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Family says three-year-old boy found gun in glove box & shot himself in the head

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating the shooting of a three-year-old boy that occurred around 2:00 p.m. near 106th St. and Heather Ave. on Saturday, May 3rd.

The little boy is fighting for his life after police say he pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head.

The boy's family tells FOX6 News he had surgery at Children's Hospital -- and remains in critical condition.

"It's just really, really surreal. I just never would think," a neighbor told FOX6 News.

The boy's family tells FOX6 News the toddler is Kevin Donald.

An aunt says the family was returning from a shopping trip and the children were playing outside. She says a gun was left in the glove box inside the boy's mother's car, and the boy somehow got his hands on the weapon.

"I went to the back and it was the next door neighbor and they were saying that, I guess he shot himself," a neighbor told FOX6 News.

The neighbor, who asked not to be identified, ran next door to help.

"I brought towels and sheets just to kind of stop the blood from flowing -- not pressure it, but just holding, and myself kind of shocked because I'm thinking 'what if this was my (child)?" the neighbor said.

That neighbor stood with the family waiting for first responders to arrive.

"We just prayed all together. It's the only thing you can say," the neighbor said.

As the boy was rushed to the hospital, family members and neighbors continued to pray for the little boy's survival.

Police say the gun was recovered and no one is in custody at this time.


    • Richard

      Robert, as a US Marine, I have carried weapons for years. I want to make clear for you that my “guns” never have protected you. My training however has. It is the person behind the weapon that chooses to keep you safe or to hurt you. The gun however, has no ability to act or think for it self. This parent that chose to leave a firearm unsecured where anyone, to include her child could find it, will have to deal with the consequences.

      • Richard

        Well said, Richard….and Semper Fi! Two things come to mind when I first saw this. 1. I pray for this little ones life which has been unalterably changed. 2. While I do believe ANYONE should be able to own a gun, I believe they should have the good sense to get training they need to use it sensibly. They should, in no way, let hollywood be their training platform!

    • Krissy

      The mother of this child didn’t have abortion with this precious child, Knucklehead!! My questions are 1. Why was the gun in the car? and the car was not lock! 2. who was watching a 3yr. old outside? and 3. Why doesn’t jnutssun show any compassion for the 3yr. old?

    • Flyingdetritus

      Typical hypocrite. Protect the fetus but not the living, breathing children. Don’t feed the hungry ones, or medicate the sick ones or clothe the cold ones or house the homeless ones, Just deny birth control to the poor and force women to keep pushing out those fetus’ that they can’t even afford to maintain properly while in utero. Why can’t you people be honest and admit that you are pro-controlling-other-people’s-lives?

    • SemperFi

      i seriously doubt the child knew how to use it….. he prolly found it was looking/playing with it and hit the trigger…….

    • toveri

      I learned at an early age how guns work and what they are used for
      Guns are like contraception, abstinenece doesn’t work.

  • Chuck

    again lets blame the gun, because we all know certain people in this side of town are EXEMPT from any kind of blame or personal responsibility…yep its the GUNS fault, how dumb does that sound?

    • Tim Peterson

      I tottally agree, it’s always the “guns” fault when it’s the owner of the gun who is at fault. If she would have taken the gun and had it put away in a safe place in the house instead of leaving it in the car this never would have happened, and why was it in the car in the first place and did she have a CC pemit? probly not……. STUPID PEOPLE

    • Jeannine

      Cars Drive Drunk, Spoons make you Fat, Pencils misspell words, Yup and guns jump up and kill people. I believe in the right to bare arms, But please put a gun lock on your guns its that simple. A locked gun is less likely to cause harm. Its up to you as a gun owner to keep them out of the wrong hands. As a Parent you can not protect your babies from other people who have guns. I just think all guns need some type of lock.

  • Sheila Moyet

    Once again a prime example of a lack of parenting. A small child should not be left alone running around by himself. Just seems too many parents have no interest in what their children are doing.

  • Kelly Castillo

    It’s not doing any justice for this three year old blessing from God by leaving ignorant comments, oobviously too many ppl have guns that shouldn’t and this is just one more reason why the law that gave them permission was a huge mistake

      • Vicki Mitchell

        Well, I do blame the fact that guns are so easy to get. How many times do you hear about kids stabbing themselves to death with a knife, bludgeoning themselves to death with a hammer, etc. Does not happen. Guns are a dangerous object, and anyone- even the best people- can get careless, IMO.

  • N. G.

    Why was there no safety on??? And why was the child left alone in the car with a gun so easily accessible? People in general need to think about their actions all the time, and the possibilities of everything they do. This never should have happened. People have become so negligent as a society.

