Flash flood watch for most of SE Wisconsin through 7 a.m. Saturday

Two hurt one killed after car strikes tree, rolls over in Sheboygan Co.

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SHEBOYGAN CO. (WITI) –Three people were hurt, two seriously after the car the victims were riding in left the roadway, struck a tree and rolled over several times before stopping in Sheboygan County early Saturday, May 24th.

The wreck happened just after 1 a.m. on Cranberry Road just south of County Road D in the Town of Scott. Investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

One passenger, identified as 21-year-old Matthew Rooney of Jackson, was ejected and trapped under a tree which was struck by the vehicle. He sustained serious injuries and was flown by Flight For Life to Froedert Hospital.

21-year-old Michael Manteufel of West Bend suffered moderate injuries and was taken to St. Josephs Hospital.

The driver of the car, 22-year-old Christopher Goneau of West Bend, was trapped in his vehicle and removed by Random Lake Jaws. He was flown by a second Flight For Life to Froedert Hospital where he later died.

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  • A Friend

    Honestly, that is one hell of s hesrtless comment. I know the guy that died and he was a good friend. One of the most caring individulas youll meet. Is your comment really necessary right after someone loses there life? Imagine the greiving fsmily snd then reading your comment and how they would feel. Think before you open your inconsiderate mouth

    • Megan L Kordosky

      Just another selfish person who probably only cares about themselves, meaning the person who commented not the person who died. I wouldn’t post something like that ever. I don’t know how i’d ever deal with something like that my brother almost died from a drunk driver was in children’s hospital for over a month and i still feel bad for this young man losing his life.

  • Debi

    #1 above, some things are better left unsaid! I get the intent of your message, but again, BETTER LEFT UNSAID!!!!!

  • JAGD4

    Very simple: don’t drink and drive. You should all feel fortunate they didn’t slam into someone you love.

    • Kate

      mistakes happen, that is really rude to say when somebody lost a son to this. Half of you would be lying if you said you haven’t driven in Wisconsin without some amount of alcohol in your system. Chris did not mean to hit a tree and roll off the road. I know plenty of people who get in the car after a few drinks and luckily make it home. There is nothing “lucky” about this. Everyone here has lost an awesome person on this planet.



    • rob anderson

      Patti you are an inconsiderate idiot. Nothing more can be said. I pray you never need nor your family needs A ride like these poor boys.

    • karla

      the family of the people hurt pay for the flight or their insurance..not tax payers….and it is close to 20,000.00 dollars…so no matter what the family is responsible…but who cares who pays…if it saves a life…would you have made this comment if it where someone you loved and cared about????

    • Kate

      The person/family has to pay for it. That is so rude of you. Maybe people will remember that if you ever get into a terrible accident.

    • Leah

      Karma will get you. How can you even think to leave a comment like this where others can see it?

  • Josh DeLaney

    Patti Green how in the world can you put a price on someones life like that? 22 year olds at that? do you have children? In a time of tragedy your first thought is of money? we all pay for these things…it’s not as though you wrote the check. Life and the respect thereof is the most important thing in this world and of which you have none whatsoever. your abandonment for life over money is exactly what is wrong with this world. open your eyes to the the true beauty that surrounds us, and you will find money has little to do with it. Caring, Compassion, Appreciation, and Love. I pray for your soul as well as everyone that was involved in this accident and hope that in your greatest time of need no one will abandon you either. Moreover, I weep for the arrogance of such comments, dear Patti, and hope that your warped soul finds love for life outside of the money it takes to save it.

  • Michelle

    I write this as I sit in ICU next to my son who was one of those who needed that flight for life. He was a passenger in that accident. He has been able to fight for his life because of that ride. Ms. Patti I hope that you never have a need for a ride like that. Thank you to all of the others for your prayers and kinder comments.

    • karla

      praying for ur son Michelle…and who cares who pays…some people….my daughter and her boyfriend where friends with chris and R heart broken by this….

  • Keezy

    matt is a close friend and my prayer goes out to him and his family…. so sad and i spoke with him earlier that day….

  • Dawn

    My prayers go out to both families of the boys that went fight for life, I am soo sorry for the loss I can’t believe taken so young and thankful that Matt is fighting strong. My heart is just full of sadness,I am the mother of the boy with moderate injuries,he is broken for both his friends.

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