Search for suspects: UWM student robbed in Shorewood

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SHOREWOOD (WITI) — Shorewood police are calling on the public for help in tracking down two armed suspects who robbed a UW-Milwaukee student on Thursday, May 15th.

The crime took place just after 9:30 p.m. on E. Hampshire Ave. about a half block of campus. The UWM student was walking eastbound on E. Hampshire Ave. when he was approached by the two suspects. Suspect one displayed a black handgun and the victim turned over his cellphone.

The suspects were last seen running southbound in the alley way between N. Cramer St. and N. Oakland Ave. towards E. Kenwood Blvd.

The suspects were described as: 

  • Suspect 1: Male, black, 19-25yo, 5’6”-5’8”, grey hooded sweatshirt, displaying a black handgun.
  • Suspect 2: Male, black, 19-25yo, 5’6”-5’8”, yellow hooded sweatshirt.

The investigation is being handled by the Milwaukee Police Department. You’re urged to call their Tip Line, 414-935-7360, if you have any information about the incident.


  • WTF

    Seems as if America has the wrong group of people profiled as terrorists. I think the real terrorists live right here in our inner cities.

  • Jim Schmidt

    Since when is E. Hampshire Ave. in the Village of Shorewood??? Was this annexed into Shorewood from Milwaukee????

  • Nicole

    very sad the young adults that re trying to get an education are being robbed more and more often by juvenile or young adult punks! I am disgusted and they need harsher punishments since they go and brag about what they were able to steal etc. Nothing will stop unless they get what is coming to them- and I don’t want to hear the defense of the 2 brats that robbed this gentleman. Sick of hearing their excuses for WHY they did it etc…. get a job go to school or atleast be a decent humanbeing that doesn’t pull a gun on someone that is trying to better themselves. it was just a few weeks ago another college student was actually shot luckily only in the hand- but it could have been much worse if the shooter was a better shot. I am getting really sick of hearing about shootings daily. I won’t even go and help a friend out that needs a ride everyday at 10pm on 1st and keefe since I was waiting for him the night of the child shooting about amonth ago on 4th and Keefe. I would be a sitting duck everynight.

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