Wireless printers: Get them to work from anywhere in your home

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We asked you to email in your tech woes and apparently printers don’t always cooperate.

Today, I’m showing our viewer Diane, and you, how to set up a wireless printer so it works from anywhere in the house. And thanks to our friends at Radio Shack, she’s even getting a brand new Asus Windows 8 laptop.

Steps taken:

  1. We first made sure her wireless printer was connect to her network by connecting it via an ethernet cable to her wireless router.
  2. For her computer, we installed the printer by going to settings and searching for the exact model. After installing, the printer appeared as connected and ready to print.
  3. For her iPad, we downloaded a manufacturer specific app call Brother iPrint&Scan. After installing the app on her tablet, we searched for her printer model and it was ready to print.
  4. Luckily, her new Asus laptop came reinstalled with the printer driver so it was already set up out of the box.