CONVICTED: Former County employee, Homer Key found guilty of two felonies

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) —  The case against Homer Key, who will turn 69 on Friday, May 16th went to the jury on Thursday, May 15th.

Key faced four felony charges, including two counts of theft-false representation (greater than $10,000), forgery-uttering, and private interest/contract-public capacity.

A jury found Key guilty of two counts against him — the forgery-uttering and private interest/contract-public capacity charges.

He was found not guilty of the two theft-false representation charges against him.

The case against Key began with 64-year-old Freida Webb.

Freida Webb

Freida Webb

Webb is a former Milwaukee County official, who was suspended without pay in summer of 2012.

Webb was initially facing four felony charges — including forgery-uttering, misconduct in office-excess authority, theft-false representation (less than $2,500), and private interest/contract-public capacity.

Three of the charges against Webb have been dismissed.

She pleaded guilty to the theft-false representation (less than $2,500).

Webb will be sentenced in May 23rd.

Webb is accused of creating fake training contracts and taking kickbacks while serving as the head of Milwaukee County’s minority contracting office — the Community Business Development Partners Agency.

Prosecutors say Homer Key made money off of Webb’s scheme.

According to a criminal complaint, from 2005 – 2011, Webb hired Key to run a program to help disadvantaged business owners compete for work. Webb approved Key’s contract and invoices each year.

However, the criminal complaint indicates Key was padding his billing with excessive hours. He ended up getting $237,000 from Webb through the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program.

Key is also accused of taking in nearly $46,000 from the Milwaukee Urban League.

Webb is accused of then taking kickbacks, totaling $2,700.