City of Kenosha officials under the microscope, Racine investigates

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RACINE CO. (WITI) -- The Racine County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation into Kenosha City Officials.

Sources confirm that the Sheriff's Office started this investigation about two weeks ago. Sheriff Christopher Schmaling says the Kenosha Sheriff's Office asked him to look into allegations against a city official.

Schmaling says his office has been collecting evidence and conducting interviews in relation to the case. He could not say who the official is or what the allegations are.

Racine Co. investigators will pass along information to the District Attorney's Office if they find illegal activity has occurred.

"I don’t want to assume anyone is guilty of anything," said Schmaling.

In another development, Kenosha Detectives reached out to FOX6 saying he has had conversations with federal agents about possible scrubbing of public records in Kenosha.

It is not clear whether that is related to the Racine Co. investigation. One thing that is known is that both go back to potential problems with the city of Kenosha.