  • Dyann

    This is not the guns is the adults fault who left the gun who left the safety off…the adult who thought it is ok to leave a three year Old alone in a car…in the front seat..isnt a child to be buckled in the back..anyway alone in the car.. what a tragedy. .pray the child is able to recover…pray that lessons in personal responsibility are learned..unfortunately the hard way

  • Reese L

    This is sad…. No it not the gun fault…. Guns don’t kill people ignorant and irresponsible people should not Bear arms…..yes you could say where was the parents at and why the baby was left alone in the car unsupervised… But a time like this we should not point blame at who or what is responsible for this tragedy but we should all be praying for this baby life and his soul

  • josephsuchorski

    My Thoughts & Prayers go out to this kid & him Family. The question is why has the Mom not been Arrested or the person who left the Gun in the Glove Box of the Mom’s car been Arrested? In Wisconsin it is a Felony to leave a loaded Gun in a area where a child can access it. They even tell you that on the State & Federal Background Forms when somebody buys a Gun from the Gun Shop. The Seller at the Gun Shop is also supposed to inform the buyer of that. The problem is stupid parents who don’t use common sense & dont care what the law says. It is stupid tragic things like this that are going to ruin Gun Rights for the Honest Law Abiding Citizens.

    Wisconsin Statue 948.60 (2) (b)].

  • Rosalinda

    I just feel horrible and sad that things like this happen. May God be with that precious child and their family. I pray that he will survive from this situation and that his parents go to jail for leaving their children unattended. How can a parent leave their kids alone and it doesn’t matter if you live in the nicest neighborhood, your kids are never safe unless they are with you. I hate irresponsible parents.

  • Victoria Kath

    I pray that little boy will survive and have no brain damge.Why the hell would a parent leave there loaded weapon in a unlocked car in a unlocked glove box?Not thinking hey?Very irresponsible parent and gun owner!I think the parent should be charged with neglet.Is`nt a three year old to young to be outside playing without a adult watching?You cant leave it up to a older kid to watch a younger one.And why was`nt the sfaety on that gun?

  • Tania

    Only ghetto parents let a 3 year old play outside without proper supervision. I never understood how parents let small kids play inside cars. This wasn’t the first time this 3 year old was in the car alone playing. Last he had to see irresponsible mom put the gun there so he went after it. Some people are not fit to raise kids common sense is rare these days. Prayers to the little one hope he pulls through without to much brain damage.

  • Lala

    Praying for the little guy and his family. I really hope he makes it through this horrific accident.

  • Tim Bones

    The car in which the gun was stored appears to be a Milwaukee city or county unmarked police vehicle, big, black sedan with that little radio aerial on the trunk lid. There is more to the story than what has been released so far.

  • Matt

    @Scott I think the Milwaukee Health Complex is looking for you. For you to
    defend these actions is unreal, you must be the next door neighbor. God has no place for you sir. I sure hope my hard earned tax dollars aren’t paying for you to make stupid comments. It wouldn’t surprise me these days if food stamps covered laptops.

  • Matt G.

    Where were the parents when the 3 year old was outside? When my kids we little and playing outside I was out there with them. You CANNOT blame guns, you MUST blame the parent. This is a true tragedy. Maybe one day the DA’S office will start to buckle down and prosecute these ignorant people. As long as their are no consequences to their actions, tragedies like this will continue. It is hard to believe this woman is a mother. You CANNOT justify this in any manner if you try. This was NO accident.

  • Kat

    I will pray that the little one survives this ordeal. I pray to God that he won’t have any major issues. Don’t y’all think that the mother of this child is dealing with enough guilt for leaving a loaded weapon where a inocent child could find it. She has to live with that for the rest of her life. That is why there is gun saftey courses. Birth control has nothing to do with this matter. So why don’t we pray for the little one.

  • Debbie Lou

    First of all it was said that the little boy was in the parking lot playing.. then said he was in the car..was the car left open and unattended or was he left alone in the car?? And why was he not in a car seat? Story sounds fishy to me

  • Bob Eagle


    I don’t buy it.

    A three year old can’t even pick up a gun, it’s heavy.

    A three year old can’t pull the trigger, it’s hard.

    A three year old can’t even manage to move a heavy gun up, point it at his head and shoot.

    Somebody’s lying. And a baby is dead:(

  • TransientAnnei

    I agree with Bob Eagle. 1. If the child was playing in the yard like the report says, how could he open a car door? 2. Get into the glove compartment; 3. lift the gun to his head and be able to pull the trigger, or point the gun at his head and pull the trigger…….???????

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