SHOCKING: A kindergartner makes gruesome comment to classmate

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- One Kenosha County student threatens another: A boy telling a girl he wants to slit her throat and watch her bleed. That's pretty gruesome, but the real shocker? The bully is in kindergarten!

It's probably the last place you think to hear something like this... But parents say it happened here at Prairie Lane Elementary School in Kenosha County.

According to a police report obtained by FOX6, a student allegedly told a classmate he was going to slit her throat and watch her bleed. The names of the students are not being released because both are minors.

In fact, the alleged bully is a 5-year-old and the victim is 6-years-old.

Parents declined to comment on camera, but police records indicate this type of behavior has been going on since April. In one instance, the bully kicked the girl in the face and later threw sand and rocks at her.

The police report says the victim's parents told school officials about the increasingly violent behavior, but felt enough wasn't being done, so they filed a retraining order against the boy they see as a bully.

In court documents, a handwritten note written by the victim's mother, states her daughter had scratches on her face and was stabbed in the back with a stick during one altercation.

A spokesperson for the Kenosha Unified School District declined to comment on camera, but issued this statement to FOX6: "KUSD is working directly with the families involved and will continue working with them. Providing a safe learning environment for all of our students is one of our top priorities."

FOX6 also went to the home of the alleged bully. No one answered the door. A neighbor across the street says the child is friendly and often plays with the neighbors grandchildren.


  • Crystal

    Yeah but come on who would tell someone they want to slit her throat yeah a little dysfunctional if you tell me. I don’t think he likes her. I think this world is just going to hell. You see little kids stabbing ppl and kids shooting up schools now this. They’re getting younger and younger by the day.

  • Shannara

    I’m sorry, but if a little boy kicked MY child in the face, I’d go down to that school with my belt and give that boy the butt whooping of a lifetime.

    • Dr.Klade

      That makes you just as bad as this child, worse even considering you are an adult. Its horrible what he said but where are the teachers? All this happened and yet never stopped? Its not the child’s fault he is acting this way, there obviously is a lack of discipline, and hurting him isn’t going to teach him any kind of lesson except hurting others is OK. He needs to just be taken out of the situation, put in another class, perhaps have a behavioral therapist get involved, learn where he’s hearing this kinda stuff from. All could’ve been avoided if teachers would have been doing their job. This child is 5, he doesn’t need to be abused because he is acting this way, he doesn’t need endless people threatening him as well. He needs redirection, and needs to be TAUGHT that this kinda behavior is not OK, not BEATEN. Hitting someone doesn’t change anything, just makes you pathetic and a disgrace. If that girl was my child I’d be pissed too, but I wouldn’t go trying to purposelly hurt the other kid. Considering I’m an adult I would act like one and handle the situation like one. You’d be surprised at the outcome.

  • Bruceben9

    I have family that the milwaukee inner city school system about 5 yrs ago. I heard similar stories back then. Sad, indeed.

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