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It’s happening again! “Chocolate powder” causing problems for neighbors

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OCONOMOWOC (WITI) -- Everything is better when it's covered in chocolate!'s your house, your car, and your patio furniture! It's happening in Oconomowoc...again.

Lake Country Foods produces powdered milk products similar to Slim Fast -- and sports nutrition supplements.

FOX6 News first brought you the story back in September of 2013 -- when neighbors struggled with powder emitted from the company's smokestack.

Now, the powder is causing problems again. But Lake Country Foods insists in at least once case, it wasn't powder sticking to car windows.

"We`ve been hit again a couple of times with the milk.  It`s covered everything -- our cars, our home. It destroys everything that it lands on," Neelye Brown said.

Since FOX6 News first met Brown in September, she says Lake Country Foods has emitted more vanilla and chocolate powder on the neighborhood.

She says one incident occurred in April.

"It actually accumulated on windows to the point it was really thick," Brown said.

The latest release of powder happened on Friday, May 16th.

FOX6 News contacted the Wisconsin DNR and local Health Department last fall.

There were no fines or citations issued against Lake Country Foods.

Many in the neighborhood talked with FOX6 News off camera about the powder. Firefighters across the street from the plant say they see the powder on their vehicles often.

Brown's neighbor says the powder isn't that big of a deal -- and says some actually say they enjoy the smell.

A Lake Country Foods spokesperson admits there was a malfunction in April.

The company has issued free car wash vouchers to those who have been impacted, but they say the latest incident wasn't powder at all.

Instead, the company says there was a lot of pollen in the air. The company claims it wasn't manufacturing product at the time.

Lake Country Foods says: "The company has received repeated, frivolous complaints from this neighbor, which we believe to be nothing more than unwarranted harassment."

"I want it to stop," Brown said.

Even more than the mess, Brown worries about the health of her young daughters.

She says both have respiratory problems -- and Brown says she believes the smokestack makes the problems worse.

"We shouldn`t be breathing in particulates of milk into our lungs," Brown said.

Lake Country Foods only admits to two incidents -- and a spokesperson says it remains a good neighbor, and a good corporate citizen.

CLICK HERE to read the entire statement from the company.

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  • Neelye

    According to the company statement “The complaining party’s husband has even gone so far as to say, in the local newspaper, that somehow the police are complicit in covering up and not responding to her allegations properly” To be clean, Chad nor I have ever been interviewed by anyone or any new media other than Bret Lemoine at Fox6, this statement from the company is completely false. What else are they lying about?

  • LCF Neigbor

    I did not know LCF produced tree pollen must be a new health product, just goes to show how much a head case she really is !

    • lcf neighbor

      I seen a long contrail in the sky over lcf today maybe 20,000 ft up I wonder where that’s goin to end up?

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