“Molly” a popular drug in the club & festival scene…but what’s REALLY in the bag?

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Are YOU familiar with "Molly?" There's a good chance your kids know about it! It's a powerful drug, popular in the club and festival scene. What your kids may not know is what's actually in the bag.

In clubs and at festivals across the country, huge crowds gather every summer.

They are moved by the music -- and for some, the beat is enhanced by a drug known as "Molly."

Two people agreed to walk with FOX6 News about their experience with Molly -- but asked that we protect their identity.

"As soon as I closed my eyes, I was like whoa! It affects all the five senses. You move your hand and there's like, a glow after it. You're kind of like...wow!" Molly user #1 told FOX6 News.

"It's a feeling that -- the way people describe it is euphoria. It makes light a lot brighter. The theory is that Molly is the pure MDMA in powder form," Molly user #2 told FOX6 News.

MDMA is better known as ecstasy.

It has long been popular in the club scene. Once available only in pill form, the drug arrived on dance floors as a powder with the new name.

"We used to call it cutting electricity out of the air. It felt like you could take a knife and just cut electricity out of the air -- and just like, look at it," Molly user #1 said.

"It kind of helps you connect and communicate with people," Molly user #2 said.

The Molly users that talked with FOX6 News say their first experiences were life-changing.

"Myself personally, coming to terms with my relationship with my father," Molly user #2 said.

Law enforcement officials say Molly is dangerous.

"You're playing Russian roulette with what you`re putting into your body. You have no idea what that substance is going to be," James Bohn, the Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

Bohn says what many users don't realize is that they don't really know what they're taking.

The DEA says while users think they're getting the pure form of MDMA, Molly is often laced with other chemicals and drugs.

Many bags contain no ecstasy at all!

"It`s all clandestinely manufactured.  It`s all clandestinely sold, so it`s kind of a buyer beware, in an illegal market," Bohn said.

The DEA says bad batches can have deadly consequences.

In June of 2013, one person died and 125 were hospitalized after ingesting Molly at the Central Washington State Music Festival.

In August of 2013, three people overdosed and one died at a bar in Boston.

Days later, a concert was shut down after two died and four overdosed at a festival in New York City.

"You lose the ability to regulate your body temperature -- and people basically were burning from the inside out," Bohn said.

"It's something that can't be taken lightly," Molly user #1 said.

These admitted drug users say there is more risk now, since more people are trying Molly.

"I think it is scary, and I think when you talk about it as a drug -- and when you talk about it now, really you can`t call it a single drug right?  It`s really whatever is in the bag," Molly user #2 said.

These users also say taking the drug doesn't always guarantee a good time.

"It can produce a euphoric feeling, but that is right at the beginning.  What`s going to happen the other eight hours? That`s where it causes a lot of damage," Molly user #1 said.

The drug's side effect of depression has it's own name: Suicide Tuesday.

"It's something that can't be abused. It will just mess with all of your senses and emotions," Molly user #1 said.

"You're risking your life every time," Bohn said.

Knowing the risks, the users FOX6 News spoke with don't agree on whether they'll use again.

Molly user #2 tells us he will "absolutely" take the drug in the future -- but Molly user #1 says he "doesn't think he will."

The street price for Molly can be as low as $20.


    • dan

      Enjoy that whiskey sour. Here’s hoping you don’t drive home after killing your liver at some bar.

    • therefreshman

      The point of the story is that no one really knows what’s in the bag, which makes it very dangerous.

      • dan

        Plenty of people know what they are taking. You can order a test kit online from dancesafe for under $70 which will tell you what is in the bag.

  • Kurt Thomas

    These stupid idiots deserve whatever happens to them. They choose to do drugs, then be prepared for the consequences as the general population does not care and has no sympathy.

      • bosco

        Another thing, who are you, to speak for the General Population?? Just because you have no sympathy, for kids that are not informed or have such bad home lives, they feel the need to escape,doesn’t mean other don’t.. I do not condone drugs, but will not throw a kid away, for making a mistake..

    • Astor

      Umm, Kurt T.? I was “Molly user #1” in this story. And no offense to Ben Handleman when I say this but he only used 5-6 sentences from my 20-25 minute interview. So, you say “they got what they deserved.” I’m sorry, but are you that close minded or misinformed about the world around you? Clean MDMA has beneficial properties when done in a positive environment and not abused. I know it can help soldiers or people dealing with PTSD. Say, you know a Marine suffering from PTSD. Take that Marine fishing in a natural, safe environment, give them not to strong E and their lives will change for the better. Be their friend talk them down or out of the negative stuff in their heads and they’ll understand and either get over PTSD or make strides/steps for proper recovery…….You say “they got what they deserved.” Do you mean overdosing or death of someone experimenting with Molly is deserved? If so, why would you think that? That’s messed up, dude. The one side effect of MDMA I am proud of is I learned or gained the ability to make changes and help others. Im not a freaking hippie wearing patchouli and junk. But I learned not everyone is like me. We’re all humans and deserve respect when giving respect. And the only thing I wish for you is “mental clarity.”

  • Kathy Paccagnella

    Too bad you didn’t include any information on the branding merchandise that is out there that users can and will wear…. The smiley face with the word Molly etc on hats, shirts and the like…

  • danman

    Parents need to be educated and talk to their kids early. We can only hope they listen and trust what we say. Drugs are an epidemic.

  • rednose

    i just think that the kid now days r not doing it because they want to but because they friend are doind is so the real talk is wach out who you hang out with


  • andrew

    Playing Russian roulette with a gun that has one bullet and 100,000 empty chambers. There’s risk, but let’s not blow it out of proportion. I’ve taken Mali at least 2 dozen times, if it were Russian roulette, I’d be dead 4 times over but instead I’m still alive and living well,functioning with a good paying full time job, and loving family. But only losers do drugs…

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