OUTRAGE: Real estate agent wrote WHAT to elderly neighbors?

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OCEAN CITY, NJ — Real estate sales people looking to score — this is not the way to do it.

A letter allegedly written by a real estate agent to an elderly couple in New Jersey is turning heads — because it basically tells the couple they’re crappy neighbors.

The couple got the note in the mail — and when their granddaughter found it, she posted it to Facebook.

In the note, the alleged agent told the couple that they were trying to sell, “million-dollar homes” and that they need to park their car in the driveway, not in their front yard.

According to Philly.com, the neighbors, Bill and Barbara Doughten, have lived there for decades.

Their granddaughter shot back at the realtor in a lengthy response that accompanied a picture of the realtor’s note on Facebook.

In one part of her page-long diatribe she wrote:

“I think it’s safe to assume that your sales aren’t low due to where people park. I’m betting the fact that you’re not doing such a great job selling homes is because you’re a pretentious douche bag. “


  • Sisi

    People it’s not that serious!!!! if it would’ve been here in WI they would’ve been ticketed for parking on grass. I mean I understand that they are an elderly couple, But it does not mean that they can get away with anything, and plus why is the grandfather driving with his health issues? just saying!

    • conifer

      I live in wisconsin…milwaukee Wisconsin….and I park on the lawn all the time when theres something going on and we have a driveway full…or if i want to get out of the way for a potential full driveway…in the summer for my niece to play on the driveway….theres always a reason im on the lawn….its my lawn and i have never been ticketed for it. I have lived in this house for 40 years and never once been ticketed

      • T H

        The only issue of parking on ones front lawn is that to make sure that any doors into the house not be blocked. Had an issue that the owner parked in the front lawn so I could get my vehicle out, it was a long narrow drive. The owner left his vehicle where it was on the grass, about 2 hours later, he had gone out and found a ticket on his vehicle. So it must depend of the location on the lawn that is the issue. If there was a issue there would be no extra parking for ball games in Ashwaubenon, Where would Packer fans park?

    • Retired_in_Va

      Number 1: it IS his property, he owns it, where he parks is none of anyone’s business, unless he is blocking a public sidewalk, I know of no law that says you cannot park on your lawn..
      Number 2: If he thinks it is easier for him to park there, so be it.
      Number 3: There are plenty of people driving with health issues, just look at the number of handicapped parking spaces and the people parking in them.
      Number 4: If he was so upset, why not leave his name, like she said “chicken”.

  • Dar

    Just because someone has a difficult time walking does not mean they can’t drive. And as for parking on the lawn well excuse me but the last time I checked it is America and for the most part still a free country and we can do what we want on our own lawns which we pay taxes on or have you forgotten that? If you get a ticket in Wi. for parking on your own lawn then maybe it is time you and your fellow wisconsinites start contacting some of your local officials it’s your lawn your rights and your money.

    • Erin

      I live in Wisconsin and have never been ticketed or know anyone that has for parking on their lawn….

  • Patty

    Where do you live in WI that you get a ticket for parking on your lawn? Growing up we parked in the lawn all the time if we had lots of things to carry in or the driveway was full or whatever – it is not a law!

    • DawnM Simons

      Patty, it depends on your municipality. I live in Waukesha (between Milwaukee and Madison) and you canNOT park on your lawn. My neighbor used to do it but was ticketed and told he had to stop.

    • Rachel

      I don’t agree with how the agent went about things, but nobody around here is allowed to park on their lawn regardless of the reason or situation. They wold have to alter their driveway to extend into the yard where they would like to park, which in turn would require a permit to do so.

      I live in Milwaukee, WI and I have lived in surrounding cities too. The comments above are correct. You will get ticketed and/or towed if your car is parked on the lawn (even if you own it). There are also laws against where and how you can park your boat, atv, or any other large vehicle on your property.

    • Jan Goldsworthy

      It’s the law in Beloit. I was unloading a large TV and mattress from the back of my truck and was told I had to move my truck because there was a city “ordinance” prohibiting parking on the grass.


    I live in sheboygan and my dad used to park on the grass along the side of his house and he was given a ticket also. He had to actually put a concrete slab down so he could park there.

