Who did it better? After Navy “bros” lip-synch, Marines take on “Frozen” song

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Last week, we shared with you a video of some Navy “bros” performing a near-perfect lip-synch rendition of a “Frozen” song.

Well…now the Marines are at it!

This isn’t a lip-synch.

Instead, as Bill Nuche with the United States Marine Corps said in a Facebook post: “This is what happenes when you let a bunch of Marines watch Frozen.”

Nuche posted the video to Facebook His profile says he’s a Marine in Bryan, Texas.

It seems that it’s not just little kids who love this popular Disney hit — but even big, burly men are taken by the story, the animation — and the songs.

You’ll want to check out the video below!

In case you missed it (or just want to watch it again), you can check out the Navy “bros” lip-synch by CLICKING HERE!

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