Milwaukee police: 10-year-old girl “caught in the crossfire” & shot on playground

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say an 10-year-old girl was shot while on a playground on Wednesday evening, May 21st -- near N. 28th Street and Clarke Street in Milwaukee.

The shooting happened around 7:15 p.m. -- on the playground of the Clarke Street School.

Police say their preliminary investigation indicates two individuals were shooting at each other, when the child was caught in the crossfire -- and shot.

Neighbors say because of the nice weather -- there were a lot of kids out on the playground at the time of the shooting.

Neighbors report hearing anywhere from 10 to 15 gunshots fired.

The 10-year-old girl was taken to Children's Hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

A Milwaukee police source tells FOX6 News the child was shot in the head.

FOX6 News spoke with a woman who says she's the young girl's aunt. That woman told FOX6 News the girl was shot in the head, the leg, and the knee -- and was in surgery Wednesday night at Children's.

No one is in custody.

"Tonight, two so-called young men felt the need to engage in a shootout without any regard for the lives of children playing nearby," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said at the scene on Wednesday evening.

"Sooner or later people enough gotta be enough! It`s not enough to complain about our tactics. It`s not enough to tell us we`re putting too many people in jail. We need you -- the community, to help us solve this crime and to tell your young men to put the guns down!" Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn says Wednesday evening's shooting is a case of a child caught in the crossfire -- but he says the bigger issue is the chronic gun violence in the city of Milwaukee.

"I need the same Governor and the same state Legislature that found money to help us expand our ShotSpotter, the ShotSpotter that directed us to this location -- to pass a law that makes these little monsters afraid to get locked up for possessing a gun. I need felony time for a felony crime of illegally carrying a firearm," Chief Flynn said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact (414) 935-7360.

Mayor Barrett issued the following statement on this shooting:

“The thugs who thought nothing of having a gunfight on a playground need to be locked up for a very, very long time. Right now these gunslingers believe that there are no consequences to walking the streets armed and shooting whenever the mood strikes them. It’s time for the  Governor and Legislature to go into special session and pass mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes and to come down hard on those who value life so little.”

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • ty

    They need to have police forces over in that area @ all times two many killings going on over there

  • cb

    It’s cool thugs killin each other but when u shoot an innocent child, u should be hung where the whole city to see.

  • supa

    Where is the outrage from Ms. Coggs? Nothing will change the next warm day there will be more killings.

  • Sheila Moyet

    You can’t put all the blame on the police. It all begins with the people who live there. Nothing will change until they stop acting like animals.

  • connie

    And this is why I moved to the country…. but the sad thing is pretty soon its going to be bad like that everywhere! they need to get jobs.

    • Kurt Thomas

      Jobs? They can barely read. They can’t dress or act civil like normal society, and they have no regard for life whether it be a man, woman or child! This is the scorge of the North side.

  • Jeri B.

    No child should ever be in danger just for going to the playground…no matter where they live. Breaks my heart.

  • BigZee

    USA is becoming very disgusting place. Hundreds of thousand soldiers are placed around the globe. Let’s support our troups to come back home and place army patrols on every block in this kind of naighborhoods. Just like in Mexico. Yes, I said Mexico because we are becoming third world countrey slowly but surly.

    • Richard

      So basically you want Marshal Law! As a Marine, I can tell you that is the last thing you want. It doesn’t just affect the criminals, but everyone! Any rights you have left right now, will be completely gone. The constitution is suspended! That is not the way to police a civilized society. Maybe the Milwaukee Police should create a reservist position and train citizens to become Law Enforcement. The department I worked for had a reserve department. These were volunteers that just wanted to give back and make their city/county safer. Depending on the budgets, they were sometimes paid for special assignments. These people were sworn officers and worked as back up to full-time officers. While on duty, they were covered by the city insurance. Same for the reserve deputies; covered by the county. Neighborhood watch only can do so much, and it is a start. But the reserve approach is a much more aggressive plan. The requirements to be a reserve would be the same as going full-time. LAPD has a reserve department. It is made up of regular citizens with diversity career backgrounds. If a department that large can make that work, then Milwaukee has no excuse. Or they can just keep doing what they are doing now, cause clearly that is working. Only other option I can think of is to fire that police chief and hire someone like Sheriff Clarke from Milwaukee County! Now that is someone who knows how to be a Law Enforcement professional.

  • Christian W (@Towerr)

    Its really getting to the point that MPD has no lost all control of these areas (not that it really had it anyway), and I am pretty sure they are completely lost as to how to deal with it, I know I would be if I was Flynn. Yeah you could install shotspotter in more areas, but that thing is passive, once its been activated its too late, someone is either injured or dead. Other then locking down these areas and imposing some form of martial law, what other options are there? More useless vigils that really do nothing since the cowards dont really care?

    • Kurt Thomas

      You cannot control animals. They will do what they naturally do. It is not the fault of the Police.

