Seeking the truth: Dontre Hamilton’s family makes a plea

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The family of the man fatally shot by a Milwaukee police officer one week ago returns to the scene of that tragic incident. Family members of Dontre Hamilton gathered at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee to do more than remember their loved one.

"“We been patient. We been modest trying to do the best we can to keep our composure in this matter. But at this point, we are furious," said Nathaniel Hamilton, Dontre's brother.

Milwaukee police say an officer shot Hamilton after he took the officer's baton and attacked the officer with it. A witness has come out to say she never saw Hamilton strike the officer, but admits not seeing the scuffle from the beginning.

Hamilton, who family members say suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, had been sleeping near the Red Arrow Park monument -- where flowers and stuffed animals now lay. The group gathered there wore shirts with Hamilton's image -- the sleeves had a ribbon signifying Mental Health Awareness Month.

“We ask that you just throw the truth right there on the floor, Lord God that we can see it, that the world can see it and that they can know that Dontre was not a bad person. Dontre was a good person. He was a kind heart. He was a loving person," said Hamilton.

Balloons were released in memory of Hamilton -- and as a pledge to seek the truth in this case.


  • Mick

    Many, many years ago people like this young man would be locked away in a mental hospital… President Kennedy changed all that…

  • 2econd

    ““We been patient. We been modest trying to do the best we can to keep our composure in this matter. But at this point, we are furious,” said Nathaniel Hamilton, Dontre’s brother. oh I see.. so NOW your furious, look in the mirror, where were you guys when he was sleeping in the park, why didnt the family make sure he was supplied with his meds. But no… its ALWAYS some one ELSES fault. The family will make plenty of time for him now, trying to sue. Go back to your vigils.

  • diane

    Where was his family as he sleeps in a park…as a family pool yoir resources and have made sure he had his needed medications…sometimes you have to take responsibility and take care of yourself…when there is a gap…find it hard to believe that family couldn’t have taken him to the crisis entrance at milwaukee county behavioral health…he was in crisis right…did family know he was sleeping in the park. If so couldn’t have someone helped him out…?…if this was my brother or son..I wouldn’t have let three months go kmbyand i would not let my brother or nephew or cousin or even a in

  • diane

    Live in limbo…I have helped coworkers…friends in a bad spot get rheir fare…gas $$$ self reliance…sometimes has to fill the gap..when the government ck. Has run out…it is sad he had to live in the dark place of mental illness…yes there is a great need in society..but..the lesson is. Dontre appears to have fallen thru the cracks…when that happens. Family and friends need to help a bit more sometimes…self reliance is a thing of the past…and rhe mental health system is no longer an inpatient treatment it is outpatient focused…so more responsibility lies on the patient and their families. …

  • diane

    Out of curiosity. .I went to the link fox six has looked up milw county services for mental health and milw county behavorial health has an access center. .right there open 8 until 2 mon thru fri. And guess help for the uninsured..with medications etc…there are resources available…they dont come to you. You need to go to them…

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