ARREST MADE: Convicted felon in custody in shooting of 10-year-old on playground

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn on Monday, May 26th announced the arrest of an 18-year-old man in connection with a shooting incident that left a 10-year-old girl seriously injured. 10-year-old Sierra Guyton was shot while playing on the playground near 28th and Clarke -- feet from her home.

Chief Flynn says the man arrested late Sunday night, May 25th is "part of the 10%."

Chief Flynn said: "10% of offenders generate half of the crime in Milwaukee."

This 18-year-old man has been arrested 15 times by the Milwaukee Police Department during his young life.

Chief Flynn says 12 days ago, the man was wounded in a gun battle with another person.

Early this year, the man was in a vehicle that was shot.

Chief Flynn says the man has been arrested for battery, robbery, vehicle theft, trespassing and burglary.

He is a convicted felon -- at the age of 18.

The man was on probation for burglary at the time of the shooting that seriously injured Sierra Guyton.

The man was apparently identified about 12 hours after the shooting -- and days later, the MPD Neighborhood Task Force Fugitive Apprehension Unit found him.

Police say they were helped by neighbors -- some motivated through anger at the age and the place where the young victim was struck.

Chief Flynn said: "We continue to ask for and rely upon the public's help in looking for the second person involved in this shooting."

Police say they have leads -- and Mayor Barrett says all it takes is for one person to have a conscience.

"Someone is allowing somebody to say in their home who was in the gun battles that may cost the life of a 10-year-old girl. Why are you harboring? Why are you helping someone who's been involved in a gun battle that has this young woman -- this young girl fighting for her life? Call. Turn them in. Let's get this guy off the street," Mayor Barrett said.

Milwaukee police have said Sierra Guyton was caught in the crossfire as two individualsĀ fired shots at one another.

Both Chief Flynn and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said during a press conference on Monday that the community needs to continue to be "engaged and enraged" -- and continue to work to put an end to the violence in the city of Milwaukee.

Earlier Monday, a "Let the Children Live" rally was held near the shooting scene on Memorial Day.

There was a lot of love in Milwaukee's Metcalfe Park neighborhood on this Memorial Day.

"When I stepped outside, it was people hugging me that I didn`t even know, but I just still gave them a hug, because they was just asking for it," Sierra Guyton's father, Onjuan Guyton said.

Neighbors were embracing the effort to put an end to the violence in the city of Milwaukee -- during the "Let the Children Live" peace rally -- inspired by the shooting of 10-year-old Sierra Guyton last week.

"It`s definitely helping me, you know. It`s very supportive, and I appreciate it," Onjuan Guyton said.

Onjuan Guyton says his little girl remains hospitalized.

"She`s still critical. The thing is that she has been eating, she has been using the bathroom on the regular -- so the doctors tell us that`s a plus, and we`re just moving forward and hopingĀ that it gets more positive everyday," Onjuan Guyton said.

There was plenty of positivity near the intersection of 28th and Clarke on Monday as neighbors gathered for the rally.

"Only time we come together is when something bad happens -- so we need to do this on a daily basis. Like we could just wake up and have a barbecue with our neighbors. So that's good -- seeing them together and having fun," one neighbor said.

Still, no one ignored the fact that they were standing yards away from where a bullet struck Sierra Guyton in her head.

"Our purpose is to change the evil that`s going on in our community. You know, we gotta protect our babies," one neighbor said.

"It`s kinda hard for me to get into the celebrating mood. I`m -- the only thing I`m worried about is getting my baby home, you know. That`s about it, but I appreciate all the love that I got out here. I appreciate it. It`s definitely a blessing," Onjuan Guyton said.

Sierra Guyton's father says doctors are hoping to reduce the amount of medication in Sierra's system sometime next week.


  • keeper of the sausage

    but if he had a job he wouldn’t have a record at all. right, mayor McCheese?

  • Karl

    Exactly they blame the community and the guns but not the courts and their revolving door system,and Barret forgets about getting hit with a tire iron,his assailant didn’t need a gun…

    • g l hot

      sheriff clarke the d a’s and the milwaukee co, judge’s let the felon’s off look at this 18year old felon need to vote the judge’s and the d a out

  • Hailstorm

    When will we start holding the parents accountable? 15 priors BY age 18???? If you don’t want to take responsibility for raising moral and upright children into moral and upright adults….then don’t have children. Best wished to Sierra for a quick and complete recovery!

