Cute, but concerning: Foxes create stir in Kenosha neighborhood

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- Some not-so-sly neighbors have moved into one Kenosha neighborhood. Now, residents there are reaching out to officials about how to handle the situation. You see, the new neighbors are... foxes.

The foxes recently showed up at Kenosha' White Caps subdivision. While they may be cute, they're also the cause of concern and controversy.

Cyril Lenahan III says for weeks, a leash of foxes has been getting extra comfortable among the homes in the neighborhood. That has some neighbors on opposite sides of the fence. But nobody wants to do any harm to the foxes.

"We have no intent of killing them, never have, and, you know, if we catch them, they're gonna be relocated," said Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey.

Chief Morrissey says the police department has placed traps throughout the neighborhood -- this, after recent reports of a fox biting two kids on a New Hampshire playground.

Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources has approved the effort to relocate the foxes to other areas of Kenosha County.

In the meantime, parents are urged to warn their children against coming into contact with the foxes.

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