Daughter gives the most important Mother’s Day gift of her life

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SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- On the heels of National Donate Life Month, a Sheboygan family is raising awareness about tissue donation. This, as a daughter prepares to give the most important Mother's Day gift of her young life.

Mary Kuether was born with a genetic kidney disease. She found out at 23 years old, when her kidneys shut down.

A donor kidney was found, and a transplant soon followed -- but almost 30 years later, Kuether is back on the organ transplant list -- in need of another kidney.

That's where Kuether's daughter, Anna comes in.

"I have to get my end of it done," Anna Kuether said.

"I said 'no, you are not giving me your kidney. You're too young. I don't want you doing that. You're too young.' And she said 'no, mom. I'm doing it, and I don't care what you say,'" Mary Kuether said.

Weeks of testing followed, and doctors determined Mary Kuether's only child was a match.

"For the most part, my life isn't going to change after this. I just can't take ibuprofen and jump out of airplanes, and things like that," Anna Kuether said.

Anna Kuether's huge sacrifice will safe her mother's life. Mary Kuether has been searching for the right thing to say, and has found it. It's "thank you."

"I want to be in her life yet. I want to see her get married. I want to see a lot of things," Mary Kuether said.

The transplant is being performed at Froedtert Hospital.

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