  • cathy kivela

    those of you that can’t park on your lawns in Wisconsin need to move! I’ve lived in WI all my life (now 63) and I’ve lived in the north, the central area and in the west central…now just an hour north of Milw. I’ve never had this issue in any of the areas mentioned…looks like people need to get out of those gestapo areas and learn we have freedom. Obviously that area in the original post does not have that ordinance or they would have been ticketed a long time ago….

  • Kayla

    I used to live in downtown Elkhorn, WI and we rented. We ALWAYS had people coming over and park in our lawn. We lived on a corner and didn’t even have a driveway. Never once did anyone get ticket. The only issue we ever had was when my dad had his car parked on the edge of the lawn but that was only because it didn’t run.

  • Haley

    I think the Realitor went about it all wrong. It’s rude to make the elderly couple feel like they are doing something wrong. And if they are not suppose to park on the grass it’s not the realtors job to tell them to move!!Honestly I own 4 acres and I will park on any part of my yard I feel like. When my father was alive I parked his van as close to his front door as possible to mask it easier for him to get in. Never do I recall getting a ticket. This is why I love the living In the country lol

  • Vivian

    I live in WI, we park on the front yard overnight we never get any ticket and we never heard about ticket for parking on the grass

  • denise

    I grew up in Wisconsin, moved to another state and moved back. When I moved back I moved into my parents house. At that time is was my parents, myself, and two brothers who lived there. That meant a total of 5 cars at any given time (or more if my other brother or anyone else visited)parked on the property. For close to one year there was at least one car parked next to the drive in the front yard and no one was given a ticket for it. This was in Racine(just south of Milwaukee). Not sure about other areas but we never had a problem.

  • Angel

    I have to park in my yard for health reason. The city gave me a ticket. But my Doctor sent a letter to the city and told them i had to park near my walk way because i have to walk on flat surface {cement} . So now they dont bother me. But i feel this is my property and i pay city and county taxes i should be able to park any where on my property.

  • Lenny

    welcome to the NEW america, lets PC ourselves out of existance, we will start with the whiteys first

  • jesica

    if there is a problem for the real state ,who is selling million dollar house bet there is no problem if he offers the owner to pay for the driveway to get extended to the front door that way it wont be in the yard and he is going to feel that he did something good for someone else

  • Georgia Leggett

    does it matter where he was parked who got a ticket when where or why, the people were elderly, have respect….. walk up and talk to them.
    where is the america way in this world.

  • James

    Parking on the lawn in any neighborhood; regardless of the circumstances is “classless” and straight up ghetto. They should have a circular driveway built that will put them out right in front of the door. There should be an ordinance in every city and every neighborhood to prevent parking on the grass. The fact that they own the property is irrelevant. The real estate agent is right; he just didn’t go about it the right way.

  • Connie Herning

    My dad lives in Oshkosh, WI and he parks on his lawn all the time and never gets ticketed. If they own their own home they should be able to park where ever they want!

  • Lovin Life

    ok, it’s not illegal but it is tacky looking…i’d offer to park the car in the drive way for him everyday if it’s too hard for him and help him to his door, if he refused then it is what it is, his property, his business…respect your elders!

  • jim

    Subdivisions have their own bylaws. I am not allowed to park on my grass. It must be fine in this case or they would have been informed years ago. Why let some poorly written note bother them… Park wherever you want if you aren’t breaking any laws.

  • JBean

    Why would they let some dumb note upset them? Just wondering why anyone would want to kill their grass by parking on it… My 80 years old father has a prosthesis, but would never park in his lawn. He freaks out if someone drives on it when,pulling out of his driveway!

  • Joe

    It’s different when you live in the boonies in WI. When you live in a neighborhood, especially ones with million dollar homes, you start to bring down the property value and make yourself look bad when you park in your lawn.

  • priscilla

    Ppl park on lawns to go to state fair park and they pay ppl to use their lawn to do it as well. I feel if u pay for a property it is yours to do with it as you may…as long your not hurting anyone why should it matter?

  • jdboss

    It doesn’t matter for special functions or loading and unloading. But to park there on a daily basis is an eye soar and I guarantee your neighbor’s feel the same way. I’m also sure you lack and cutting the grass and trimming the trees as well. I don’t care what the inside of your house looks like just be respectful and make sure you’re outside is maintained.

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