Stranger danger: Why did silver-haired man approach young kids in North Shore?

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BAYSIDE/WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- He hasn't committed a crime, and his intentions may be innocent -- but law enforcement officials in the North Shore are on high-alert for a man who has been approaching young children. Police say the man is, at the very least, guilty of using poor judgement.

It all started on Monday afternoon, May 5th near North Regent and West Brown Deer Road in Bayside.

"There`s a young lady walking home from Bayside Middle School," Bayside Police Captain Tom Henkel said.

Captain Henkel says a man parked his car at the gas station on the corner.

"He walks up to her and tries to hand her something.  She says 'no' and keeps walking," Captain Henkel said.

The man continued following the girl -- holding a pamphlet, saying "This may help you in the future."

"She just kept walking -- actually starting running a little bit.  A neighbor had come out at that time and asked the girl, 'do you know that man?'" Captain Henkel said.

The man then got back into his vehicle and took off.

"That kind of event is suspicious.  If someone comes up to you and wants to talk to you -- do exactly what she did and walk away," Captain Henkel said.

Captain Henkel says what makes this situation really odd is that the exact same thing happened 15 minutes later in Whitefish Bay.

Near North Lake Drive and East Beaumont, police say a 12-year-old boy was approached.

In a letter sent home to parents with children in the Whitefish Bay School District, police say the man asked the boy "what happens when you die?" Police say the man was carrying a pamphlet.

The man is described as a white man, between the age of 50 and 70. He is about six feet tall with a medium build, and he has silver/gray hair.

He was seen driving a silver sedan in both incidents.

Police say this man hasn't committed any crime -- but has used poor judgement.

Residents in Whitefish Bay agree.

"Hopefully he meant well and it wasn't a cover up. But he should actually look for children that have an adult with them," one Whitefish Bay resident told FOX6 News.

Police in both Bayside and Whitefish Bay would like this man to come forward, so they can alleviate concerns of parents.

It is believed there is a religious component to the pamphlets the man was carrying -- but the kids never took them, so police don't know what they actually said.

Police say the man never tried to get the children to go with him -- and never touched them.


  • Linda

    This to me is sinister, and the cops and parents better take dead seriously. Seems oike this was a probe or test of some kind.

  • Melissa

    This was my kid who was approached….he couldn’t sleep the whole night because of this. The title of this article is completely misleading. His intentions were not innocent….why rush off when an adult shows up?

  • cheyenne

    it was probably some deranged man looking to recruit kids for some type of religious belief. he asked the boy “what happens when you die” and tried to hand him a pamphlet. probably something about believing in our Lord or something. Although as a parent I would still be freaked out. Its good to know some kids have been taught not to talk to strangers and tell an adult right away. He knows he shouldn’t be talking to children obviously which is why he took off. Hope they find this man!

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