College Possible Program helping students clear hurdles to higher education

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- When Milwaukee Public School students enter high school, many may not believe that college could be in their future. However, some learn that with hard work, and the support of a new program, college is possible.

As a senior, walking through the halls of Milwaukee's Morse-Marshall School for the gifted and talented, Henry Eruchalu holds his head high.

"Ever since I was able to be accepted to Marquette University, I have been feeling so confident in myself that I can be able to succeed there," said Eruchalu.

The high school senior is among a group who have worked to make college possible.

"My plan is, actually, to go to college in the fall at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities," said Eyommi Seaberry.

Seaberry is another of 37 students who have been admitted to four-year colleges, thanks a program known as College Possible.

"They're in a much better place than they would've been without College Possible," said Eric Foley, senior coach for College Possible.

Foley is in his second year as Morse-Marshall's senior coach for College Possible, which he explains, is designed to help high school students clear any hurdles to higher education.

"We write fee-waivers for our students -- so they don't have to pay the application fees at a majority of the schools. We also mail-in the applications, so they don't have to pay for stamps. We write our own recommendations," said Foley.

The program also provides comprehensive college admission test preparation, and positions students to get help in covering their college costs.

"Over half my students have scholarships already," said Foley.

Henry Eruchalu is one of them.

"I will be attending Marquette University next year without paying nothing," said Eruchalu.

The students say College Possible also helps ensure their scholastic success continues in college.

"Nothing will stop me from doing that. I will go over there and do what I was sent there to do," said Eruchalu.

More than possible, that sounds probable!

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