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Gov. Scott Walker renames marijuana byproduct law

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON (AP) — A Wisconsin law that allows limited use of a marijuana byproduct to treat seizures has been renamed after the young girl who was the face of the proposal died this month.

Gov. Scott Walker issued a proclamation Wednesday renaming the measure Lydia’s Law after 7-year-old Lydia Schaeffer, of Burlington. Schaeffer suffered from severe seizures and died from the disorder May 11 this year.

The new law legalized cannabidiol oil, a non-psychotropic extract that is used to treat seizure disorders. Schaeffer’s family started a grassroots effort to pass the bill and the Legislature passed it unanimously.

Walker signed the bill April 16, three days before Schaeffer’s birthday. The governor also named April 19 Lydia Schaeffer Day in honor of the girl’s birthday.




  • Brian

    Well Walker let her die because he did not move fast enough on thsi issue, there are still hundreds that could be helped with MMJ, have another beer Walker.

  • Storm Crow

    It is wonderful that those with seizures will soon have access to CBD (cannabidiol), but what about all the OTHER people this herbal medicine could help? CBD prevents many of the complications of diabetes- “Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy” (Science Daily), and “Lab Notes: Pot Has Benefits for Diabetic Hearts” (MedPageToday). Many women have “triple negative” breast cancer, or other ID-1 type cancers- “Cannabidiol as a novel inhibitor of Id-1 gene expression in aggressive breast cancer cells” (PubMed) and “Pot compound seen as tool against cancer” (SFGate). CBD can stop the growth of “feeder” blood vessels (angiogenesis) that help tumors grow so fast- “Cannabidiol inhibits angiogenesis by multiple mechanisms” (PubMed). So, WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US? We deserve CBD, too! Learn more about CBD in “Granny Storm Crow’s List”.

  • moe

    They have to figure out how to get theirs off top first. ( $$$$$$$$$ ) Sad – peace to the little girl. No politics on the otherside

  • Zack(Hippy)Grunewald

    Just do the right thing already before more people die. LEGALIZE medicinal atleast and fully legalize to make money and get our state into shape tax that stuff and get the state some jobs i mean u say u want to do things DO EM!

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