Parents alerted: Woman approaches kids, offers candy

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OCONOMOWOC (WITI) — Parents of children in Oconomowoc have been alerted by police about an incident involving a suspicious individual and vehicle on Thursday, May 15th.

Officials say just before 4 p.m. on Thursday, a student heading home from Park Lawn Elementary School was approached by a woman in a vehicle near 5th and Worthington Streets. The woman attempted to get the student to come closer to the vehicle by offering candy, and asked questions such as where do you live, and what is your phone number.

The individual was described as a female, white, in her mid-30s, wearing an aqua polka-dot dress. She was driving a dark-colored SUV or truck with a damaged rear bumper.

City of Oconomowoc police were patrolling elementary school sites around the end of the school day when students are dismissed on Friday.

Officials insist this event represents a teachable moment for our students. Parents and guardians can help children recognize the warning signs of suspicious behavior, such as an adult asking for help, offering treats, or asking them to get into a vehicle. Remind children if an incident like this occurs, they should leave the area and find a trusted adult right away to tell them what happened.