Another teen comes forward: “Barr asked what kind of underwear I wore”

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MILWAUKEE CO. (WITI) -- A day after a local soccer coach is in court for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old, another teen comes forward with allegations against Matthew Barr.

The teen says she was harassed for months by Barr, and at one point, he asked intimate questions about what she was wearing.

"He was asking me what kind of underwear I wore. I never answered any of his messages," said the teen.

A Waukesha North High School teen says she received three to four text messages a day, for more than a month, from 39-year-old Barr. The teen says it happened two years ago when Barr was a soccer coach at the school.

"I think everything should be done to get him to stop from doing this again," said the teen.

On Thursday, May 1st, Barr sat in court, as allegations surface this former soccer coach and school aide sexually assaulted and tried to suffocate a 14-year-old girl in Oak Creek.

"Our main goal is to get it out to the public in case there are other potential victims," said Robert Michalski, Oak Creek Police Detective.

As Oak Creek police continue to investigate, the Waukesha teen says she showed the text messages to her mother as soon as she got them.

"Her getting messages, 'oh I thought I just saw you walking down the street.  Are you wearing those shorts?  Do you have a blue tank top on?  If it wasn't you, what are you wearing?'," said the teen's mother.

Both the mother and daughter say they brought the text messages to the principal.

"The principal took pictures of the messages off of my phone, and then she showed him the messages. He was able to resign instead of getting fired," said the teen.

Barr left the district after the incident, which is when the mother then turned to the police.

"The officer there said they could not do anything because they didn't feel it had gone far enough," said the teen's mother.

This mother and daughter say nothing happened to Barr, and after hearing of his current legal troubles, both fear the alleged sexual assault could have been prevented, had Barr been investigated after the inappropriate texts.

"He was at Brookfield before he was at North - how many girls are going to come forward from there?" said the teen's mother.

FOX6 has filed an open records request at the Waukesha Police Department for complaints filed against Barr. The request has yet to be fulfilled.

A spokesperson for the Waukesha School District says it cannot comment further until it sees a police report.