Attacked for fun? Police say teens attacked random man in Glendale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GLENDALE (WITI) -- You've heard of the knockout game. Now, there's a new game -- with a similar concept. Two teenagers could face criminal charges after allegedly attacking a man in Glendale. They say they did it "for fun."

According to Glendale police, on April 20th, late in the afternoon, a middle-aged man was walking to Bayshore Town Center down Silver Spring Drive.

He noticed two teenagers were following him -- and the man told police he turned onto the Milwaukee River Parkway hoping they would keep heading straight.

Instead, Glendale police say the victim was jumped, and was punched in the head multiple times.

A neighbor called police, and the teens were picked up a short time later.

When asked why they would do something like this, one of the teens said his friend suggested they "hit the dude."

The teenager told police his friend "thought it would be fun to 'Hi Lite' the guy."

"When someone says 'Hi Lite' -- it's like some people are going to jump you," a teenager playing pickup basketball on Wednesday evening explained to FOX6 News.

"You just hit them in a big group, and they get knocked out or whatever," another teenager said.

Similar to the knockout game, the teens caught in the Glendale incident told police to "Hi Lite" someone means to knock them out, and then rob them for fun.

One teen even told police "hitting random people is common behavior" and said it's something he doesn't see as wrong.

The victim told police four days after the attack, he was still suffering from head and neck pain.

Criminal charges have been referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.


  • Bob

    The Milwaukee county district attorney’s office doesn’t have time to deal with these minor things. They’re too busy trying to intimidate donors to Scott Walker.

  • Mike Johnson

    took 17 days for this to make the news… if it was 2 white kids “hi-liting” a black man al not so sharpton would have been all over the news looking for “justice” racism is a one way street in america and thats the way odumbo wants it. being white is wrong these days

    • josephsuchorski

      I totally agree. It should be considered a Hate Crime. One of these days theses kids are going to do this to somebody who is armed & then they are going to face the consequences.

  • Mike Johnson

    and if the man who was attacked had a firearm on his person and defended himself he would be in jail and the parents would be talking about how good their kids were. this country is a joke

    • Jessica

      One of these times kids are gonna mess with the wrong person! The messed up part is the victim will be the one getting in trouble! When are parents going to step up and take back control of their kids? This is getting riduculous.

  • Molon Labe

    Too bad the victim wasn’t armed, he could have removed these geniuses from the shallow end of the gene pool and did the world a favor. He’s lucky that they didn’t do more damage.

  • diane

    Wow…this is why conceal carry is a great idea/option..where are these thugs parents/aunts/uncle’s/ clergy/ & thats right..if these were “white” teenagers “hi-listing” a black man how twisted the tale the reaction the news story….and also true if the man being attacked shot to “defend” himself what would the outcry be then?…was this a racially motivated attack…black on white…it would have been a hate crime if the other way around? …what will become of these horrible people as they get older..if this is their thought process now?…where is the outrage in the african american community that this IS NOT acceptable social behavior..these are reasons why people look over their shoulders. ..and so on…the african American community parents.leaders..clergy need to make a statement need to lead the youth…have a vigil for this poor victim.

    • Jose Diaz

      no where in the video or the article did the mention race at all, so please dont jump on your hate wagon without all the facts

    • Scott

      I understand your anger. Rightfully so. Perhaps you can help me though. I have re-read this article several times and I don’t see where you got the information of the teens race. Did you consult your crystal ball or are you secretly a psychic? Are you making that determination of their race based on their behavior? Even if your right about their race it would still be improper to assume they are black because of the way they attacked this person.

      I’m black and I would never attack someone. Not all black people are violent thugs that have no regard for the safety and health of others. Please don’t equate idiotic behavior to being black.

  • Mikki Davis

    I still believe it is all about PARENTING. There are so many kids that are allowed to run and be free. When was the last time some of these kids sat down for a meal with their parents as a family. WHen was the last time they did anything as a family? I also hate the idea of conceal/carry. Gives too many an option for anger!

    • josephsuchorski

      It’s not anger for most people. It’s called self defense. People have the right to defend themselves against all threats even if it means they are armed.

    • Anita Delgado

      This has nothing to do with bad parenting and EVERYTHING to do with lack of support from law enforcement and community. Through history if someone had a problem youth the whole community and its resources tried to help them change from their ways. Now there is no recreation, no law enforcement, no search for a missing teen, and even dt isnt an option. According to the police they dont pick them up unless they break the law. Meanwhile mom is at home searching, neighbors hide kids in their houses, and the kids are breaking the law to maintain their living in the streets.. Simply because they dont like curfew or having to do chores. This needs to stop and it is high time someone cares instead of just saying its the parents fault.

