ALL CLEAR: Bomb threat called in to Columbia St. Mary’s office building

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GLENDALE (WITI) -- Glendale police responded to the Columbia St. Mary's office building Friday morning, May 2nd for a report of a bomb threat. Following a sweep of the building, authorities determined there was no threat.

According to authorities, a bomb threat was called in to the office center around 7:30 a.m. Officials say the caller indicated a bomb would go off sometime Friday morning.

"Being that it was early in the morning, however, and a Friday there was not as many people that are in the building normally," said Dhein.

One witness says we just heard a fire alarm and went running across the street.

As a precautionary measure, authorities evacuated the building and closed a portion of Port Washington Road just south of Glendale Avenue. Officials say there were 50 to 60 people inside the building when the threat was made.

"We just thought it was like a fire drill or something when it first happened. Then all of a sudden they started clearing us out of the parking lot. So here we are," said Kathy Hubrich, evacuated from the building.

Following a general sweep of the building, authorities say no threat was found.

"The Milwaukee St. Mary's Office Center, right over our shoulder here, got a bomb threat telephone call to the receptionist. The threat was based that a bomb would go off sometime this morning," said Joel Dhein, Glendale police officer.

The Milwaukee Bomb Squad was then called to the scene to conduct a secondary sweep. Following their search, it was determined that there was no threat and the building was given the all clear to reopen.

"A couple K9's came in and did a thorough sweep of the building and luckily came up with nothing," said Dhein.

At this time, authorities say there are no suspects in custody in connection to the threat and believe it was an isolated incident. The investigation is ongoing.

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  • Paia

    I was inside the building and my instructor was the one to pull the fire alarm. She had smelled smoke and pulled the alarm, coincidently at the same time the bomb threat was called. Her fast act had saved us all !

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