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CUTE: Baby delivered in car, Twin Lakes officers pitched in

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TWIN LAKES (WITI) -- Two Twin Lakes police officers helped deliver a baby early Wednesday, May 21st.

Officers Katie Hall and Jeffrey Comp were dispatched to a call for a woman in labor in a vehicle just after 3 a.m. The mother and father were at Hwy. Z and Hwy. P -- just west of the village limits.

Scott & Rachael Bakker with baby, Justin William

Scott & Rachael Bakker with baby, Justin William

It all started with a 911 call.

Dispatcher: "What's the address of your emergency?"

Scott Bakker: "My wife is in labor."

Officers Hall and Comp raced to the scene -- and the dispatcher stayed on the phone with Dad.

Officer Hall arrived first.

"I arrived and I saw a male get out and jump -- and start waving at me," Officer Hall said.

When Officer Hall arrived on the scene, the husband, Scott Bakker, jumped out, yelling that his wife, Rachael was in labor. The officer entered the car and noticed the baby's head had already started "crowning."

"She said, 'I'm having this baby right here, right now,'" Scott Bakker said.

Scott was on the phone with Kenosha County 911 Dispatcher Joan Zarletti who, through the husband, talked the officer through the delivery and gave support. During the delivery, Officer Hall noticed the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's next -- and she immediately unwrapped the cord.

"All I was thinking about was baby needs to be okay and Mom needs to be okay," Officer Hall said.

Dashcam video shows the frantic scene.

"We kind of worked as a team -- all three of us together. Well, all four of us, including Rachael," Scott Bakker said.

A baby boy was born a short time later -- he was breathing just fine. Officer Comp retrieved a blanket from his squad for Officer Hall to wrap the baby. The baby was given to Rachael to hold until rescue personnel arrived.

Twin Lakes EMS took the parents and baby "Justin William" to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center in Elkhorn. He tipped the scales at eight pounds and was 20 inches long.

"He's doing fine. He's doing perfectly fine. I'm very happy to be able to help somebody," Officer Hall said.

Rachael sent the following statement: "It’s been a crazy day, but I’m fine, the baby is fine and everybody is happy and healthy. We’re getting great care from everyone here at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center and I want to thank the Lakeland Police Department and especially Officer Katie Hall, who delivered my baby today. Thanks so much for your concern and well wishes. We’re in good hands."

We're told this is the Bakkers SEVENTH child! Justin is boy #6!

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