  • diane

    If I was the victim I would be angry…if I missed work..had financial problems or long lasting medical problems…who…would be responsible..certainly not the attackers…why shouldn’t I be able to protect myself from people who have no regard..or morals…

  • Brooke

    Saddens me to hear that this has happened, and for some odd reason I’m not offended by the comments about my people. Although I will say this please don’t let what these demonic souls did influence your outlook of African Americans.

  • diane

    Yeah the thug’s are of African american decent…the Glendale victim….and just saying conceal Carry would be justified…I have the right to walk the streets without fearing for my safety..wellbeing or my life…and the parents…aren’t speaking out saying they apologize for their children’s behavior…the black community isnt outraged over this are they…no personal injury lawyer will take this victims case…why…no one will be held responsible…they should (the thugs) be made to work off minimum wage of a condition not to sit in jail..they should do hunker with work release pay all medical bills…lost wages pain and suffering for this victim. If there were severe consequences for actions..perhaps they would think twice..but then again maybe not

    • Scott

      I am black and I am outraged! I just read this story and I haven’t had time to put together a press conference to tell everybody how outraged I am. I guess I shouldn’t bother with all that now since, because of your ignorance, you have decided that the black community doesn’t care. Some people (you) should pull their head out of their a55 so they can hear me properly.

  • diane

    And this is just some people who act like this…there are white race people who are monsters also…like the man in Janesville who killed that young wan. He fell through the cracks too didnt he…my response to your comment Brooke :/ why is it though that no one speaks out against this horrible..thingthey thought was “fun”…I dont get ot at all…

  • Lenny

    its gonna be a long summer and i predict that some idiot is going to jump on the wrong legally and rightfully armed citizen..

  • Lorea

    I agree with Scott that people are far too quick to assumethat the thugs in this story are African American. The article did not mention their race at all. It mwntioned their behavior, which included violence, and their words, which suggested an indifference to the victimization of others. That doesn’t automatically mean they are Black. I think some of my fellow white folks may have limited intimate personal experience with Black folks. I dont associate violence and crime with being Black. Usually, the first things that come to my mind are praise dance, prayer, laughter, good food and good times. Because thats my experience with people who are African American. I would encourage those of you whose immediate assumption was that the thugs were African American to perhaps expand your interaction with that racial group beyond that of movies and the news.

  • Lorea

    For those of you calling for hate crime sentencing….a hate crime against whom? Where is the qualification for this increased level of charge? This crime wasn’t about hate. It was about the apathy, indifference, and desensitization of this younger generation.

  • diane

    I have been a victim of crime in milwaukee. ..a smash and grab when stopped at stop light..I have had a car stolen..and recover the car but the young thugs who stole it are juveniles. .their parents aren’t responsible..I ended up missing work..paying for the deductible damage to the car..and so on I have personal experience of being victimized..also I was intimidated by some african american women who threatened bodily harm at a store if I didn’t let them skip ahead in a line..yeah I watch over my shoulder now and I am aware of my surroundings..and yes conceal carry is one of my options…we all have our experiences with racial matters…I am not safe in Milwaukee…and my children would never think it “sport” to knock someone out. They were raised better than that..they would not take what wasn’t their’s and you are right. It is the mind set of a culture of people who have no regard for whats right and wrong…any person in their right mind would know that knocking someone out..beating them is wrong..because how could it possibly by right? So I wont call it a color I Will call it a culture of hate and disregard and a lack of respect for human kind…I stand corrected ;)

  • william wenz

    the reason they attacked the man was cause they were black males and a large # of black males are violent . does not matter how much free stuff u give them . rap music is violent and they follow that path

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  • Ronald

    Feel sorry for the guy getting jumped.

    But some of you are talking about the anger of these kids? They have nothing on some of the posters.

    So we have two kids committing this crime and there are posters who are off and running, blaming it on culture or race.

    It not their culture. There are tens of thousands of minority kids who don’t do stuff like this.

  • T H

    It does not make a difference what those teens were, race is not the factor in this. The question that begs to be answered is: Where were the parents in all this? You see too many teens out and about, with no one monitoring them. And before you teens that are not part of the trouble, many of you know who the guilty ones are. If and when that happens, nothing will change. By the way…there are many adults that can act stupid when they want to. Seen that, and all I could think was “They need to grow up.”

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