Looking to the future: Milwaukee police unveil new patch

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Police are changing, not a big change, but one you will soon be able to see in a newly designed patch.

"Our uniform is still the same. What we've done is kind of upgraded the patch a little bit," said Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Flynn says this will be the third police patch the department has had, and it's a change he asked for.

"I basically wanted something that would very conspicuously have the word Milwaukee on it, but also have the right combination of symbols of the city, unique to it, and you know, the more we dug into it the more those symbols became self-evident," said Flynn.

The new patch has the rotating gear symbolizing the heavy industry of this city-- City Hall, a badge from 1855, the year the department was founded, barley representing the brewing history, and the art museum.

The department's first patch was well, pretty simple. Then came the second patch.

"You had to squint to see the word Milwaukee on it. Plus, a lot of the symbols in it are no longer standing, for example, County Stadium," said Flynn.

When a few people were asked to compare the new patch to the one it's replacing, here's what they had to say.

"I like that it says Milwaukee police instead of Police City of Milwaukee. This one seems more serious, this one kind of more fun, unique to Milwaukee and it's a good thing," said Sarah Lentes.

"It's a real nice badge as far as the one before that looks so outdated and so bland and plain. This one brings out the life of Milwaukee," said Kamedric Collins.

Everyone asked liked the new patch.

Flynn says the new patch will be gradually phased in, and hopefully, be on all uniforms by next year, which will be the 160th anniversary of the police department.


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