    • Hu jmo

      You are all so correct Hailstorm but really it’s beyond that. We all know good people are created from parents that are connected and interact with their kids. My comment is directed at the system that constantly allows for repeat DUI offenders, and I’m not talking about 2 and 3 times, I’m talking about the 6,7, 8,9 and 10 time offenders that get a “slap on the wrist” and recently I read there was an assailant that was convicted again for an assault but was released from attempted homicide in 2011. They sure are quick to prosecute an individual,for a bag of weed but let the thugs go commit additional crimes. Wait, I just figured it out, it’s job security for judges because what’s the true purpose of a judge? NONE

  • Mike Johnson

    also remember his 15 prior arrests have come since he has been 18 since they wouldnt be able to disclose anything from when he was a minor. he should be locked up this is a disgrace to the criminal justice system or lack there of

  • Stephen

    cant wait for the VIGIL for the criminal, another victim due to the white man unfair social system

    • g l hot

      it’s the lib city of milwaukee for you barrett and flynn the d,a, judge’s all lib’s at work for you this thing is happing just in milwaukee

  • Chantelle

    He has 15 priors from his life span most of which were undoubtedly from his teenage years. The problem is not just one entity, it is not just the parents, the school system, the policing policies, the judical policies, It is all of that all mixed together. Everyone hasd a hand in the problems of this city even the ones that complain the loudest. This young man was pretty much groomed by our judicial system that he was invincible and could do what he wanted considering he has 15 priors..not non violent convictions but crimes against people violent crimes and is free. He was not taught that he could go too far and now off to jail he will go to help fill the pockets of the people who run our prison system and judicial system. I’m a firm believer in locking juveniles up for violent crimes teaching them to read and write and making sure they get an actual high school diploma before releasing them back in our community, but hey that is just my opinion.. what do I KNOW I only work with juvenile delinquents everyday Monday through Friday at a behavioral reassignment school. What do you think these kids are going to do with their time when they have no parent supervision at home the school system they enter is no good and not teaching them anything and its over crowded just like our prisons… Yea everyone has a hand in this issue we are having here in Milwaukee. Everyone needs to be enraged and engaged…Some of these iresponsible parents need to go sit in jail with their children whom they left unsupervised and uneducated..

  • toddreeder

    I agree about holding the judicial system accountable. What happened to the three strikes law?

  • toddreeder

    Chief Flynn says 12 days ago, the man was wounded in a gun battle with another person. Why was this person back on the streets if he was in a gun battle with another person? Maybe he was shooting back in self defense. He should have been in prison long ago for a very long time.

  • moshias sabraneenas washingtons

    thank yous mayor, chief o da police, and the county judges for another convicted felon in possession ofs a firearms!

  • Tania

    He was in a shoot out 12 days ago but wouldn’t cooperate with police. Isn’t he on probation for burglary? Why was he on the streets? So you can be on probation and basically run wild. The police, judges, probation and the environment this boy is in is why this is happening. Of course we can blame the parents as they play a part but have you seen some of these parents lately? The mommas tryna b the baddest chick and daddy’s to busy tryna wear True Religion and braging about it. Demons are controlling are city! Pray pray pray and keep praying. God is the only one that can restore a demon possessed man!

  • Patti

    I went to Clarke street school and my mother still lives in the neighborhood,
    It’s a shame that there is no respect for life. I think they need to send the gun toting criminals to Iraq and Iran where they really know how to shoot. Let’s see how long they last.

  • g l hot

    you are so right on this the milwaukee d a and the lib judge’s and tom barret the d a judge sys needs to be look at on this

  • brad

    g l hot, you are wrong to include Sheriff Clarke. in your comments. I’d like to hear his response to you. Clarke is one of the few leaders not afraid to talk about solutions.

  • mike rice

    Barrett & Flynn – all smoke and mirrors. If they were at all serious, they would demand punishment for felons with guns and scream bloody murder at the revolving criminal justice system in Milwaukee, starting with District Attorney John T. Chisholm!

  • search engine

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    Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have performed an impressive
    job and our entire group will likely be thankful to you.

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