    • Christian W (@Towerr)

      I agree 100%. When and IF they catch these cowards, they should just Judge Dredd them right there on the street. They have no care for human life, why should the people AND law enforcement care about theirs, and save all the tax payers money instead of funneling them thru a broken judicial system

  • Kurt Thomas

    Build a wall around the north side. Throw guns and drugs over the wall, as this is what they want anyway. And then let them go at it. Pretty soon, they will solve Milwaukee’s problem on their own.

  • Hooptie Pete

    Please stop insulting animals, these people are not animals. Animals don’t shoot each other for starring at them or stepping on their Jordan’s. Plus animals have souls, these heathens do not.

  • Christian W (@Towerr)

    Just remember though…once these cowards get caught, the news will interview the mothers of the killers and it will be the same song and dance..” My baby never hurt anyone, he was a good kid. He went to church every week and was loved by everyone. He even helped the elderly” /rolleyes

  • Soldier in the army of the Lord.


  • Michelle McGeary

    Chief Flynn can yell all he wants on tv about these thugs, but does he really think they are sitting at home watching the 10 pm news listening to him? The only ones hearing his pleads for peace are the normal law abiding working citizens who already do that.

  • Stupid Flanders

    Hey Tom Barrett – I have the solution: get every child on the north side their own personal Tara the Hero Cat.

  • WorldCrimePrevention

    The problem is not the law abiding citizens with Guns. The problem is the criminals & thugs with guns. The thugs & criminals are afraid to fight with their fists to settle things like the Old days because they are AFRAID to get thwir butts kicked & loose the so called little respect that they have. I have not respect for thugs & criminals as it is. They are a bunch of COWARDS. as for the police & the mayor…well lets just say that it’s Time for Barrett & Flynn to both go. They are both failures… just like Walker. The only good thong that Walker did was allowing law abiding citizens to protect themselves by carrying guns which is good on our part. Other then that he is useless like Barrett &Flynn. The Judges, D.A.’s, & parole boards are useless too. They give these Scumbag thugs & criminals a slap on the wrist & let them go. They need to keep them in prison & not let them out & have them do hard Time like the prisons still do down South where prisoners are on a good Old fashioned chain gang. As always the laws in Wisconsin are way too lenient when it comes to criminals. They punish the victims more then they do to the criminals. I hope that these criminals start thinking because us law abiding citizens are not going to take it anymore. If you try to rob us or commit some kind of criminal act against us, we will take whatever action we need to including shooting you. If the Judges & law are not going to put you away, then we will. Instead of being a thug or a criminal out there on the streets, go get a education in school & then a real job. You thugs & criminals are a disgrace to the human race. You’re a bunch of low Life scumbag Cowards. I understand that there is already way too much gun violence out there because of the criminals but us law abiding citizens will do whatever we have to do to Survive, even if it means taking the criminals out for good. Some of you will probably not agree with me on this but you have 2 choices. You can either be a victim targeted by these Criminals OR you can protect yourself against the criminals. It’s you’re choice. My Thoughts & Prayers go out to the kid & her Family.

  • Lois Starks

    None of this makes no sense. Please put down the guns. We have enough sickness and diseases to cure, without killing each other. I’ve always said they must put the bible in all schools.

  • ...

    I’m sorry this happened to you young lady, this should have never happened. I’m so sorry people are careless and wreckless, you and any other child no matter where there location should feel safe playing at the park with friends doing what children do. My prayers are that this dosen’t tarnish this young lady. I was caught in the middle of crossfire as a child as well. I didn’t get shot but my father did and he fell right on me and died on my lap all because they were trying to shoot our gang member neighbors. It ruined me for along time and i grew up very very angry i didn’t get the help i needed for the trama as a child but i did as an adult, i pray this little one has an army of people to help her through this, help her to not be afraid of the world and the people in it, i hope this don’t turn her sour and cold. It’s time to change laws! Time to get tougher on these wreckless people with no care in the world. Time to start fighting for our children their saftey and the right to enjoy a violence free city no matter rich or poor..this has got to stop!!!!

  • DLW

    Milwaukee what you going to do. You all are complaining but offer no real solutions. What are we going to do!!!We need to stand up against all the violence that is here. Quit complaining about problems and be part of the solutions. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost people to violence in this city. Start park watches, school watches and lets end this now. We have had only a couple warm days and this is what happened. Parents grab your kids and turn them in. Better them in jail for a bit than dead forever. Help them. Milwaukee what you going to do.

  • kevin

    How about the united states ban guns all togather, they serve know purpose and always in up in the wrong hands.

  • Bruce Fleming

    nothing will happen until the other members of the community decide they will not put up with this any more, and turn in a**holes like these ones. Until the members of the community find their backbone, this will keep happening.

  • TiaraBrown

    i love u sierra and i hope u get well and come out and be with all of your family and friends we all love u so much we hope u het well and come injoy being with us

  • TiaraBrown

    i love and miss u sierra and i hope u come on home to us family and friends from:Tiara that live around the corner from u Sierra love and miss u best friend / sister forever love and get well soon coming from my heart and love and care.

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