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SLOW DOWN!: Another motorcyclist clocked at triple-digit speeds on I-94 in Racine County

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- One day after FOX6 News learned a Milwaukee man -- who is about to turn 23 years old, has been charged -- accuse of hitting 119 miles-per-hour on a motorcycle in a construction zone in Racine County -- FOX6 News sat with a Racine County Sheriff's deputy as he clocked drivers on the stretch of I-94. The Racine County Sheriff's Office says drivers are RACING through interstate construction -- putting their own lives and the lives of others in danger.

"80 miles-an-hour. It is literally like shooting fish in a barrel to stop these cars," Racine County Deputy Sheriff Edward Drewitz said.

Along I-94 in Racine County -- there is no shortage of speeding drivers!

"There's 75. That's 20 over!" Deputy Sheriff Drewitz said.

On Wednesday, May 21st, Deputy Sheriff Drewitz gave FOX6 News a front seat look at a growing problem.

For 12 miles on I-94 in Racine County, there is construction -- and because of it, speed limits have decreased...but some drivers aren't adhering to them.

"This entire area, because of the construction, has been reduced to 55," Deputy Sheriff Drewitz said.

In an hour on Wednesday, Deputy Sheriff Drewitz pulled over four speeding drivers -- all going at least 15 over the posted speed limit.

Since construction started more than a month ago, deputies have been busy!

"I'm right there out in the open in a fully marked car and people still just zing right by!" Deputy Sheriff Drewitz said.

On Friday, May 16th, Bubby Thongchamleunsouk of Milwaukee was ticketed for hitting 119 miles-per-hour in the construction zone.

He later crashed his motorcycle.

"It's always been a race way," Deputy Sheriff Drewitz said.

Deputies say they'll continue to ticket until drivers slow down.

"It is the beginning of the construction season. These construction workers aren't going anywhere," Deputy Sheriff Drewitz said.

When FOX6 News was on scene with Deputy Sheriff Drewitz on Wednesday -- ANOTHER motorcyclist was ticketed for going 102 miles-per-hour in the same stretch.

Deputies are encouraging drivers to slow down!

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