Easy exercise: Kids walk, ride to school to promote health

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Hundreds took part in Wednesday’s Walk and Bike to School Day at Fernwood Montessori in Milwaukee.

It was part of National Bike to School Day which was celebrated all across the state and the country. The day is meant to promote health and safety and reduce pollution.

Here in Milwaukee, organizers say it can also benefit students learning. They have found students over all are able to focus more, and they arrive ready to learn.

“Benefits include awakening their body and their mind and preparing themselves for the school day. Everybody needs a little more activity in their day but this a great way to start teaching them at a young age to start being active,” explained Jake Newborn, Education Program Manager with the Wisconsin Bike Federation.

Newborn helped organizer Wednesday’s events at Fernwood, and said the day was a success. They counted over 200 bikers and walkers, despite the wind and threat of rain.

“We hope this is the start of something more. We hope that they walk or bike this day and use that to kind of catapult into doing it more often. They realize it's easy, it's quick and the kids are having fun so they do it more often,” said Newborn.

More than 60 events were scheduled for Bike to School Day throughout Wisconsin.


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