saying goes, “One bad apple can spoil the whole bushel.” But, in this case it seems as if the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department is full of rotten apples when they covered-up the fact that the video clearly proved that Deputy Quiles blew the stop sign and caused horrific physical damage to Ms. Weyker that could have killed the young woman.
    I truly hope that Tanya Weyker’s attorney does file a civil lawsuit against the county and full out succeeds in winning huge monetary damages for all that the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department has put this young woman through.
    Not only that but, …. Deputy Quiles should be fired from the department for his egregious and costly lies.

  • Dontlikeit

    She looked like the kind of girl who would drive drunk. She should have been thrown in jail. Those people always get away.

  • Ron kranig

    I have worked in and around the judicial system for close to 40 years…I have seen and heard it all. The biggest problem is the State’s Attorney’s office… me ONE case where the State prosecuted one of THEIR witnesses in a criminal case for perjury. I was told once “we never have and never will”.

  • James Justice

    Was the oath breaker ever charged for lieing on a police report? What a scumbag. Videos dont lie and is the biggest reason they dont like them. All of the Police Chiefs say they like videos but they are just masturbating at the mouth, which is slang for not telling the truth. Another great example of why to never trust the police.

  • Eric Knight

    $10 million dollars punitive, MINIMUM. If I were on the jury I would so agree with that in a heartbeat.

  • Keith Lowe

    1) Recanting a statement on the Police Report(an official document)! Isn’t that more commonly called PERJURY !?
    2) Treated and released on night of accident for ‘MINOR INJURIES’. Now walks with cane(?) BECAUSE OF “accident related ” injuries ?!? AKA insurance fraud ??

    Conclusion… Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200 !
    In fact, why not PAY BACK the tax payers’ money you’ve been STEALING since the accident ?!

  • PMT

    Because of this type of behavior, and the fact that NOTHING happened to him for lying on the report, people don’t trust cops. The cops know they will be believed and can write almost anything they want. As bad as it was for the officer to lie, the department knew for a YEAR that he had run the stop sign and they still tried to get the innocent driver convicted. No, it’s not a few bad apples, it is the system that protects their own.

  • William Smale

    And this is why I don’t trust any cop or sheriff, they bleed together regardless of their guilt. They accuse the public of lying, cheating, etc, when they themselves use the system. Their bullies and take advantage of their position when their suppose to serve in the best interest of the public. Rather than build on community relations their first instinct is to suspect. They are under trained and have little social skills. they chose their profession and all that comes with it. Their superiors should have on going training in social skills every few months. The point is, the public has lost trust in them. Want an example, Furguson, where the police dept continues to alienate their community by jailing people for stupid traffic violations, jay walking, etc. Quiles is the prime example of a no good cop using the system.

    • Gary Kollin

      The same misconduct occurred in Kingsland v. City of Miami, 382 F.3d 1220 (11th Cir. 2004).

      Who watches the WATCHERS?

      I see so many instances of police misconduct.

      A federal civil rights action pursuant to section 1983 can also be filed. I handle cases of police misconduct as a substantial part of my practice

      Gary Kollin, Esq.


  • dylyndog

    Officer should be fired for falsifying a police report. More so he should be arrested for lying to a civilian who by the way is his boss. His job is to protect and serve us civilians not his police department.

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