“Save Our Salami!” Why a Milwaukee artisan meat company is asking for donations

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- "Save Our Salami!" A Milwaukee meat company is asking for donations! Bolzano Artisan Meats is in a dispute with the state of Wisconsin, and is asking its customers to help.

Glorioso's says it is a popular salami that they haven't been able to sell for a couple of weeks. 

"We have probably the largest selection of salami's, dried, cured meats," Glorioso's General Manager Michael Glorioso said.

One product in particular has been missing from store shelves.

"We hear it every day. Where's the Bolzano?" Glorioso said.

Bolzano Artisan salami has become a favorite of Glorioso's customers. That's why when the meat company had its license suspended, it was a huge surprise.

"It's such a shame to see that they're having a problem right now," Glorioso said.

Bolzano says it is being treated unfairly. 

The company has posted on the Indiegogo website, saying the state's Department of Agriculture has ordered all production and sales to stop -- and that is leading to the destruction of around $50,000 worth of salami.

Bolzano says "working with food scientists at the University at the USDA has got us on the wrong side of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture." 

Bolzano is asking customers to help with legal fees and business costs.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture says Bolzano's license was suspended because it changed the way it processes its meats -- but did not show verification that it was still safe.

"It's all about making sure food is safe. It's to ensure that their procedures are still producing a safe product," Jim Dick, Communications Director at the Department of Agriculture said.

For now, the meat will stay off store shelves, until some sort of solution is made.

"Hopefully they can resolve this quickly," Glorioso said.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture says it is working with Bolzano to help them to come into compliance.

Bolzano declined to do an on-camera interview with FOX6 News on Wednesday, May 7th.

If you would like to contribute to Bolzano's Indiegogo fund, please CLICK HERE.