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Who’s the man behind the Southern California shooting rampage?

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Elliot Rodger

SANTA BARBARA, California (CNN) — Who was Elliot Rodger, and what led him to kill?

Those are the questions being asked as investigators piece together the deadly rampage 22-year-old Rodger took through a Southern California college town, leaving six people dead and 13 wounded.

Rodger died from what authorities say appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head following a shootout Friday night with police in Isla Vista, near the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As investigators unravel the case, a portrait is emerging of a deeply troubled young man desperate for friends and companionship.

In a chilling YouTube video believed to have been posted by Rodger in the hours before the killings, he rants for nearly seven minutes against women who he says rejected him and popular kids who ignored him.

“Tomorrow is the day of retribution. The day in which I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you,” he said.

“For the past eight years of my life, ever since I hit puberty, I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires all because girls have never been attracted to me.”

It’s in that video where he lays out a plan to kill blond sorority girls and states “now I will be a god compared to you.”

Authorities said Saturday the Alpha Phi sorority was among Rodger’s targets. He shot and killed two women and wounded one outside the sorority, they said.

‘My Twisted World’

Investigators are analyzing a number of Rodger’s writings and videos that suggest the rampage was premeditated, Sheriff Bill Brown said.

Rodger appears to have further chronicled his rage in a 140-page account of his life that begins with his birth and ends with what he describes as “the Day of Retribution.” The document, titled “My Twisted World,” was obtained by CNN affiliate KEYT.

In that account, described by Brown as part autobiography and part diary, Rodger laid out a plan to kill three people in his apartment.

“That appears to have happened,” Brown said. Of the six people killed, three were stabbed to death inside Rodger’s apartment, he said.

The gunman suffered from an undisclosed mental health issue, and was under the care of a variety of health care professionals, Brown said.

‘Welfare check’

Rodger’s family contacted police in the weeks before the rampage because they were concerned about his mental well-being after discovering social media posts about suicide and killing people, attorney Alan Shifman, a family spokesman, told reporters Saturday.

And Rodger wrote about it in posts on his YouTube channel: “I temporarily took all of my Vlog’s (video blogs) down due to the alarm it caused with some people in my family. I will post more updates in the future.”

The man sheriff’s deputies met during the “welfare check” on April 30 was “polite” and “shy,” Brown said.

“He expressed to the deputies he was having troubles with his social life, and that he would probably not be returning to school next year,” Brown said.

There was nothing in his behavior to suggest he was violent, and the deputies “determined he did not meet the criteria for an involuntary hold,” he said.

‘Sophisticated, polite gentleman’

In a number of social media posts, Rodger portrayed himself of a well-off young man who drove a black BMW Series 3 coupe, traveled the world and attended college at Santa Barbara City College.

“I consider myself a sophisticated, polite gentleman, unlike most boys my age,” according to a statement posted on “Elliot Rodger’s Official Blog.”

“… I enjoy hiking, exercising, watching sunsets, traveling, cars, fashion, going to nice restaurants, and going to parties.”

He apparently was a fan of ’80s music, with a particularly affinity for sugary pop songs about love, loss and longing. He used the music, particularly Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” and Phil Collins’ “Can’t Hurry Love,” as a soundtrack in videos that featured him driving alone.

A fan of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Rodger appeared to mimic the language and tone of the show in his postings on social media.

CNN cannot confirm the authenticity of the social media posts.

By Rodger’s own account on the blog, he claims to have been born in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States at the age of 5.

He was raised in the shadow of Hollywood, in the affluent Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, by his father — a commercial photographer and sometimes director — and his stepmother, an actress who appeared alongside Matt Damon in “The Green Zone” and Gerard Butler in “Playing for Keeps.”

Pictures posted on Rodger’s Facebook page show him with his father, Peter, on the red carpet at the premiere of the 2012 film “The Hunger Games.”

Peter Rodger briefly worked as a second unit assistant director on the film, according to a spokeswoman with Lionsgate Entertainment, the company behind “The Hunger Games” movie franchise.

“My father is of British descent, and my mother is of Asian descent, so that makes me a Eurasian,” Elliot Rodger wrote on his blog.

But it’s also in the blog where Rodger rails against life in Isla Vista.

“I have tried very hard to fit in with the social scene there, but I have ultimately been unable to do so. There are too many obnoxious people who have ruined my whole experience at that place,” according to a statement posted on the blog.

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