Shots fired, and Racine teen now faces five felony charges

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RACINE (WITI) — A 17-year-old from Racine faces several felony charges in connection with a shots fired incident that occurred on Tuesday, May 20th.

17-year-old Gkarr Piggee of Racine faces the following charges:

  • attempted first degree intentional homicide — as party to a crime
  • first degree recklessly endangering safety — as party to a crime (four counts)

According to the criminal complaint against Piggee — the victim in this case was watching basketball with his cousin at his aunt’s home — and then began walking home.

The victim was walking northbound on Irving Place — and then eastbound on 11th Street. On 11th Street, he told police he noticed three black men walking in the opposite direction.

The complaint says the victim told police he recognized two of the men by voice — one of which was Piggee, whom the victim says he knows because his aunt and Piggee’s mother are good friends.

The complaint says one of the men said something to the victim. The victim continued to walk — before turning toward the men and saying “What?”

The complaint says it was at this time that the victim told police he saw one of the men reach into his waistband, produce an item and hand the item to Piggee.

The complaint says Piggee then raised the item — and the victim could see it was a gun. The victim reported seeing a muzzle flash when the gun went off.

After it went off, the complaint says the victim ran from the area, and was picked up by his grandfather, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the victim’s cousin got a phone call from the victim — saying he had been shot at by Piggee “and them.”

The complaint says after the phone call ended, the victim’s cousin reported hearing four more gunshots.

The complaint says the victim’s cousin went outside — and saw Piggee and another individual standing on the street.

Shortly thereafter, police arrived on scene, and detained Piggee and the other individual.

The victim’s cousin’s sister was interviewed by police, and she told police she heard two gunshots — and then five more.

The complaint says police spoke with the individual seen standing in the street with Piggee by the victim’s cousin.

He told police prior to the shots being fired, he had walked into the area of Irving Place and 11th Street to meet Piggee and another individual.

The complaint says he told police the individual with Piggee was in possession of a small caliber revolver.

The complaint says the three individuals were on 11th Street when the individual with the weapon said he was “going to blow” — which means shoot.

The complaint says the individual with the gun raised the gun and pointed it at an individual who was wearing a black jacket.

Then, all three of the individuals ran off — with the individual with the gun firing more shots into the air.

The revolver was apparently stashed in an alley off 12th Street.

Police later learned that the aunt of the individual who was shot at discovered a bullet hole into her home, and a projectile on her son’s bed.

A bullet hole was also discovered in a fence at the aunt’s house, and two bullet holes in the rear window of a car parked on 11th Street.

All of the charges Piggee faces in this case are felony charges.

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