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MURDER RAMPAGE: California shooter posted chilling YouTube video ‘Retribution’

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(CNN) — Three men at an apartment, two women outside a sorority and one visitor to a deli were killed in a rampage Friday night in a college community near Santa Barbara, California, authorities said Saturday evening.

The two women were identified as Katie Cooper, 22, and Veronika Weiss, 19, both students at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Christopher Martinez, 20, was killed at the deli, officials said.

Elliot Rodger, 22, went on a rampage in Isla Vista, a community near the university and Santa Barbara City College, stabbing his roommates and shooting others during a violent spree Friday, Sheriff Bill Brown told reporters.

Martinez’s father gave a wrenching statement to the news media Saturday afternoon.

He was “a really great kid” whose “death has left our family lost and broken,” Richard Martinez said.

“Our family has a message for every parent out there: You don’t think it will happen to your child until it does,” the visibly emotional parent said, his voice rising to a shout in obvious agony.

“Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris’ right to live?” he continued.

“When will this insanity stop?” he said. “When will enough people say, stop this madness, we don’t have to live like this? Too many have died. We should say to ourselves — not one more.”

Police say the shooter also died.

“It would appear that he took his own life,” said Brown.

‘What a tragic loss’

Weiss’ Facebook page — with a banner promoting a sorority event — was filling with tributes Saturday evening.

“Rest in peace Veronika Weiss. Its not fair that life was taken from you in this manor. My thoughts are with your loved ones,” wrote one commenter.

“… You were ALWAYS smiling. And I thought you were beautiful. Where are you now?” wrote another.

“My condolences to the family… What a tragic loss… R.I.P.,” read a third.

Weiss was a graduate of Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks, California, according to her Facebook page.

Shooter’s YouTube video titled ‘Retribution’

In a YouTube video he posted titled “Retribution,” Rodger announced his intent to commit mass murder at a sorority house at UCSB.

“On the day of retribution I’m going to enter the hottest sorority house of UCSB,” he said. “I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you.”

Police said 13 people were injured in the melee — four by vehicle, eight by gunshot wound, and one of unknown origin. Authorities earlier said seven people were injured.

Some of the injured were being treated in a hospital for gunshot wounds or traumatic injuries, including at least one who was in surgery, said sheriff’s office spokeswoman Kelly Hoover.

Nick Pasichuke, who was hit by Rodger’s BMW, suffered two broken legs.

“There was a guy driving a BMW. I was on a longboard (elongated skateboard) and he aimed his car at our group of friends and ginned it into us,” he said. “I have two broken legs and need surgery. The police said I flew roughly 50 feet into a busy intersection.”

He added, “This is all so crazy.”

Witness: ‘She was hysterical’

Skylar Serge witnessed one of the shootings from her house.

“I could see a woman on a bike get thrown,” she said.

The woman was bleeding, she added.

“She was hysterical. She was not sure if it was blood running down her leg” or water from her water bottle.

The woman was cared for by an employee from a nearby convenience store who wrapped a belt around her thigh to stop the bleeding, said another witness, Farah Reiz.

The shootings occurred in a crowded area bustling with activity on Memorial Day weekend.

“These students are among the best in the country and the loss of life is palpable,” University of California system president Janet Napolitano told CNN.


  • cynic

    This was probably preventable. This kid had to have said something to friends or family recently that would have tipped them off. Prayers for the victims, and an eternity in hell for the cowardly scumbag.

    • glacier1

      Yeah and civilians shouldn’t have knives either. You are aware that 3 were stabbed to death? If you don’t like any part of the US Constitution, then fight to amend it. And you’re welcome to leave this country too.

      Why do the anti gun people always, and I mean ALWAYS look past the things like, drugs and mental disease and immediately blame the gun? Witnesses say he aimed his car at a group. At that moment, he turned his car into a weapon. But still its the guns fault.

      Anti gun people are like moths and a light. An anti gun person reads the words “gun”, and “killing” in a story and they get tunnel vision and head in only one direction – nevermind the rest of the story.

      My condolences to the families. This tragedy may have been avoided had someone seen the warning signs, but perhaps not. Either way, there is a problem with mental disease in the country and that is were the focus should be.

  • michy

    Perfectly stated above. Moreover, the community, family and affiliates lack of education on mental illness and needed interventions appears to have been a a huge problem in this situation. The warning signs were all there and watching his videos, it’s clear this was a very sad, angry and unstable person that needed treatment. He was lonely and felt so out of place in this world (so typical of the profile). I do believe this could have been prevented!..As a mental health specialist my self, this is ANOTHER example to learn from. When the signs are there, no one should ignore it.

  • dianne

    when guns are out lawed only outlaws will have guns,,really as a citizen of the United States we have the right to bear arms…

  • matt k

    He hit people with his car too. Maybe we should ban those as well.
    Also, didn’t the article say he posted a youtube video saying he was going to do exactly what he did???

  • Eve

    You people have missed the point here. A car was made to be driven. Most knives are made to prepare food, I could go on. Guns have one purpose, to kill. Mental health problems exist in every society, not just America, but when you combine that with access to weapons designed solely to kill that are made readily available to pretty much anyone, it’s no surprise that when that person decides to go on a rampage, they chose to pick up a gun and the outcome is MASS murder in a matter of minutes. Think about it and stop going on about how much you love the right to own your stupid and hideous killing machines.

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