A simple misunderstanding: Sturtevant family will have their basketball hoop returned

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STURTEVANT (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned a Sturtevant family may soon have their "stolen" basketball hoop returned to them.

Heidi Thomas thought someone stole her son's basketball hoop from her yard -- but as it turns out, that's not what happened.

Thomas says her husband came outside on Wednesday morning, May 15th and noticed the basketball hoop was missing!

"He was upset, but he was just like, 'Oh! Someone stole it!'" Thomas said.

A neighbor boy's amateur recording system showed two men with a young boy loading the hoop onto a trailer on Tuesday afternoon.

"If you watch it, it doesn't look like they meant to steal it. It looks like they thought, maybe, we were getting rid of it," Thomas said.

Sturtevant Police Captain speculated earlier Thursday that it could be a simple misunderstanding.

"Somebody thought that this was garbage -- waiting to be picked up by the garbage men," Sturtevant Police Captain Timothy O'Neil said.

Thomas told FOX6 News earlier Thursday the backboard had been missing its hoop -- saying she'd understand if someone mistook the treasure for trash.

"If somebody thought it was garbage, you know, or that we were getting rid of it, that would've been the time to take it," Thomas said.

As it turns out -- that's exactly what happened!

After FOX6 News aired the story earlier Thursday, the guys seen in the video loading up the hoop called Thomas.

They confirmed that they thought the hoop was meant for the trash -- and promised to return it on Friday.


  • What!

    They were stealing it, you go and ask if it’s garbage you don’t just take it. They probably noticed they were being recorded.

  • Shel

    If they noticed they were being recorded, why would they still take it??? That makes no sense at all.

  • Lisa

    I know they were not stealing the hoop as I know them. They are scrappers and in Kenosha/Racine what is on the curb is for trash. What idiot puts their hoop on the curb so their kids can play in the street?? And anyone who lives in the area knows if you don’t want something put it on the curb and the junk collectors take it. Also before this even aired on the news the people were called and said the hoop would be returned and still the story aired. Nice to accuse people of stealing when the promise to return it had already been made. As it was a mistake.

  • Lisa

    Oh and for the good people who willing returned the hoop, a smack in the face… Their poor son got his basketball hoop stolen and returned, now want 100 dollars… Nice people…

    • Anon987

      The first time they drove by it had no hoop or backboard, yet they came back, saw it had pieces added and still proceeded to take it. Then, they brought it back broken! They should pay for the hoop! It’s a $300 citation for taking things off of someone else’s property in sturtevant. They got off easy.

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