Be “engaged and enraged:” Flynn, Barrett call on community to combat violence

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 10-year-old Sierra Guyton continues to recover in the hospital after she was caught in the crossfire while playing on a playground near 28th and Clarke last week. The little girl was just feet from her own home. On Monday, May 26th, as a rally was held near the shooting scene, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announced an arrest in the case.

Milwaukee police say one of two individuals they believe to be responsible for this shooting incident was arrested late Sunday night, May 25th.

He is an 18-year-old convicted felon -- whom Chief Flynn says is “part of the 10%.”

Chief Flynn said: “10% of offenders generate half of the crime in Milwaukee.”

This 18-year-old man has been arrested 15 times by the Milwaukee Police Department during his young life.

Chief Flynn says 12 days ago, the man was wounded in a gun battle with another person.

Early this year, the man was in a vehicle that was shot.

Chief Flynn says the man has been arrested for battery, robbery, vehicle theft, trespassing and burglary.

The man was on probation for burglary at the time of the shooting that seriously injured Sierra Guyton.

Both Chief Flynn and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett during a press conference on Monday said the community needs to continue to be "engaged and enraged" -- and it seems members of the community agree.

"We need to put these guns down and arrest these people!" Josephine Boggan said.

Written in chalk on a sidewalk near 28th and Clarke is a child's plea the seems to sum up the feelings of many neighbors in the area: "Stop the hatred."

"I think it`s a shame that these kids can`t live without these guns and people shooting. My nephew MC was gunned down over here," Boggan said.

"I just recently lost my cousin on July 6th, 2013. Her year anniversary is coming up," Quiana Scott said.

Neighbors say the shooting involving 10-year-old Sierra Guyton doesn't surprise them -- but that doesn't mean they're not furious.

"I feel hurt. I feel lost and I`m just so tired of all this senseless killing," Scott said.

On Monday, Chief Flynn and Mayor Barrett called on the community to stay "engaged and enraged" -- and people who live near 28th and Clarke say they already are.

"Our heart is so heavy because we done lost so many people," Scott said.

Lakisha Young says she's relieved to hear an 18-year-old suspect has been arrested. She's watching her children play on the same playground where Guyton was shot.

"We should just let our kids go run and play and shouldn`t worry about nothing happening but these days now you can`t do that," Young said.

Some in the neighborhood are pessimistic that Chief Flynn's call to put the guns down will be heard.

Others hope it's the wake-up call needed to save the lives of children in Milwaukee.

"I`m not saying the police not doing their job -- but the community needs to step in. Start snitching. Do whatever you got to do to report these thugs," Boggan said.


  • 2econd

    “Both Chief Flynn and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett during a press conference on Monday said the community needs to continue to be “engaged and enraged” — and it seems members of the community agree.” your right flynn and barrett, the community should beenraged, first at the court systems that do little to nothing to take care of the “problems” and then further enraged that these to dou chbags keep telling the public to get engaged and enraged.

  • Step up

    No wonder this city is such a mess. Barrett and Flynn have absolutely no clue. They just continue to “scold” us pointing the finger at everyone but themselves. “Turn the criminals in”, “stop harboring felons”. I’d say that an 18 year old with 15 prior offenses HAS been turned in to the judicial system. THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS FAILING ALONG WITH THE PATHETIC EXCUSE OF LEADERSHIP. Maybe Barrett needs to be revisited by a tire iron

  • big zee

    Tom Barrett is impotent. He has no clue about the job he is (not) doing.
    It’s time for Marshall law for areas, starting Wisconsin ave going north up to Capitol and Holton from the east going west to Sherman.
    Each block needs at least 2 armed military stile man day and night authorized to stop and search ANYBODY. Those who pull guns, nifes or other objects on them should be shot dead.
    So, in Sierra case no search for two thugs would be need. They would be laying down peacefully already.

  • brad

    The police are catching a lot of these bad guy’s and the courts turn them loose. Isn’t the point of criminal justice to punish the criminals? Mayor Barrett, you must take action, turn this broken system around and do it to protect the innocent in your community. Lock up the bad guys before it’s too late like it is for 10 year old Sierra Guyton. Her death could have been prevented if the system had just locked up her shooter 12 days earlier when he broke parole and ended up seeking medical attention for wounds he suffered as a result of a gunfight he was involved in. What does it take I ask, for a justice system to work for the good of the community? Mayor Barrett, the blood of Sierra and all the innocent victims caught in the crossfire of the drug gangs is on the criminal justice system and on your own hands!

  • james

    Should we combat crime un-armed and help police as the mayor and chief wants us to be, I really don’t think so. How about taking away welfare money from their moms for their kids gun crimes, bet little gun boy wouldn’t have a gun anymore- mommy would slap them silly.. Just saying.

  • educated one

    Maybe the community needs to post more”GUN FREE” SIGNS.
    I suggest our beloved Mayor unarmed to visit all released felons at home and do a gun check.
    My vote is for Clarke for Mayor!

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