California mayor to some victims of bullying: “Grow a pair”

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PORTERVILLE, Cali. (CNN) — Cameron Hamilton, the mayor of Porterville, California made some comments in the last week that has people talking.

When referencing victims of bullying at a city council meeting on May 13th, he suggested they might need to toughen up.


  • I'm Awesome

    I think it’s hilarious you deleted my comment. This is a nothing article, you should delete the article!!!!!!! LOL

  • Laura Shird-Burbie

    i’m sorry, but I have to agree with him, to an extent. I was picked on horribly all through school, for being short, for my last name……etc. Was it fun? No…not by any means. Did I become suicidal because of it? No. Did I become a stronger person because of it? Most definitely! Did I become a more compassionate person because of it it? Most definitely! While I do agree there are cases where bully gets out of hand and may even become criminal, I think that people have blown this way out of proportion. If your kid can’t handle some name calling or other various forms of so called “bullying”, they do need to toughen up. And if your kid become suicidal because of kids pickin on him/her, they might need some help. I cant believe that a regular kid, who goes home to a loving caring supportive family every night, can’ handle a little “bullying” in school without wanting to kill themselves because of it.

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